Alan Deaton+Season 3

Deaton gets a visit from the Sheriff after the alpha pack shows up in town, asking about weird animal behavior. It seems like the wild animals are going crazy. Deaton  tells him that he was just about to call him because it looked like the Clinic had been vandalized. He explains that he realized upon closer inspect that all of his cats had killed themselves in their cages.


All summer, Derek, Isaac, and Peter have been looking for Boyd and Erica, who escaped the Argents' house but disappeared after that. Isaac found them, but the alpha pack that's holding them wiped his memory. Peter tried a claw mind meld, but he didn't get enough details to really be useful. Scott suggests to Derek that they ask Dr. Deaton for help. Deaton suggests a ritual ice bath that will put Isaac into a trance. His heart has to be slow enough for Isaac to be nearly dead. Derek tells Isaac that he doesn’t have to do it if it’s just too risky, and Scott agrees with the sentiment, but Isaac decides that it’s what he wants to do. Scott and Derek submerge him in the water, and he shifts trying to surface. Between Scott, Stiles, and Derek they manage to keep him down until he stops struggling before allowing him to float back up. Deaton tells the others that only he can talk or Isaac will get confused. He asks Isaac to remember, and Isaac begins to get upset saying he doesn’t want to and the lights flicker before Deaton gets him under control again.


Isaac says he found Erica and Boyd in a stone building, maybe marble, and it’s dusty and empty. Isaac appears to feel like he is living in the memory and becomes very distressed when he realizes that the alphas can see him. Deaton manages to get him calm again before proceeding. A flashback is shown with Isaac stumbling around the building overhearing a discussion about the full moon and control. Isaac thinks he’s talking to Erica, but he can’t see to know for sure. Apparently the alphas are worried about what Erica and Boyd are going to do during the full moon. Derek comments that if they are locked in together without restraints they’ll probably end up tearing each other apart. Isaac suddenly becomes distressed again, repeating over and over that “they’re here” and Derek tries to ask him where is he. Isaac is beginning to panic more, and Deaton and Scott want to back off, put Derek forges on, knowing that he must have seen something particularly important to be reacting this badly. Isaac spews out several rapid sentences before yelling that it’s a bank vault before coming to. They others help him out of the water, and he reveals that it’s Beacon Hills First National and the other betas are locked in the vault. When all he gets are hesitant looks from the others and asks why, Stiles reveals that the last thing he said before the bank was that he was in a room where he saw Erica’s body.