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On Teen Wolf, the girtablilu, or scorpion-man, is a shapeshifter of Sumerian mythology.


The girtablilu has traits of a scorpion, being able to shapeshift into a creature with scorpion attributes, including being to produce a deadly venom.


In Season 5, a girtablilu is the genetic makeup of a Chimera Lucas.


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Like many shapeshifters, a scorpion-man has strength and agility superior to that of a human being. Also, their eye color changes completely black with their pupils and irises not visible.                                                                                                                                                             


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Like the kanima, the scorpion-man produces venom. Rows of venomous stingers will morph and protrude from their skin, along their limbs and down their spines. The stingers secrete a venom that inflicts an overwhelming, ever-lasting pain. This pain is non-lethal, and cannot be circumvented by narcotics. But the pain can be absorbed by a supernatural pain siphon.