This page tracks items that are mistakes, gaffes, or contradictory. Open Questions tracks things which may still be resolved with new information.

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


  • Gerard states that Omegas are lone wolves, without a pack. Ethan states that Omegas are the lowest level members of a pack. You cannot be both.
  • Stiles goes into the chemical storage wearing one shirt. When he comes out he's wearing a ringer shirt. After he and Lydia look at the blackboard, he's back to the original shirt.


Season 4


  • When Derek is shown in the wall in La Iglesia he has on a short sleeve shirt. When Scott and Braeden rescue Young Derek from the temple, he's wearing long sleeves.
  • Meredith's medical records are self contradictory between her date of birth, her age, and the current year. She is hospitalized in 2009. Her DOB is 11/23/98. Her age is 16. In 2009, someone born in 1998 would be 11.