The Dread Doctors novel

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This novel, titled The Dread Doctors, is a book written by Dr. Gabriel Valack, under the pseudonym T.R. McCammon. The book was based and narrates the Dread Doctors' first series of terror and experimentations on supernaturals that were witnessed by Valack.


Valack wrote the book as a tool for help against the Dread Doctors. The context of the book's narration is composed to subliminally trigger a reader's memory senses so to recover memories that are suppressed. Valack's intention was for readers who had come into contact with the Doctors but had their memories wiped, remember them so to draw attention to the pseudo-supernaturals.



In real life, J. Andrew McCammon is a scientist known for his work in theoretical biology and cellular activity.


Season 5

In Condition Terminal, Malia Tate finds the book in Tracy Stewart's room. Tracy had a book on her nightstand titled The Dread Doctors by T.R. McCammon. It has a note from someone atached to it that says, "Here's the book you asked for. Cheesy stuff, but still a fun, scary read."


In A Novel Approach, Scott's Pack examines the novel. They conclude the author is a pen name. When they notice sees the author's acknowledgments page and quote, "For providing scientific perspective and invaluable insight, this book is dedicated to Dr. Gabriel Valack". They visit Valack at Eichen House. Valack tells them the purpose of the book so victimsof the Doctors would come to him for more information.



Transcipt 1


...the floor and roll away. Her chest rose and fell again and again as she sucked air into her lungs. As the adrenaline began to wear off, Judy felt her eyes sting with tears. She looked away from the twisted remains of the creature that was once her friend as a wail escaped her lips.


With a labored step, Judy turned toward the open door at the end of the walkway. Blood pounded in her ears every step of the way like the droning of a great cloud of bees.


She pushed the door open until it clanged against the outside wall. Night air filled her lungs and for the first time in weeks Judy felt like everything was going to be all right.


She stepped outside into the darkness. 


And ran like hell.


apperance. The peculiar V-shaped mouth with its pinched upper lip, the absence of brow ridges, the absence of a chin beneath the wedgelike lower lip of this mouth, the incessant quivering of the Gorgon groups of tentacles, the ... breathing of the lungs in a strange atmosphere...


Transcript 2

It was her salvation.


As if she knew what Judy was thinking.


Amy ... and hissed a challenge. Her jaw extended impossibly low, revealing rows of deadly fangs.


With a roar, Amy charged her friend. Judy swung as hard as she could and connected with the side of Amy's head. The creature went down, but was up again before Judy could react. In an instant the bat was out of her hands and clamoring at her feet. Amy swiped her taloned hands, ripping Judy's shirt and the skin beneath.


Judy cried out as she collapsed to the floor.


Before she knew it Amy was on top of her, but not before Judy could get her foot up and under Amy's chest. Amy snarled and squirmed, gnashing her teeth inches from Judy's face. With all of her might, Judy kicked as hard as she could, sending Amy backwards against the concrete wall.


Amy righted herself, looked back to Judy and--


Crack! Judy smashed the bat across