4x05 - IED



An unknown girl runs throughout the BHHS campus, breathing hard. A few unrealistic jumps suggest she is a supernatural creature. She stops behind some buses and it’s shown that her hand has been cut off at the wrist and is smoking. There is a jump cut to Violet with her Thermo-cut Wire Necklace and the girl’s eyes turn yellow, implying that she is a werewolf. The girl hides in one of the buses repeating “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth” as Violet enters the bus. The girl manages to fight Violet off momentarily to escape the bus, and enters a car with Garett after he offers an escape. He then laughs at her and stabs her.




In his room, Stiles is organizing what they currently know about the assassinations using a transparent dry-erase board. He notes the following:


The Walcotts are the first assassinations that they are aware of. Sean, his brother, and their parents were killed by a professional assassin: The Mute. The weapon was a military tomahawk. While Stiles says this there is a flashback to the assassination of the Walcotts in their house.


The Mute was killed by Peter Hale after he “tried to blow up Derek with a Claymore mine.” There is a flashback to Parrish disarming the mine with the Sheriff watching. It is mentioned in Season 3 Episode 19 that he was trained in doing such during his time in the Army.


Demarco Montana delivered a keg to the party at Lydia’s lake house and was decapitated outside his car. There is a flashback to Scott and Chris Argent finding and analyzing the (headless) body. Scott thinks that Demarco was part of a pack considering the scent, but Chris Argent says that if he was the pack would be looking for him.


And lastly, twenty-three year old Carrie Hudson the night before (the girl).


Jump cut to Scott and Stiles explaining the deadpool to the Sheriff. They show him the first part of the list. They tell him that Lydia found the list after she used her banshee powers to transcribe it. They tell him that Allison’s name was the cipher key that broke a third of the list.


Lydia is still at the lake house trying to find the other two keys the way she did the first, with the record player. She’s not getting anything. Malia and Kira, in the room with her, decide that she needs to take a break and turn the player off.


Stiles has a copy of the deadpool on his investigation board and crosses off the names of those who have been killed. So far six out of twelve people on the list have been killed. The Walcotts and Demarco were each worth 250 and Carrie was worth 500.


Continuing the conversation between Scott, Stiles, and the Sheriff, the Sheriff asks if Scott and Stiles were aware of Demarco and Carrie, or if they’re familiar with Kayleen Bettcher or Elias Town, the only other names on the list that the Sheriff isn’t familiar with (Lydia, Scott, Derek, and Kira are on the list as well). Scott says that he doesn’t know them, but Deaton told them that the Nemeton would draw supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills. The Sheriff points out that Beacon Hills has a population of just under 30K and Beacon County closer to 500K, therefore there could be a lot of supernatural creatures out there on the hit list. Scott says that there’s definitely a limit, because the price for each person should add up to the $117M taken from the Hales. Stiles writes onto the list that the three digit numbers are thousands of dollars and the single or double digits are millions. Stiles writes onto his board that the person financing the murders is the benefactor.


The Sheriff repeats back what he’s heard, and Stiles points out that some people are being stabbed as well. Scott reveals that the assassin could have predicted Demarco’s appearance at the lake house because “everyone knows that he delivers kegs to teenagers for a little extra cash.” The Sheriff appears less than thrilled to hear that. They agree that a student at the party killed Demarco, and there is a jump cut to Violet and Garrett walking into the school. Violet wants to start targeting people worth seven figures.


Ken is following Kira in school, attempting to nudge her into telling him something important that she forgot. When he says that it’s exceptionally important, she assumes that he knows about what’s happening with the deadpool and says that she was avoiding it keep her parents from worrying. Ken tells her that he was actually referring to her joining the lacrosse team, pulling out her new jersey (#15).  She takes it from him, telling him “never mind” and walks off.


In the weight room, Mason Hewitt is talking to Liam as he lifts free weights. Liam is obviously distracted as he keeps adding weight to a bench press machine, wondering why it still feels so light. Mason tells him that the “housing development” that Garrett supposedly lives in is literally “still in development” with no houses, therefore Garrett is obviously not telling them something. Liam adds more weight as Mason starts describing him as acting strange, running to school, disappearing at parties, and apparently on steroids. The line about steroids gets Liam’s attention, and Mason asks if he’s seriously going to lift the ridiculous amount of weight that he has on the machine now. Mason asks him if he’s okay, and he insists that he is, even though they’re going to play his old school, Devenford Prep, in the scrimmage that night.


Liam enters the locker room pissed and notices that his lacrosse stick is no longer in his locker. He hears a strange noise on the other side of the room, and walks over to see Derek Hale holding his stick. Derek ask if it’s his before snapping it in half and tossing the halves at his feet. Liam shifts and charges at Derek, but Derek easily pins him to the lockers at the neck and Scott walks in, calling Liam’s name until he shifts back to human. Derek comments on his anger before letting go of him, and Scott gives him back his actual stick before the bell rings and Scott makes him go to class. Liam glares a Derek one more time before he goes. Scott sighs before asking Derek why he’s smiling, and Derek grins at him, telling him that he’ll “be good at this”. Scott argues that he’s totally unprepared and says that he could use “a full-on training manual” in regards to being an Alpha. Derek thinks that the anger will make him strong, but also dangerous. Apparently Scott was hoping to focus on school again this semester, but now with Kate, a new beta, and a deadpool that won’t be possible. Derek asks if Lydia can get the second key, and there is a jump cut to Lydia with a pencil and sketchbook, Malia hovering over her shoulder. Lydia has yet to touch the pencil to the paper, and Malia is anxious about it because she knows that she could be on another part of the list. Lydia tells Malia to sit down and she does, opening a book as Lydia tries again. Lydia makes one mark on the paper before Malia has the idea that they should maybe get help from another banshee; Meredith Walker.


In Coach Finstock’s lecture on economic disparity, Stiles is flipping through full sheet photos of the various murders that have taken place. Coach notices the photos and hits Stiles’ desk with a lacrosse stick before making a sarcastic comment. Stiles isn’t very concerned about it, but as he goes to put the photos away he notices that the pattern on the end of the lacrosse stick is similar to a mark he saw on one of the bodies. Scott realizes that Stiles has figured out something big, and Stiles asserts that the student killer is a lacrosse player.


Scott, Stiles, and Kira take the ends off of all of the school’s lacrosse sticks hoping to find the stick that’s been converted into a weapon, but Scott states that it’s pointless since most of the team plays with personal gear. Kira suggests trying to get the game canceled, but Scott says that the game is the best way to catch him red handed. Stiles points out how little they really know about the deadpool other than the names on the first sheet, and agrees with Kira on trying to stop the game. Scott shakes his head saying that he’s not afraid. Kira’s not either, but Stiles says that he’s terrified although he’s not on the list, emphasizing that these are assassins that they’re dealing with this time, and they don’t know what they’re really going against.


In a classroom with a lab counter in the front, Violet is preparing a rare wolfsbane mixture for Garrett to use during the game. She says that if you only nick him, it’ll work fast, even on an Alpha. Apparently they’ve had this discussion before, and Violet still doesn’t understand why they’re not going after Scott. Garrett says it’s because “an entire pack of Alphas went after McCall and he was the the one left standing.” Garett triggers the blade on his crosse and Violet puts the prepared wolfsbane mixture on it.


Lydia has looked into how they could get in touch with Meredith, and apparently Eichen House doesn’t allow visitors without permission from a family member. Malia remarks on how her whole family is dead before suggesting that they go back to the art or music rooms. Lydia refuses, and remarks that she has very little control over her abilities before walking away. Malia follows.

Mason chases after Liam who has walked outside to where the players from Devenford Prep are getting off of the bus. Liam immediately approaches Brett, who he apparently has history with, and tries to smooth things over, wishing him a good game, but Brett and his friends laugh and make a joke about “anger management”. Scott and Stiles arrive and watch from the back, worriedly. Brett swears that the team is going to “break [him] in half out there”. Scott notices that there is blood dripping for Liam’s clenched fist, implying that claws have made an appearance, and rushes forward, pulling Stiles with him. Stiles attempts to mediate carefully before helping Scott drag Liam away.


In the locker room, Stiles and Scott hold Liam under a shower until he finds his control. Liam explains that he was benched for the entire season because of red cards, and that’s why he attacked the coach’s car. Scott and Stiles knows that he’s not telling them something, and he hesitantly explains that after he was kicked out of school he was forced to go see a psychologist (probably through legal action although this was not specified), and he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Stiles remarks that Scott has given superpowers to a ticking time bomb, referring to how the acronym IED refers to both the disorder and a Improvised Explosive Device. Scott asks if he was given medicine for it, and he replies that he has a prescription for Risperdal, an antipsychotic, but he doesn’t take it because it makes him too sleepy for lacrosse. Scott then suggests that he stays out of the game which Liam doesn’t want to do, asserting that he can do it if Scott’s there. Scott explains that regardless of his control during the game, Scott and Stiles also think that the killer is on the team, and Liam reveals that Garrett paid for the keg, and is on the team like they had said.

At the lacrosse game Kira suggests that they should do something preemptively, but Scott says that they’re not totally sure it’s Garrett. Stiles arrives on the phone with his dad, asking why he’s not already at the game. It’s implied that they asked the Sheriff to be present since they are expecting a murder attempt. On his way out, Deputy Parrish stops the Sheriff telling him that he found someone walking from the coast to the high school, which is “at least fifteen miles”. It’s Meredith, looking for Lydia. 


The Devenford Prep players prepare for the game and Liam tells Mason that he thinks he can take Brett. Liam catches Mason checking Brett out as he changes shirts, and Mason eventually acquiesces that yes, he was, before saying “I think you could definitely take him . . . and then give him to me.” This dispels the tension and Liam laughs. 


Derek opens the Hale vault with Chris Argent on the other side of the school campus. He finds the same triskele used for training the young betas and gives it to Chris, telling him that it’s what Kate came for. Chris says that he thought Kate might be alive since Derek gave him the shotgun shell with the fleur-de-lis, an Argent symbol. Apparently he plans to take her somewhere once he finds her, and he’ll “do what’s necessary” to get her there. Derek asks him not to because she took something from him, letting his eyes shift to yellow. Although he originally thought it was just a part of his past, he reveals that he’s slowly losing his werewolf powers in general, referring to how he couldn’t smell the huge pool of blood in the school before him and the Sheriff arrived.


Scott tries one last time to convince Coach that Liam shouldn’t play because of his leg. On the field Brett yells “Think fast!” and throws a ball at Liam who is standing on the sidelines and catches it with supernatural speed. This confirms to Coach that Liam will definitely be playing. Kira and Scott agree that she’ll watch Garrett if Scott watches Liam. Scott asks Brett to hold off on his revenge for one night, and Brett refuses before plowing into Liam and eventually scoring a goal. Liam tries to charge at the players and Scott and Stiles hold him back.


The Sheriff tells Lydia and Malia that he knows Meredith’s appearance is related to the deadpool, but he has a responsibility to call Eichen House. They agree on fifteen minutes before he calls. Parrish notices that the Sheriff called the girls and asks if it’s because Lydia is psychic. The Sheriff says that she’s not psychic, just intuitive, and Deputy Parrish points out that psychics were once called “intuitionists”. The Sheriff’s reply is “Yeah, and I used to call myself a rational human being; get in here and shut the door.” Lydia hands Meredith a phone and tells her to answer it. She stands to whisper in Lydia’s ear that it’s not ringing.


At the face-off Stiles gets the ball and passes to Kira, who’s frozen for a moment before she starts running toward the goal. Coach yells for her to pass, but she shoots instead, scoring a goal. Scott smiles, but Coach benches her, telling her that this is a scrimmage and the point is teamwork, not scoring, although the entire team and stands are still cheering for her. Garrett walks by making faces at Scott, and Scott realizes that he may have gotten a little distracted.


Lydia questions Meredith to no avail, and Parrish tries to talk to her instead, explaining that it would help them if she could give them a number that they could call to help them. Meredith agrees that there is a number and tells them 2436. Lydia and Malia, expecting a phone number, ask for more digits, but Meredith tells them that there isn’t any more; it’s just four. Lydia gets angry and the Sheriff tries to pull her away, but she refuses, yelling at Meredith until she gets upset.


Chris Argent is working in his house when he hears footsteps and hits a switch for some type of electrical shock before pulling a gun and turning around. Severo is behind him, with his own gun, and Araya enters.


At the game, there is a bad hit before Liam, Brett, and one other player go down. Liam says that he was hit, not the other way around, and Scott resets his broken arm. Brett is still on the ground wailing in pain, and Garrett retracts the blade in his crosse.


The Sheriff and Deputy Parrish talk with Meredith while Lydia and Malia sit in the Sheriff’s office. Malia notices the office phone and realizes that the numbers might actually be representative of letters. Lydia writes out the letters that are available with those numbers and finds the name “AIDEN” in them. She boots up her computer and finds that this is the second cipher key. More names are revealed, with Noshiko Yukimura at $5M, Kate Argent at $12M, and Brett Talbot at $1M as the only ones that are familiar names.



Total Worth: 27,250,000


Kate Argent - 12m

Noshiko Yukimura - 5m

Joanne McLaughlin - 1m

Steve Grace - 1m

Tom Hill - 1m

Brett Talbot - 1m

Reed Schall - 250k

Richard Benefield - 250k

Jack Marsland - 250k

Joy Waldrop - 250k

Cheryl Calix - 250k

Jordan Parrish - 5m



Liam finds Kira and Scott, telling him that Coach has decided to keep him out for the rest of the game. Stiles tells them that another third of the list has been broken, and Liam still isn’t on it, but someone else is. Brett crawls across the floor in the locker room, asking Violet what she did to him, and she replies that she cut him with a poisoned blade. She takes off the thermal wire necklace and turns on the heat, wrapping it around his neck.


Lydia jumps and slams her computer shut when Deputy Parrish enters the office. He offers a ride home that she declines, and when he leaves she opens the computer again to reveal that the last name on the list is Jordan Parrish with a price of five million dollars. Scott runs into the school building and sees Brett knocked out on the floor before Violet runs up behind him and wraps the thermocut wire around his throat. Scott startles for a moment before shifting and pulling the wire away from his neck, pulling it off completely and knocking her out against the wall. Stiles runs into the locker room, and Scott tells him to call his dad.



In the Argent basement, Araya tells Chris that Braeden hasn’t responded in days and Kate might have killed her. She tells him that since they are hunters, maybe they should stop hiring other people and start hunting again. She shoves both guns away, and repeats the original code, “We hunt those who hunt us,” until she gets him to repeat it.