Season 6+discussion

I have always waited to see if scott would shape shift into a full wolf cause we all awaited how he would look Like being the true alpha but it never happened.

--meluck (Not signed in).....2017-05-23 07:05:51 UTC

Its so true, but you need to evolve to become a full ware-wolf like Derek, and Talia etc Peter was just a monster never a ware-wolf.

--Krista (Not signed in).....2017-05-28 04:45:47 UTC

Peter was a bad ass monster XD --Now on to this season, i'm disappointed they're just using hunters. I thought there would be some really big bad threat, like a deity or demon prince.

--Brian (Not signed in).....2017-08-26 04:07:09 UTC

when will one of the admins add season 6 to this site id like a wiki about season 6 i'm writing a book for my own fun not planing to publish yet and all rights will be a singed to Jeff and you guys please update


also i cant sing up it keeps saying my Email could be unique and i really want to sing up to this site

--Anonymous (Not signed in).....2017-09-25 11:28:56 UTC

Anon, have you tried resetting your password? From the error message you're getting it sounds like your email is already in the system.

--Curator.....2017-09-25 19:56:33 UTC