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Nogitsune+Void Stiles+Biography
The Nogitsune was a nigh-immortal Void Kitsune, a 1000 year old Trickster and war-lord. He had rescinded his humanity, and because of his age, his transformation, he could not be killed. His sole purpose was to cause chaos and feed from it, all he lived for. He no longer possessed a physical body of his own; he was just a spirit.
He was summoned by the kitsune [[Noshiko Yukimura]] in 1943. Noshiko had prayed to her ancestors to send a Nogitsune to attach itself to her. Her intentions were so she could deliver justice upon the army soldiers at [[Oak Creek|Camp Oak Creek]] for the manslaughter and the death of her great love [[Rhys|Corporal Rhys]]. But because a Kitsune cannot and is not meant to be controlled, the Nogitsune tricked Noshiko and instead possessed Rhys' corpse, reanimating the clinically deceased corporal.
Angered that he'd been attemptedly controlled, to spite Noshiko, the Dark Kitsune unleashed his vengeance and chaos.
He came to Eichen House where Noshiko's fellow refugees allocated to after the massacre. He caused a bloodbath, he brought chaos, strife wherever he went. Soon enough, he was confronted by Noshiko, his former avatar. Noshiko wished to take responsibility for her mistake, and rectify the situation and she fought him. The Nogitsune was distracted by a [[werewolf]], [[Satomi Ito]] and so Noshiko slew the Void Kitsune with her [[Noshiko's katana|katana]].
{{321titlecard|size: large; margin-top: 5px; margin-left: 10px; float: right}}This resulted in the Nogitsune being exorcised from its host, manifesting as Rhys' corpse expelling a supernatural fly. The fly was the Nogitsune's animal motif, the insect representing the Kitsune's very being, as he could not be killed. Noshiko sealed the fly in a jar and buried the jar beneath [[Nemeton|the Nemeton]] outside of [[Beacon Hills, California]], before the tree had been cut down. For the next seventy years, the Nogitsune laid there, imprisoned, rendered dormant by the Nemeton's power.
The sacrificial Druid ritual undertaken by [[Scott McCall]], [[Allison Argent]] and [[Stiles Stilinski]] gave the Nemeton enough power which released the Kitsune from its prison. Eventually, the Nogitsune possessed Stiles at some point. Stiles was vulnerable to his control because the Druid sacrifice had left a door to Stiles' mind open.