AlphaCon 2014

Date: June 6-June 8, 2014

Location: Austria Trend Hotel Pyramide Vösendorf, Austria

Managed by: TuJuSu Events, @alpha_con


Event Host

Jamie Christlow


Guests from Teen Wolf

Daniel Sharman

Dylan O'Brien

Ian Bohen

Linden Ashby

JR Bourne

Susan Walters

Tyler Hoechlin



Guests from The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley

Nathaniel Buzolic

Matt Davis



Group Panel

Truesourwolf's recap

Haleyeaianbohen's recap


Dylan & Tyler


Haleyeaianbohen's recap


Tyler, Ian, & JR


Haleyeaianbohen's recap




 Dylan and Hoechlin hug at autograph tables

Group Panel

LizzieGMusic: Dylan's fav Derek line, Hoechlin's fav Isaac moment (Daniel kisses him), Daniel's fav Peter moment ( & mic drop), Linden can't remember any Chris lines

fedel96: Panel Part 1, Panel Part 2, Panel Part 3, Panel Part 4, Panel Part 5Tyler on Kate coming back from the dead, Tyler on his favorite food



Tyler & Dylan

Tyler & Dylan Panel

premiumcountryside: What scene they would like to have seen on the show, Body swap question

fedel96: Derek and Stiles as GPS voices

LadyMagiccc:  Full panel


Dylan's Panel

LadyMagiccc: Full panel


Tyler, Ian, and JR Panel

kolklauselijah: What episode they would write, Derek's grumpy cat face

not-the-alpha: Describe each other in three words

fedel96: Least Fav character, Derek and Chris's relationship, Part 1, Preparing for possession scene, Daniel comes on stage, Part 2





Ian's Panel

itsliterallytash: Ian in sunglasses

unightfog: Series 1


Group Panel

Fandomised: Dylan and Hoechlin 1, Dylan and Hoechlin 2, Dylan and Hoechlin 3, Dylan and Hoechlin 4, Dylan and Hoechlin 5, Dylan and Hoechlin 6, Dylan and Hoechlin 7, Dylan and Hoechlin 8, Dylan and Hoechlin 9, Dylan and Hoechlin 10, Linden answer a question and Ian looks thoughtful, Hoechlin and Daniel, Hoechlin hugs Daniel and cracks up, Dylan, Hoechlin, and Daniel laughing, Dylan, Hoechlin, and Daniel laughing 2, Dylan gives Hoechlin a mic, Dylan and Hoechlin laughing with each other, Ian points at someone, Ian holds his head


Regan May: Hoechlin 1, Hoechlin 2, Hoechlin 3


itsliterallytash: Linden putting a mic in JR's face, Hoechlin smiling at Dylan, Hoechlin looking into the distance, Linden smiling, Daniel, Ian laughing at Daniel, Dylan laughing, JR laughing, Ian, Linden, and JR, Daniel, Ian, and Linden being a dork, Dylan watching Hoechlin speak, Dylan looking at the camera


LoveFades: Daniel kisses Hoechlin on the cheek


Linden and JR panel (with Susan)