Tamora Monroe

Tamora Monroe is the guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School and a new hunter in Beacon Hills, California in Season 6. Monroe encounters and hunts down the hellhound known as Halwyn. She meets Gerard Argent and forms a new army of hunters to purge and exterminate Beacon Hills of all supernatural beings and takes advantage of the fear and paranoia plaguing the townspeople to recruit denizens to her army. She and her followers succeed in killing the werewolves Bret Talbot and Lori Rohr and the rest of Satomi's pack. Monroe recruits Gabe and Nolan to her cause and targets Scott's Pack and their allies. She finally takes command of the entire town turning Beacon Hills into a lynch mob. Scott's pack defeat the Anuk-Ite which dispels the fear behind the citizens in her army, Gerard is killed and her plan fails. Monroe goes on the run to continue her hunter operations years later recruiting thousands of like-minded hunters to her cause.