Melissa McCall+Season 1

Wolf Moon

Melissa's first clue that something new is going on in Scott's life is the fact that he's going to a party on Friday night. She asks him if it's a party or a date, and he tells her that it's both. She hands him the car keys and asks if they need to have a talk. Scott is mortified about having a sex talk with his mom, but she just meant that he has to fill the car with gas. She takes the keys back. She must relent, though, because Scott is allowed to take her car to pick up Allison.


Second Chance at First Line

She's thrilled to learn that Scott's lacrosse skills have improved so much that he's on first line. She tells him that she's going to take off work on Saturday to watch him play in his first game and further assures him that her missing one shift won't completely ruin them financially. Scott looks at her, and she asks him what's wrong with his eyes. He looks tired. She laughs and asks him if he's on drugs, but Scott's response is unexpected. He asks if she means right now, so she asks when he's ever been on drugs. Scott avoids the conversation by asking if she's ever taken drugs. Their conversation is notably devoid of anger.


Pack Mentality

The next time Scott needs the car, he brings his mom some food while she's at work. She sees right through him, though, and tells him he can't have it. She does, however, take the food. Scott gets distracted from leaving by Garrison Meyers, the bus driver who was attacked in a bus at school. Melissa finds Scott standing over Mr. Meyers as he screams, and she rushes him away. A couple of days later, Melissa is on duty when Garrison's alarms go off, and she finds him dead of natural causes.


The Tell

Allison's birthday is the same day at the parent-teacher conferences. Any student getting a C or less is required to appear at the conference with their parents. This includes Scott, but since he's in the woods with Allison, he's late. Melissa calls him and tells him that he's missing the meeting. Mr. Harris suggests that the reason Scott's grades are poor is because of his home life. He believes that the lack of father means Scott is missing an important authority figure. Melissa gets upset and informs Mr. Harris that they are better off without Scott's father around.


After the conference, she meets Chris and Victoria Argent outside, who have just learned that Allison skipped school that day to be with Scott. They accuse Scott of being a bad influence on their daughter, and Melissa comes to her son's defense. She wants to know why Allison couldn't be the bad influence on Scott. The argument is interrupted by their children returning and a mountain lion appearing in the parking lot.



On the day of February's full moon, Melissa checks on on Scott. He'd been dumped by Allison just a few days prior, after a harrowing night at the school. She asks him if he's ready to go back. He doesn't react, so she asks him if he wants a new car. That gets a rise out of him, but she just says she'd like one, too. She tries to get Scott to talk about the break-up, but he won't. He declares that he's going to get Allison back.


Later that night, Stiles shows up at Scott's house, much to Melissa's surprise. She didn't hear the doorbell. He tells her that he got a key made. He drops a bag on the floor, which makes a heavy sound, and she asks him about it. Stiles claims it's for a school project. Melissa asks him how Scott is doing, since he won't talk to her anymore. He admits that Scott's had a rough week. As she leaves for work, she wishes Stiles a safe night since it's a full moon. He freezes, and she explains that the ER gets crazy on full moons.



A few days later, Melissa runs into Jackson at the hospital. He's just been to see the doctor and asks if he can use her computer for a second. She jokes that his pretty face probably doesn't get told no too often, but he takes it as a compliment. She thinks he might be one of the Scott's friend, and even though he isn't, Jackson says yes so she'll let him use the computer. She does but doesn't end up seeing whatever Jackson looked up.


Melissa meets a hot drug rep at work, who asks her out on a date. It's been forever since she's been out, so she's a bit nervous. She tells Scott to answer the door while she's getting ready. Her date turns out to be Peter Hale, who is just using her to get to Scott. As they leave, Scott wishes her a good time, and she smiles at him. On the way to the restaurant, Melissa points out that they missed a turn. Peter pulls the car over so they can pull a map up on the phone and starts complimenting her on her flawless skin. He touches her cheek, and she drops her phone. While she's picking up her phone, Stiles hits their car from behind. Melissa starts yelling at Stiles, while Peter talks quietly to Scott, who is hidden.



The next day, after getting home from work, Melissa calls Peter to try to arrange another date. She's awkward and rambling, and when she hangs up the phone, she cries.


On the night of the winter formal, Melissa tries to help Scott get ready. His suit is from a thrift store and has a big tear. Melissa says she can sew up the split in the pants. As she sews, they talk. She asks Scott if his date is coming there, because she needs the car. Scott tells her that he's going stag because there are no other girls besides Allison. She asks him if he really feels that way, and Scott describes how seeing her makes him feel like someone dug a hole in his chest. Melissa assures him that the feeling will go away, but he says he doesn't want it to. She says he has to tell Allison how he feels. "Women love words." She lists the ways he could tell her and advises that he tell her the truth and anything else he wants. Melissa finishes sewing and sends him on his way.