Webisode - Search for a Cure



Stiles tracks down a professor of Lycanthropy to try to help Scott find a cure. He's parked at a university campus, when Scott lands on the top of the Jeep and swings into view. Stiles shows him videos of Dr. Conrad Haberland nee Dr. Conrad Fenris giving a lecture on the real existence of werewolves.


When the professor comes out of the university, Stiles and Scott start to follow him. Scott points out that they're freaking him out, but Stiles says they're just going to talk to him. Regardless, Conrad thinks they're out to mug him and starts to run. They catch him and tackle him. He tosses his keys and wallet at them, but they promise they're not out to hurt them. Scott begs for the chance to ask him a few questions, but Conrad tells them he doesn't talk about werewolves anymore.


Conrad gets in his car and drives off. Scott asks Stiles what they're going to do now, and Stiles tells him Plan B. "Am I gonna regret Plan B?" Scott asks. "Only if we get caught," Stiles replies.


They follow Conrad to his house and wait for him to leave. They break in, Scott telling Stiles that this, like all his ideas, is a bad idea. Stiles wraps his shirt around his fist in order to break in a glass pane, but when he punches it, his fist bounces off. Scott makes fun of him, and Stiles starts to look for another way. While he's planning, Scott leans down and finds a set of keys under the welcome mat.


Once inside, Stiles says they need to look for books, journals, or photos, any evidence of the years of research Conrad did. Stiles plans to photograph what they need, and Conrad tells him it's a good plan. He has a gun drawn on Stiles and tells them to get out. Scott again begs for five minutes of his time. Conrad tells them that he changed his name to get away from crazy people like them who believe werewolves are real. Scott asks him why he changed his name to Fenris if he doesn't believe. He also says he doesn't think Conrad will shoot because he's a doctor and doctors take an oath.


Conrad agrees to talk to them. He tlels them that he was working in an ER in Wisconsin when a woman came in with an arrow in her. He was told it was a hunting accident. He removed the arrow and three minutes later the wound was gone. After seeing someone heal beyond what should be possible, he felt like he had glimpsed the Holy Grail. He explains that hunters use arrows because the wound won't heal as long as the arrow is still in. They also cut werewolves in half because that won't heal either.


He tells them that he spent years looking for the woman, but all he found was a photo of her and Derek as a teenager. He figured Derek was her son.


Conrad explains that born werewolves have a ritual on every Wolf Moon. They'd get together in large packs, like a family reunion. Even omegas would be at these gatherings. He gets angry because he can't find his cigarettes, which is housekeeper keeps hiding.


Scott asks Conrad if there's a cure, and Conrad tells him that he's never heard of a cure. He wants to know why they're so interested in a myth that's completely destroyed his personal and professional lives. He tells them to leave. On their way out, Scott asks him if he still believes sometimes. Conrad admits that sometimes he does. Scott tells him that if he really needs his cigarettes, they're in the bookcase, third shelf behind the books. He flashes Conrad his gold eyes and leaves.


Conrad finds the cigarettes, sniffs them, and then rushes back outside, but Scott and Stiles have already left.