The Wild Hunt

In the world of Teen Wolf, the Wild Hunt is an supernatural event that occurs anywhere and at anytime in the world. During the Hunt, storms occur and the phantom Ghost Riders appear, riding spectral horses and take specific people, human or otherwise erasing them from existence.


Mentions of the Wild Hunt in Teen Wolf

Mr Yukimura: You know there's a legend for a storm like this...

Kira: Dad, please don't turn a three hour traffic jam into an educational experience.

Noshiko: He's talking about the wild hunt, about the ghost riders, imagine a night like this kira, with storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear, riding black horses with blood red eyes, wolves and hounds at their side baying and snarling.

Kira: What were they hunting?

Noshiko: Souls


The wild hunt is a pre-Christian tradition that exists all over Northern Europe. It is commonly assumed to be a rationalisation for powerful storms, howevre ...