The List  [Payout - $117,000,000]


Part I: Revealed in Episode 4


Total Worth: $68,250,00


Sean Walcott - 250k

David Walcott - 250k

Michael Walcott - 250k

Christina Walcott - 250k

Lydia Martin - 20m

Scott McCall - 25m

Demarco Montana - 250k

Derek Hale - 15m

Carrie Hudson - 500k

Kayleen Bettcher - 250k

Kira Yukimura - 6m

Elias Town - 250k



Derek's name is removed from the list in 4x09 - Perishable, presumably because he was losing his werewolf status.

*Names in italics denote those who have been killed according to the updated list. 


Part II: Revealed in Episode 5


Total Worth: 27,250,000


Kate Argent - 12m

Noshiko Yukimura - 5m

Joanne McLaughlin - 1m

Steve Grace - 1m

Tom Hill - 1m

Brett Talbot - 1m

Reed Schall - 250k

Richard Benefield - 250k

Jack Marsland - 250k

Joy Waldrop - 250k

Cheryl Calix - 250k

Jordan Parrish - 5m



Part III: Revealed in Episode 6


Total Worth: 21,500,000


Satomi Ito - 10m

Malia Hale - 4m

Liam Dunbar - 3m, 18m*

Meredith Walker - 1m

Liz Moore - 1m

Patrick Clark - 1m

Bree Leverett - 250k

Kaitlyn Schaar - 250k

Genevive Carey - 250k

Angelique Fain - 250k

Lorelee Rohr - 250k

Brittani Kegley - 250k



Liam's value is supplemented with the value that had been alotted to Derek in 4x09 - Perishable.


What Do the Numbers Mean?

The numbers are the value of the kill in thousands or millions. The numbers add up to 117m, the amount of money stolen from the Hales.


The Passwords

The first key was Allison. Lydia heard it up at the lake house.

The second key was Aiden. Meredith came to the station and told Parrish and Lydia that she should call 2436, which on a phone spells out AIDEN.

The third key was Derek. Lydia typed in DEREK by using her banshee talents for someone who is going to die.