La Bête du Gévaudan

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"I am the famous and feared Beast of Gévaudan." - Sebastien to Marie-Jeanne Valet


Sebastien Valet was a French soldier in the 18th century, the brother of Marie-Jeanne Valet and a soldier in the Seven Years' War with his devoted comrade, Marcel. Sebastien was a serial killer, and Marcel helped cover up his crimes. Sebastien transformed into a werewolf and from then on sought to destroy life wherever he found it, killing hundreds of people, becoming known as "la Bête du Gévaudan." Marie-Jeanne uncovered his secret in 1764 and swore retribution against him. Sebastien was tracked down by his sister three years later and she finally slew him using a mystically forged Pike, a single weapon that could kill him. His name was then forgotten after Marie-Jeanne invoked damnatio memoriae. In Season 5, Sebastien Valet's spirit is summoned by Marcel, who had become the Surgeon, the creator and founder of the Dread Doctors over the following centuries to bring Sebastien back from the dead. The Beast's spirit is placed inside a host, Mason Hewitt which transforms into Sebastien's werewolf form. The now-undead Beast only reverts back into Mason and becomes the foretold enemy of a hellhound, Deputy Jordan Parrish. The Doctors invoke lore that to revive Sebastian, the perfect killer, someone 'truly good', Mason, has to be corrupted, forming the perfect 'true' evil. Sebastien fully revives, newly alive and Mason is erased from existence. Sebastien resumes his killing spree. He identifies the Surgeon as Marcel, then seeks out the Pike, the sole effective threat to his life. He hunts down Chris and Gerard Argent, becoming an enemy of Scott's Pack in his search for the Pike. Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar battle him for Mason's spirit. Lydia Martin faces the Beast, and call outs Mason's name at Sebastian in her banshee voice. Sebastian is crippled by the Scream, the lore that a shapeshifter could be cured by calling out their name is set in motion by Scott's pack. Mason is succesfully freed and separated from the Beast's spirit, reversing the conversion. Sebastien Valet is then vanquished once more by Scott and Parrish.



Sebastien is outwardly aloof, cocky, jolly and has a very gallant outlook.




((insert image 1x06 timestamp 14:30)) Old French legend. Gévaudan was its own province until the Revolution in 1790. Departments then superceded the province system, creating Lozère. Technically, the show is in error by calling it the province of Lozère.


1766 in the beast killed over 100 people. A quadraped wolflike monster prowled Auvergne and the south Dordogne areas of France from 1764-1767. (Note: Dordogne is not particularly near Gévaudan or Lozère.) Louis XV sent one of his best hunters to try to kill le bete, and the church declared it a messenger of Satan. Cryptozoologists believe it was a hoofed creature called a mesonychid, while other believe it was a sorcerer who could shapeshift into a man-eating monster. It is believe that la Bête was finally trapped and killed by renouned hunter who claimed his wife and four children were the first to fall prey to the creature. His name was Argent. 


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