Jackson's parents' car accident

Note: Although this claims that the accident was in 1995, because Jackson's birth follows directly after and Jackson is old enough to drive in January of 2011, the accident must have happened in 1994 for the rest of the timeline to make sense.


Transcript of the Insurance Claim on the Accident


Insurance Claim

Motor Vehicle Accident

Code 89343-7



INSURANCE INVESTIGATOR J. Reyes with the CITY OF BEACON HILLS Insurance account of report based on accident reports filed by Beacon Hills Sheriff Station and Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital EMT.


a1. Deputies arrived at the accident scene at 9:13pm June 14, 1995 on Route 23 past mile marker 2 off of Old Deacon Rd., Beacon Hills, CA. The vehicle was traveling northbound at about 65 MPH.

b. Based on the tire marks found on the road the vehicle swerved abruptly and the driver lost control of the vehicle.

b2. Two passengers, one male and one female were found in the vehicle and transported to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

c1. The passengers arrived to the hospital D.O.A. Their estimate time of death 9:26pm June 14, 1995.


Verification of Statement

Included with this letter is a verification of statements amde to the Beacon County Insurance Bureay to confirm validity of claim with the (City of Beacon Hills). All verification of statement requests will be direct to the office.