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Jennifer Blake
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"You call them sacrifices, but you're not understanding the word. It's derived from the Latin sacrificium, an offering to a deity, a sacred rite. A necessary evil." - Jennifer Blake to [[Lydia Martin]]

Jennifer Blake was born Julia Baccari. Julia, prior to the series, was a [[druid]], the love and [[druid+emissary|emissary]] to the [[alphas|alpha]] [[Kali]]. Julia was attacked, left to die by Kali during the formation of [[the Alpha Pack]]. She survived by harnessing the power of a [[nemeton]] outside of [[Beacon Hills, California]]. Julia swore revenge on the Alpha Pack afterwards, becoming the perversion of a traditional druid, a [[darach]] then changed her name. In [[Season 3]], Jennifer Blake is an English teacher at [[Beacon Hills high school]] whose class includes the close friends of the [[werewolf]] [[Scott McCall]]. Jennifer moonlights as a serial killer committing mass [[human sacrifices]] to grant herself supreme power in her revenge mission against the Alpha Pack. She meets [[Derek Hale]], learns of the supernatural lives of he, Scott and their friends, when in truth manipulating them all as she performs her sacrifices as well as targeting bystanders. She uses the power of the [[human_sacrifices+virgins|virgin sacrifices]] to seduce and rape Derek, as a ploy to bring him over to her cause. Jennifer is finally revealed to everyone as the darach, but gains leverage by threatening the lives of [[Lydia Martin]], [[Cora Hale]], and prepares for the [[Guardians]]' sacrifice, abducting [[Chris Argent]], [[Melissa McCall]] and [[Sheriff Noah Stilinski]] for her final victims. Jennifer carries out her revenge on [[Kali]], killing her and [[Voltron Wolf]] before blackmailing Derek into going up against [[Deucalion]]. In the three way fight between her, Deucalion and the two werewolves, Jennifer is tricked by Derek into weakening herself, her last defense is removed by Scott, and is mortally wounded by Deucalion. Jennifer survives but is finally killed by [[Peter Hale]].
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"Obviously, you've never taught high school. In about 20 minutes, I have to start two dozen teenagers on The Crucible, and I have no idea what I'm going to say."

Jennifer Blake is an accomplished educator and enthusiast in literature, typically working as an English teacher. She has a bubbly persona, being a very perky and approachable woman. She is compassionate and supportive towards others, being encouraging and interacts towards her students. After witnessing the supernatural world of Beacon Hills, Jennifer shows she can be emotionally fragile, skittish and fainthearted, and mentions having previously been in therapy. Nonetheless, she keeps an open mind and remains supportive towards Derek and Scott's friends afterwards, even after having been taken hostage by [[the Alpha Pack]]. However, this persona is all a carefully crafted act.
{{jblake2|size: medium; margin-right: 10px; float: left}}In truth, Jennifer is utterly psychotic, being a serial killer and utterly relentless and obsessed with her thirst for revenge against the Alpha Pack, specifically Kali for attempting to kill her and Deucalion for the death and destruction he'd wrought. This hatred seemingly extended to all werecreatures as she attempted to massacre the Hale pack members and Scott's friends.

"I made an oath of my own: from virgins and warriors, from healers, philosophers and guardians, to loan me their power so I could teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked."

Jennifer is utterly remorseless over killing scores of innocent people including teenagers so to be bestowed the power from her sacrifices. She will also betray or kill anyone she sees fit if it benefits her goals even if they were innocent, oblivious bystanders, showing her lack of empathy and disregard for human life. Jennifer was also an extremely pathological individual as she constantly justifies her actions and murders by labelling them as sacrifices, "a necessary evil", in the name of killing the alphas, seeing her cause as the same as the [[hunters]]'. She goes so far to believe that her victims had willingly lent her their power for taking down the pack.
{{jblake3|size: medium; margin-left: 10px; float: right}}Jennifer has an immense sense of self-preservation alongside her drive for revenge, so much that she places her own interest above others. She strove to stay alive at all costs after Kali's attack on her and her mortal wound at Deucalion's hands. Jennifer also shows great insecurity over her appearance, having been mauled so extensively by Kali. This drove her to engineer the animal sacrifices first to grant her the power of glamor so to take the appearance of an attractive and unblemished young woman, then the virgins to heighten her sexuality and endear herself to others, traits which she used without question to fuel her skill of manipulation. She displayed these abilities, this allure when she raped Derek luring him under her thrall whilst his pack believed him dead and lead to his falling for her. Her ability to lie, to manipulate others was so effective, that she was totally capable of presenting herself as a friendly, innocent and fragile woman when she was in truth a borderline psychopath.
A druid practitioner, Jennifer is an intelligent individual and has encyclopedic knowledge of the druidic arts, the occult and other supernatural forces. Because of her human sacrifices, Jennifer displays many of the respective traits gained from each set of sacrifices. She has an endearing and sultry allure that people are attracted to from virgins, a warrior's mindset from warriors and a penchant for knowledge and strategy from philosophers.
Supernatural Skills & Abilities
She has the ability to harness, and manipulate the balance of nature. Due to her connection with Mother Nature, her following the wrong path for a druid, committing mass sacrifices, Jennifer wields a diverse arsenal of powers.
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