Lorilee Rohr

Lorilee Rohr, the younger sister of Brett Talbot, is a werewolf.


After their parents died in a fire, alpha werewolf Satomi took Brett and Lori in as part of her pack. Since then, Lori's learned how to control her werewolf side, use martial arts, and speaks Japanese. She and Brett share a close relationship. He learned how to play lacrosse to win a scholarship to Davenport Prep. He then refused to play for the school unless they took Lori too. Like her brother, Lori was also on The Benefactor's dead pool list for $250,000. Since Scott McCall helped her and Brett stay alive during this time, she would offer her help to his pack when needed.


In Season 4, Rogue Hunters chase her and her brother until Kira Yukimura joins the fight. Lori and the rest of the pack take shelter in the old Argent Arms International building and participate in a final stand against their attackers. 


In Season 5, Lori and Brett help Scott's pack in tracking The Beast, and she holds off an out-of-control Kira in a fight. 



In Season 6, She is watching a lacrosse game with Sydney when the Ghost Riders show up and begin taking people. She watches with Mason from the bleachers as her brother helps Liam with lacrosse practice. She searches for her brother with Scott's pack. Thinking they've escaped the trap, she and Brett are ran over by a hunter driving a large truck.