"Smoking Mirror," Tezcatlipoca is a central god in Aztec religion. 


Tezcatlipoca’s main feast was during Toxcatl, the fifth month of the Aztec calendar.[20] The preparations began a year earlier, when a young man was chosen by the priests, to be the likeness of Tezcatlipoca. For the next year he lived like a god, wearing expensive jewellery and having eight attendants. "For one year he lived a life of honor," the hansome young man "worshipped literally as the embodiment of the deity". He would marry four young women, and spent his last week singing, feasting and dancing. During the feast where he was worshipped as the deity he personified he climbed the stairs to the top of the temple on his own where the priests seized him, a time in which he proceeded to symbolically crush "one by one the clay flutes on which he had played in his brief moment of glory," and then was sacrificed, his body being eaten later. Immediately after he died a new victim for the next year’s ceremony was chosen.