Allison Argent

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"Don't frown, Lydia. Someone could be falling in love with your smile." - Allison to Lydia

"Because I love you." - Allison to Scott after she kisses him

"I want Derek dead." - Allison to Chris and Gerard

"I made mistakes. Gerard is not my fault." - Allison to Derek over her immoral actions

"Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes." - Allison's code


Allison Argent is the daughter of Chris and Victoria Argent, and Kate Argent's niece. In Season 1, Allison is the new girl at Beacon Hills High School, enters a romantic relationship with Scott McCall and becomes Lydia Martin's best friend. She discovers the world of the supernatural, learns of her family's legacy as hunters, her aunt's crimes and also that Scott is a werewolf. In Season 2, Allison rebels against her parents' wishes and continues her romance with Scott, then meets her grandfather Gerard. She is struck with grief by the death of her mom. She is manipulated by Gerard into becoming a cold, ruthless hunter and he uses her against Derek's Pack, then for his own gain. Allison later feels guilt over her actions and ends her romance with Scott. In Season 3, Allison takes up her family's mantle once again, works to atone for her actions and protect her friends. She develops feelings for werewolf Isaac Lahey. Allison takes her dad's place as a Guardian undergoing a Druid sacrifice, which renews the Nemeton. Allison proposes a new code: "We protect those who cannot protect themselves" and becomes a founding member of Scott's Pack. She starts a new relationship with Isaac, and goes along with the Pack to rescue Stiles when he is possessed by a Nogitsune. Allison graduates as a hunter and uncovers the means to kill the demons known as the Oni. She rescues Lydia and saves Isaac's life from the Oni but pays with her life. Allison tells Scott she loves him and dies. Scott's Pack and Chris eventually defeat the Nogitsune and destroy the Oni, gaining justice for Allison's memory.



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Allison is described to be the girl-next-door, being naturally friendly, humble, is a hardworking student and quick to adjust despite having to move and change schools many times. At first, she is reclusive and shy because of her embarrassment over being a year older than her classmates.


After befriending Lydia and falling for Scott, she proves to be charming, fun-loving, has a quick wit and rebellious streak.

"When I first moved here, I had a plan - no boyfriends till college. I just move too much. But then I met him and - he was different. I - I don't know. Can't explain it." - Allison to Lydia about Scott

When situations calls for it, Allison shows to be a strong-willed person with a sense of integrity. After the attack at the school, she ends her romance with Scott seeing reason that she couldn't trust him, despite the heartache she felt. Allison also confessed her feelings of embarrassment and frustration of feeling weak and helpless, fervently wishing she could feel less afraid and be able to take care of herself in any situation. Over the series, she eagerly exchanges her innocent and faint-hearted demeanor for a more capable, tougher and combat-oriented persona. She immediately takes up lessons in self-defence and weaponry from Kate. Upon her introduction to the supernatural world and learning of her family's legacy, Allison is devastated emotionally on learning the secrets her mom and dad have kept from her her entire life, and to a lesser extent, Scott.

"I want to not be scared. ... I felt utterly weak. ... I hate that feeling. I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful."

"This is not me! This is not me." - Allison to Kate and herself on her feelings of weakness

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Later on, despite having learned of Kate's lies and monstrosity, then witnessing her death at the hands of Peter Hale, Allison stays true to her vow to become stronger, eventully overcoming her feelings of betrayal, taking her parents' reasons for dishonesty, as well as Scott's, in stride. She also demonstrates quick thinking and a strong resolve coming to work together with Scott, Stiles and Jackson to defeat Peter, to her awe.


Allison comes into her own as a headstrong, loyal and independent young woman. She keeps an open-mind as she continues her glowing romance with Scott, accepting he's a werewolf all the while resolutely disobeying her parents' violent demand she stop seeing him. She is also unafraid to protest her family's methods, not sharing their rascist views towards supernatural creatures, being willingly to undermine their lethal actions towards the Beacon Hills Wolves. She non-lethally mauled one of her dad's men, preventing him from killing new werewolf Isaac Lahey on a full moon. She actively supports her love Scott and Stiles' plight in protecting the people they care for. Though she had disdain for her family's more immoral methods, she puts aside her reservations upon learning she is to be groomed to succeed Victoria as the next leader of the Argent clan.


Upon her mother's death, her resulting devastation and Gerard's manipulation of her state of mind, Allison's personality takes a dark turn.


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Her grief is molded into a vicious anger, as well as a thirst for vengeance, and focuses all her resolve into killing Derek, irrationally pining Victoria's suicide and all the terrible things happening on him. She takes to her position as leader of the hunters upon Gerard's suggestion and wholeheartedly embraces his views. She turns, becoming cold-hearted, ruthless and utterly relentless in hunting Derek, culminating in her torturing and coming close to brutally murdering Erica and Boyd. Her entire demeanor also also changes, her normally charming personality being relaced with a more callous, petty and vindictive side, even towards Scott and Chris.

Allison (arrogantly) : "Really, dad. ... why don't you start with -- "I'm proud of you because I'm doing exactly what you wanted.""

Chris: "No, Allison. You're doing exactly what he wants. We all are."

Her corruption continues until Gerard threatens her life with his true plan, and she snaps out of this mindset, losing all of her confidence and resolve, feeling genuinely remorseful over her actions, apologizing to Scott, reconciling with Chris, even accepting responsibility for her actions when confronted by Derek.

"I'm sorry ... For what I did. And what I said. For everything." - Allison over the villain she became

Though Allison holds herself accountable for her moral spiral, she finds that her sense of camaraderie, strong-will, loyalty and protective instincts remain despite of her agreement with Chris to stay out of supernatural affairs. Once she learns the full story behind her mother's suicide, this becomes the catalyst for her to take up the her family's mantle again, partially to redeem herself for her immoral actions and fight to defend her friends, as well as the innocent and helpless. Eventually her plight proved genuine enough that Isaac and Boyd, who'd suffered because of her let go of any lingering antagonistic feelings towards her. Her will of iron is seen when she manages to overcome the mental side-effects from the surrogate sacrifice using her heroic will power as well as the support of her second boyfriend Isaac. After the Nemeton was renewed, knowing it would draw the supernatural forces to town, Allison makes the decision to step into the role as leader, as well as aim to offer protection to innocents, both human and supernaturals, reworking the hunter's code and reforming the Argent familys' reputation of violence.

"I was thinking I need to be prepared, learn to be a better fighter, learn all the things you could still teach me." ... But we're going to have a new code: Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes." - Allison to Chris

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Allison proves to have an affinity as a leader as well as a member of Scott's Pack. She shows to be intelligent and clever, organizing plans of attack and rescue, as well as tactics to subdue out-of-control werewolves. Similarly to Scott, she does not believe in more expedient manners of action, such as outright neutralizing threats as when Stiles is possessed by a nogitsune, advocating instead to trap him and exorcise her close friend of the Dark spirit. Her good judgement is shown when she knew Chris would typically be inclined to simply pull the trigger on Stiles so she'd removed the firing pin of his signature firearm in advance, instead of outright confronting him over his hasty decision. Since taking the reins of her family, Allison has grown into a very mature, responsible, strong-willed, self-reliant and action-oriented young woman who'd go to great lengths to protect those she'd care for.


On her deathbed, Allison realizes and accepts death, feeling fulfilled at having saved Isaac and Lydia, and she'd given her father and her friends the method to kill the Oni, knowing the people she cared for are alive and safe, and being in the arms of Scott McCall the love of her life.

"It's okay. I'm in the arms of my first love. ... The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall." - Allison's final words



Allison was born to Chris and Victoria Argent+.


Allison took up a variety of hobbies, photography, painting and poetry. She decided none of them were for her. She eventually became an accomplished archer, winning multiple competitions+.


Allison took 8 years of gymastics+


Before moving to Beacon Hills, California, they lived in San Francisco for more than a year, which was a long time by her family's standards+.


In Season 1, Allison is known to have taken:

  • English, with Lydia and Scott
  • French class

Season 2

  • Chemistry, with Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Erica, and Isaac
  • World History, with Lydia
  • English, with Scott (last class of the day)

Season 3

  • Art class, with Lydia and Isaac
  • French class


+Season 1

Wolf Moon

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Allison has just moved to Beacon Hills with her family in the middle of sophomore year. Allison is embarrassed that she didn't bring in a pen. She is introduced to her new English class. She meets Scott in her English class. He turns around and offers her a pen. She thanks him. Allison's immediately intrigued by this kind boy who somehow knew that she needed a pen.


After class, Lydia quickly scoops Allison up and adds her to her clique, claiming she has good fashion sense. Lydia and Jackson invite Allison to watch the lacrosse practise and to come to a party on Friday night. She says she'll come to practise but she turns them down for the party saying it's 'family night'. Allison comes to lacrosse practise. She sits next to Lydia. She sees Scott in the goalie's position and notices he's pretty good after catching several balls thrown in his direction.


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Allison and Scott get close after she hits a dog with her car and comes to the vet clinic in tears for help. Scott helps calm the dog down. Scott gives Allison a spare shirt so she can change in the next room. They flirt while he cares for the animal. Scott tells Allison she can touch the dog now, and Alison gives the distressed animal a pet. Allison feels ashamed to have been crying like a little girl after hitting the dog. Scott reassures her, he'd react like that. It becomes obvious that the two have instant chemistry. Scott asks her maybe she'd like to go to the party with him. This time Allison agrees to go. Allison sees, and waves at Scott during lacrosse practise the next day.


Scott arrives at Allison's house to pick her up. At the party, Allison and Scott have a great time. Allison is confused at Scott's sudden behaviour, his heavy breathing and he suddenly leaves her at the party. She isn't sure what happened and gets a ride home with Derek Hale. Scott asks her for a second chance, and even though he can't fully explain what happened, she gives it to him. Her father coes to pick her up.


Second Chance at First Line

Unbeknownst to her, Allison becomes the fulcrum that Lydia uses to manipulate Scott into playing in his next lacrosse game. Scott was going to bow out because the game takes place on the full moon, but Lydia won't let her team lose. She introduces Allison to other hot guys on the lacrosse team, trying to force Scott to do what she wants. Allison just thinks that Lydia is being nice to the new girl. When Scott comes by to assert himself, he notices that the jacket Derek had taken from Allison is back in her possession.


She doesn't see Scott again until just before the game. He was lurking on the roof of her house and then raninto the path of Chris's car as he was pulling into the driveway. Allison runs out to check that Scott is okay. At the game, Lydia forces Allison to hold up signs cheering for Jackson, which enrages Scott. Allison is trying to be a good friend, but she feels like she's betraying Scott by doing it.


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She doesn't realize that her whispers of encouragement actually help Scott control his bloodlust on the field. After the Cyclones win, Allison goes to find Scott. She follows him into the boys locker room, and despite feeling afraid and watched, she keeps looking. She eventually finds him shifted back to a human. They get to talking and she compliments his playing the game. They become giddy and kiss.


Pack Mentality

A few days after the game, Allison and Scott get roped into a group date with Lydia and Jackson. Jackson didn't want to go bowling without some real competition, and Allison took up his challenge, dragging Scott along with her.


Lydia and Allison spend their time before the date trying to pick out clothes. Lydia disapproves of most of Allison's choices. Once they find something, Chris tells them that they can't go out because of the Sheriff's curfew. Allison isn't taking no for an answer, and she sneaks out by doing a flip off the roof. At the bowling alley, it's clear that Scott can't bowl. Allison feels protective of him and gets upset that Jackson keeps making fun of him. She encourages Scott by suggesting that he think about something else. She quietly tells him to think about her naked. It works, and they are able to shut Jackson up. She also notices that Lydia is a much better bowler than she pretends to be and that she's hiding her real abilities to make Jackson feel like a better man. Allison tells her she should stop, but this is how Lydia knows how to get what she wants.


After the date, Allison tells Scott that she wants to go out with just him next time. They share a sweet kiss on the porch.


Magic Bullet

Allison sees her Aunt Kate as more like a sister than an authority figure, and she's thrilled when Kate comes to town.


Allison makes plans to "study" with Scott which is really an excuse to make out in her room. She takes the lead in their encounter, although Scott is always careful to ask whether or not he's pressuring her. While they are alone, she tells him about all the talents she tried to have but was terrible at, photography, poetry, art, and eventually shows him that she's a champion archer. They are out in the garage kissing when her father comes home. He's less than thrilled, but Kate steps in and invites Scott to stay for dinner. It is an awkward meal. Chris is openly hostile toward Scott, and Allison keeps trying

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to make him stop. When Kate accuses Scott of having stolen something from her room, Allison confesses to taking a condom from Kate's bag. It's an awkward moment all around.


Allison later calls Scott letting know she's sorry again. Suddenly she sees a shard of broken glass from Kate's car. Allison was earlier told by Chris Kate had a flat tire, while Kate herself said she needed a jumpstart.Allison now thinks Kate's window was actually broken.


The Tell

On her seventeenth birthday, Kate gives Allison a silver medallion with the Argent family crest. Kate tells Allison to look it up and find out what it means.


Allison had hoped that no one would know it's her birthday because she's embarrassed about being a year older than everyone else, but Lydia found out. And because of the balloons she put in Allison's locker, Scott found out, too. Scott figures out she had to repeat a year because she moves around so much. Allison, touched, gives Scott a kiss, because everyone before always assumes she either flunked out on year, or did she "have a baby". Scott and Allison skip school

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to spend the day wandering in the woods. Allison thanks Scott for a perfect birthday. They share a sweet moment with Scott telling Allison she has a tell, her eyebrows, so he knows whether she's lying or not. Allison challenges him to ask if she's lying when she says she wishes her parents weren't coming home from the parent-teacher conference so she can spend the night with him. They return to school during conferences and are confronted by their parents for their skipping school. Everyone goes into a panic in the arking lot. Chris shoots a mountain lion which is the cause of the commotion.


Heart Monitor

As part of her history project, Allison starts researching some family history, specifically La Bête du Gévaudan. She doesn't quite come to the conclusion that her ancestor hunted a werewolf, but she is intrigued by the story of a monster. Allison doesn't see much of Scott while he tries to control his shifting. Unbeknownst to her, it's her influence over him that helps him maintain control. Stiles calls her Scott's anchor.


Night School

When the five kids are trapped in the chemistry classroom, Scott volunteers to get the janitor's keys Allison begs Scott not to go not sure why Scott is risking his life. She reminds Scott of when he said she has a tell, so does he, and that he's been lying all night, about why they're at the high school, that Derek Hale is the killer. Scott looks at her in pain and regret, but goes anyway. Allison nonetheless kisses him.


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After the kids get outside and the cops arrive, Allison calls her dad. Scott runs up to her. She can't understand why Scott was lying to her, and she could not understand why he would put himself in such danger. Allison ends her relationship with Scott telling him not to call her because she doesn't feel that she can trust him anymore.



Allison is dropped off at school by her father and aunt. She is annoyed at her father's overprotectiveness after what happened at the school last week.


Allison avoids Scott at school as best she can, although she questions her decision. Both Lydia and Jackson tell her she made the right one, albeit for their own reasons. She starts spending more time with Jackson and doesn't notice that he's coming on to her.


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In an effort to feel more confident and less afraid, Allison has Kate teach her to use a taser. Kate comforts Allison over her breakup with Scott. Allison confides in Kate that Scott told her that he said he didn't know Derek Hale, but she saw them together, which arouses Kate's suspicion.


When Allison goes to the sporting goods store, she runs into Jackson again, and this time they start to talk. They go out to Jackson's car and voice their doubts about the official line on what happened in the school. They confide in one another. Jackson confides he saw an animalistic looking thing in the school, that got down on hands and feet, not like hands and knees like Allison puts it. Allison reveals that she knows her family is lying to her. The both of them feel something land on top of Jackson's car. Jackson advises her not to go outside.


Wolf's Bane



Allison begins to soften up towards Scott after the lacrosse game, and congradulates him after the team wins. He's cute, awkward and funny, which is what she liked about him, and can't deny it.


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Late at night, Allison notices her necklace is missing. She searches the garage. She hides in a car when her dad and Kate enter. She's confused over the context of their speaking together particularly her dad saying his life was saved more than once by a series of peculiar arrowheads, and Kate remarking that Allison could be learning these skills, to which Chris replies "not yet."


Kate leaves behind a peculiar arrowhead and they both leave. Allison picks it up, suspicious. She is unaware Kate spying on her from behind.


Allison takes Lydia out into the woods the next day. Allison tells Lydia Jackson asked her to the winter formal, but just as friends, asking Lydia if she minded. Lydia replies no. She tells her so-called close friend she knows Lydia kissed Scott in the Coach's office. 


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She tests the arrowhead and it explodes into a bang upon contact to her and Lydia's confusion. Allison hears a noice and leaves to investigate. She keeps a taser close. She shocks Scott to her horror. She's even friendlier when he returns her pendant to her. She's ecstatic to get it back and gives him a hug. They still care for each other, but Allison painfully pulls back.


Allison has a talk with Scott, attempting to reconnect with him. She tells him about her family's suspicious behavior, about how they're keep on lying to her. She tells him she thinks it has something to do with Derek, the murders and whatever it is her family is keeping from her. Allison is confused and frustrated when Scott leaves and doesn't come back. She gets a text from Kate saying they need to talk.


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She meets her aunt in the woods in a basement beneath the Hale House. Kate tells her about how every family has secrets, but that theirs are a little different. Kate reveals the family secret to Allison, the supernatural world, and subsequently her family's role in hunting them by showing her a captured Derek Hale in werewolf form. Kate tells her of the three werewolves in town and how Allison is going to help catch the second Beta werewolf.



Allison leaves the dungeon shaken, upset. She now knows that her family has been lying to her and that the universe does not run on the rules she thought it did.


She speeds and gets caught by the Sheriff, but he lets her go without giving her a ticket. After thinking it over, Allison remembers her vow to be strong and not show weakness. Allison decides the crying girl isn't her "this isn't me". She turns to archery. She comes up in an empty alleyway and shoots at a wanted poster of Derek.


She agrees to go with Jackson to the winter formal and goes dress shopping with Lydia. Lydia is buying her dress. To make up for having made out with Scott, but Allison also makes Lydia take Stiles to the dance as part of her punishment. While shopping, an unnamed man approaches her and talks to her about which dresses match her perfect skin. She is suitably creeped out but lets him continue to make her uncomfortable rather than say or do anything about the inappropriate behavior of an adult. Allison is lured outside by an announcememnt over the intercom that her car is being towed.


At the dance, Allison turns down Jackson's offer of alcohol. She is not happy with Jackson being her date. and is glad to see that Scott found a way in, despite his academic probation. She watches with amusement as he escapes Finstock and

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immediately agrees to dance with him. It's a lot like old times. Now that she knows about werewolves, she tries to downplay the things she was trying to tell him the other night, while Scott is trying to tell her that he believes her. They stop talking. Swept up in the moment, Scott kisses her. Allison asks him why he did that. Scott confesses to her he loves her. Allison kisses him back resuming their relationship.


Later Allison takes Scott back outside the school. She wants to make out in one of the buses, but her father and another hunter show up in their cars, trapping Scott. They try to crush him between their cars, but Scott jumps up into the air. Scott shapeshifts as he lands on top of the cars.


Code Breaker

Allison is shocked, horrified, emotionally overwhelmed in seeing that Scott is also a werewolf. She exits the bus, collapses into her father's arms devastated as Scott flees. Now that the secret is out, her father is furious with Kate. He doesn't think Allison should be in town while they try to finish their hunt and orders them to go to Washington. Allison wants to know more about what's going on, but her parents shut her down.


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Allison gets into the car with Kate, with her father pomising they'll talk about everything. Allison keeps mulling over Scott at the formal, him telling her he loves her, but snapping to the fact he is also a werewolf. Kate however, brings Allison to the hospital. Allison checks on Lydia whom is bedridden, while partially hallucinating her as blood soaked due to her emotional stress, which serves to harden her resolve. Kate tells Allison that all werewolves are killers, and they can't help it.


Together, Kate and Allison hunt Scott and Derek as they escape the dungeon where Derek was being held. Allison shoots Derek twice with arrows, once in the chest and once in the leg. She then shoots a flash bomb at Scott. Scott attempts to explain to Allison but Allison has had enough of Scott's lies. She doesn't believe Scott when he says that everything he's done is to protect her. She thinks their jobs as hunters are done now that they've caught Scott and Derek, but Kate has other plans. She shoots Derek and is about to shoot Scott which changes Allison's perspective, horrified at Kate's actions, but Kate pushes her to the ground so she can go in for the kill. Chris Argent shows up to put a stop to Kate telling her he knows she set the fire that killed the Hale family. Chris recites the hunter's Code, "We Hunt Those Who Hunt Us" which Allison hears learning Kate lied to her.


Peter shows up and attacks everyone knocking Chris unconscious, and restrains Kate. Allison sees her sociopathic in Peter's clutches. Peter demands an apology from Kate for decimating his family in exchange for Allison's life. As Allison

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watches, Kate apologizes only to her, and then Peter slashes her throat. Allison is now truly horrified at the death she's witnessd. Peter saying the apology didn't ring true is about to go after Allison when Scott and Derek step in. The fight escalates with Peter fully shapeshifted. Stiles and Jackson show up with molotov cocktails. Stiles throws his, but Peter catches it. Scott tosses Allison her bow, and she shoots the bottle, igniting the fire. Peter lunges for her and Chris, but Scott leaps in the way and kicks the murderous Alpha back.


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After Peter is burned, near death, and the danger past, Allison decisively approaches Scott. He is still in his werewolf form. He recoils in sadness. Allison however touches his face gently. She looks into his Wolf face, and then kisses him as he shifts back. She tells Scott she loves him, mirroring the scene from the dance earlier. Everyone witnesses Derek kill Peter and become an Alpha


Scott and Allison rekindle their relationship, with no secrets between them now. One night they are cuddling on the roof outside Allison's window.


Allison and her family stay in Beacon Hills, but her parents immediately pronounce they are against her relationship with Scott, and forbid her from seeing Scott anymore. Chris eventually forces Allison to promise him in tears she won't see him again when he holds Scott at gunpoint.


The two of them however, decide to stay in love, keep seeing each other in secret with only Stiles in the know. They keep watch over Lydia after her attack. She and Scott eventually consumate their feelings for each other+.


+Season 2


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Scott runs to meet Allison in her room for one of their secret romantic makeout sessions while her parents are out.


Unfortunately for them, the Argents return early, and her mom comes into the room to inspect it. Scott is out of the room, clutching his clothes, hoping not to be caught. Scott takes off while Allison convinces her mother that she was just studying.


Allison overhears her father putting together a hunting party and sees him and three of his men leave in three SUVs. Allison secretely takes off and shows up at the hospital after Lydia disappears to tell Scott and Stiles that the hunters are also looking for Lydia. She joins them in Stiles' jeep.


Stiles queries her if Lydia is turning a werewolf, will the hunters kill her. Allison responds her parents won't tell her anything, just that they'll talk after her aunt's funeral after "the others" arrive, which they won't tell her their identity either. Stiles quips that "(her) family's got some serious communication issues to work on."


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With Scott acting as a bloodhound, Allison, Scott, and Stiles track Lydia's scent to the Hale House. Allison asks maybe Lydia came here because she may have been drawn to an Alpha like Derek. Scott answers maybe, laying out the rules of being a werewolf in that they're better in every way in Packs.


Stiles triggers a snare, trapping Scott, and then he and Allison hide when Chris Argent and his hunters arrive. Chris threatens Scott and then eventually leaves, and the three of them continue into the house, but they don't find Lydia.


The next day at school Allison heads to her locker after class to get her clothes for Kate's funeral. A note falls out of her locker. She questioningly picks it up and it says "Because I love you". She smiles remembering her and Scott's declarations to one another. Matt Daehler compliments her on the dress, which is an odd thing to say about a dress for a funeral, and then Allison hears people in the hall whispering about her murderous aunt. She gets upset, but Scott pulls her aside to talk to her and comfort her. He assures her he will be there, just not in plain sight. 


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The funeral is a circus. Allison isn't aware that Matt is taking pictures of her. Her parents are annoyed, convinced a public funeral was a bad idea. Allison presses questions over the mystery guest who's supposed to arrive. She catches sight of Scott behind a statue to her content.


An Gerard Argent elderly man arrives and greets her parents. He introduces himself as Gerard, the grandfather that she barely knows as he says the last time she saw him was when she was three. Allison steals a look at Scott.



Allison continues to have secret meetings with Scott. Her next one is at midnight. They meet at the overlook point where Scott howled to find Derek. Scott asks her about her grandfather, Gerard. Allison replies she doesn't actually know him at all that he's only sent her a cheque in the mail every year for her birthday. Scott tells Allison that they have to be more careful than ever. Allison assures him her prejudicial parents aren't going to split them apart


The next day, Allison escorts Lydia to her first day back at school. Allison encourages her by telling her that everyone is only staring because she lost a few pounds. It's the boost Lydia needs to get through the awkwardness of everyone knowing she was running around naked. 


Later, Allison catches her father and Gerard talking about whether they should kill Isaac Lahey, although she doesn't know who they're talking about. They close the door to keep her out of the conversation. Later, after Allison sees a police officer in their house, Gerard and Chris call her in to talk to her. Allison and Stiles talk on the phone about the officer that Gerard has sent to kill Isaac while he's in police lockup. Allison's portion of the plan is to slow the officer down. She does this by shooting out his tires and then shooting him in the leg. 


That part of her job done, Allison goes to meet Scott at the Lahey's house. Scott asks her to chain him into the Lahey freezer. Allison is horrified and doesn't want to do it, but he begs her to because it's the full moon and he doesn't want to hurt her. Somehow, Allison gets chains underneath the freezer while Scott is inside and locks it shut. As she's leaving, Allison's flashlight goes out and a strange, reptilian creature scares her. She screams, and Scott fights his way out of the freezer to save her. The creature leaves without putting up a fight, though. 


Ice Pick

Allison is at the gas station filling up her car. Suddenly, the lights in the station go out and someone grabs her and throws a bag over her head. When they pull it off, she's tied to a chair and looking at her father, who is similarly tied. Chris undoes his bonds and explains that this is a training exercise. He says that Argent women are trained to make decisions and then gives her an arrow to use to break herself free. It takes her two and a half hours to get out of the Hale House. 


The next day at school, everyone is in the gym trying to climb a rock wall. Erica Reyes tries to go up, but Allison tells the Coach that Erica has epilepsy. 


Later that day, Allison and Lydia are hanging out at the Argents' house. Chris takes Allison aside and asks her to keep an eye on Lydia, because they're still not sure why she wasn't turned by the werewolf bite. A short while later, Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia go to the ice rink to skate around after hours. Stiles bought the keys from Boyd, who works at the rink. Allison is a much better skater than Scott, and she has to teach him how to stay upright, even though he figured his werewolf abilities would make him a natural. They go and take photos in the photo booth, but the only one that turns out is the one where Scott keeps his eyes closed. 


The next day at lunch, Allison tries to warn Scott that the hunters are gearing up for war with Derek and she doesn't want him in the middle of it, but Scott can't help trying to help people.



A few days later, Allison again checks her car window for her meetup time with Scott, but this time Gerard surprises her. He demands to talk to her and makes her promise that she trusts him. She misses meeting up with Scott because of this and finds a note from him scrawled on a rock. He had to leave to pick up Stiles from Armor Tire where Tucker was killed.


At school the next day, Stiles delivers messages back and forth between Scott and Allison, so they don't leave any record of communicating on their phones. Stiles asks Allison about the bestiary that Dr. Deaton said her family would have. Allison has seen an old leather book in Gerard's possession and assumes this is it. They will need to get Gerard's keys in order to get into his office to look for it. Allison escorts her grandfather to the lacrosse game an watches him put his keys in his pocket. At the game, she pretends to be cold so he'll give her the coat, and then she slips Stiles the keys.


After the game Allison and Gerard bring Scott home for dinner. Everyone is distressed, but Allison and Scott try to make the best of it by talking about lacrosse. After dinner, Allison and Scott head upstairs, and Allison shows Scott a safe in Gerard's room. Scott is able to open the lock, and they find a leather book that turns out to be a cookbook. Allison suddenly realizes that the bestiary must be on the USB drive that Gerard keeps on his keys. The keys are back in his office at the school, so Scott quickly leaves.



Now that they know what they're hunting, Derek and his pack have started testing possible kanima suspects. In Chemistry, Scott lets Allison know that Isaac and Erica are going to test and possibly kill Lydia. Allison tells Lydia not to talk to either of them. Lydia wonders how Allison can take looking at Erica hit on Scott and not get jealous. Allison just says there's nothing to get jealous of. When they rotate chemistry partners, Allison eventually ends up with Erica. Erica tells her that she and Scott aren't going to last and threatens to start a fight right there. She digs her claws into Allison's leg, but Allison doesn't react. 


Isaac gives Lydia the venom test, and she doesn't get paralyzed. Since she failed, Derek is prepared to kill her. Allison, Scott, and Stiles meet in Coach Finstock's office to decide what to do. Scott thinks he can stall Derek long enough for the others to get away. Allison thinks the bestiary could have answers, but Stiles points out they can't read it. Allison decides to ask Ms. Morell if she can translate any of it. Scott asks Allison to not do anything dangerous, and she takes offense at the idea that she can't protect herself. She pulls a crossbow out of her bag to prove a point. Stiles almost shoots Scott with it by accident. 


Allison takes the bestiary pages to Ms. Morell and gets her best translation. Then, she, Jackson, and Stiles take Lydia out of the school and head toward Scott's house. Jackson takes Lydia up to Scott's room, while Allison and Stiles stake out the front door. Derek and his pack are outside, and Allison calls Scott to tell him that he needs to get home immediately. Stiles suggests shooting one of the wolves. He tells Allison to start with Derek, but since Scott can catch and arrow, she's pretty sure Derek can too. Stiles suggests one of the others then, but Allison only sees two others, instead of three.


Isaac attacks Allison from behind before tossing around Stiles. Allison runs upstairs to make sure that Lydia is safe and sees kanima venom on the windowsill. She puts some venom on her crossbow bolt and turns around to deal with Erica. She shoots at her, and Erica catches the bolt, but that's what Allison was expecting. As Erica crumples, paralyzed, Allison brushes her hair back and taunts her, calling her a bitch. Scott arrives and takes care of Isaac, tossing both betas out of his house. Everyone heads outside to see the kanima running along the roof. Lydia them comes out the front door, and they all know that it can't be her.



While Derek, Scott, and Stiles chase the kanima, Allison takes Lydia home. She asks Lydia to promise to keep quiet about what she saw, but Lydia doesn't even know what she saw. Allison also learns that Lydia has never been in love with someone the way Allison is in love with Scott.


At school the next day, Gerard questions Allison about Jackson's disappearance. She doesn't do a great job lying, so he knows she's hiding something. After being threatened by her grandfather, Allison goes to English class to learn that her mother is now the sub. Her mom threatens Scott and tells Allison to find someone else to date. Allison learns enough that she can report to Stiles that the police know that Jackson is missing. When she tells him, Stiles holds onto Jackson's phone like it's lethal, and they get into the prison van where they've been keeping Jackson to change locations.


She meets up with Scott and Stiles at the overlook. Scott wasn't able to find Danny's tablet, which had the missing video from the tape Jackson made of himself on the full moon. Since Allison learned from Ms. Morell that the kanima seeks a friend, they assume that the friend got the tablet to protect Jackson. When night falls, Allison and Scott cuddle in her car. She tells him that she doesn't like falling asleep next to him because he's always gone when she wakes up. They talk about their future. Allison wants to be with Scott for the rest of their lives. He wants the same but suggests she not get into too good a college. They have sex in the back seat and fall asleep until Stiles bangs on the window to wake then up. He shows them the prison van busted open and Jackson missing.


Allison returns home to find Lydia sitting in her room waiting for her. Lydia says she wants to talk, but Allison tells her that she doesn't have time for her right now. Lydia gets incensed that no one ever has time for her anymore, and Allison replies angrily that she can't just expect everyone to drop everything just because she needs something. Allison says that she needs someone to read archaic Latin, which Lydia apparently knows. Lydia corrects Ms. Morell's translation and says that the kanima doesn't seek a friend, it seeks a master.



Allison reports this difference to Scott and Stiles as soon as she's able. They realize that Jackson must not be able to remember what he's doing. Allison brings Scott and Stiles a tablet with Lydia's translation on it at the library the next day. She tells them that she had to tell Lydia they were part of an online gaming community that hunts monsters. Stiles stares at her because he is a member of such a community. Part of the translation says that the kanima can't become a werewolf until it resolve something in its past. Allison suggests that it could have something to do with Jackson's birth parents.


Because of the restraining order and whole kidnapping thing, Allison volunteers to ask Jackson directly about his parents. She finds him in the boys locker room, but runs into Matt on her way in. He asks her to a rave on Friday night, and she agrees. She goes into the locker and finds Jackson naked and acting weirdly aggressive. He pins her against the wall and demands to know what she wanted to talk about. She tries to get away and gets more upset the more he crowds in on her. Her heart is beating so hard that Scott can hear it from across the school and rushes from his Chemistry test to help her.


Jackson attacks Allison, but she is able to defend herself, and when she does, Jackson comes out of his trance. He doesn't remember their conversation. Scott doesn't care and starts fighting with him despite Allison's protest that she's okay. The boys wreck the locker room, and Allison gets detention along with the rest of them. While they're reshelving books, Stiles tells Allison and Scott about what he and Erica learned about Jackson's birth parents: that Jackson was born out of his mother's dead body. Allison wonders if the car accidents they died in was really an accident. Before they can talk to Jackson about it, the kanima attacks. They watch Jackson scrawl a warning on the blackboard and then escape. Allison stays to help Matt, who was attacked by the kanima, while Stiles and Scott rush Erica to Derek because she's having a seizure.



Chris knows that Allison knows more than she's said. He takes her to the morgue to impress upon her the reality of what's happening. He says that she's responsible for those deaths because as Argents they are responsible for stopping the supernatural. Allison is convinced and asks her father what he wants to know. She tells him everything about the who the kanima is. Based on that, the Argents decide to try to capture Jackson at the rave on Friday.


She meets up with Scott the next day at school to tell him that she told her father. Scott isn't really concerned. He's more worried that her mom seems to know that they've been seeing each other. Scott tells her to date someone else and be seen going out with someone else. Allison admits to having accepted a date with Matt, which Scott thinks is perfect. Allison is skeptical that she should kiss Matt for real, and Scott agrees. They kiss.


At the rave, Allison is supposed to find Jackson and text her father when Jackson is sufficiently far away from the crowd. When she goes in, she doesn't expect to see Scott there and they argue, because the hunters crashing the party will ruin Scott's plan for capturing Jackson. Allison doesn't know what to do. Scott just yells at her to stay out of the way.


She spends the rest of the rave trying to figure out what to do and is terrible about pretending to have a good time with Matt. He tries to fix it by bringing them closer to the DJ, which makes them bump into Mr. Harris. There's an awkward moment. Eventually, Allison and Matt sit on the sidelines. She admits that she's not having a good time, and he kisses her. She doesn't like it and tries to play it off as no big deal, but they both know that it was and he shouldn't have done it. Allison leaves the rave to make a call and runs into Gerard. She apologizes for everything going wrong, but he doesn't think it has. 


Party Guessed

Allison doesn't know that her mother was bitten by Derek during a fight to save Scott. While her father and mother go home to make a plan, Allison drives Matt back to his house. She again tries to play the kiss off as no big deal. When Matt leaves his camera in her car, she snoops through his photos and learns that he's been stalking her. He has photos of her in her room. She pretends she didn't see them and refuses Matt when he tries to invite her inside to look at more pictures he's taken. He doesn't want to take no for an answer, but eventually she comes up with enough excuses that she can leave. She drives away in a rush. 


A day or so later, Lydia arrives at Allison's house fresh from Macy's with clothing options for her birthday party. Lydia's party is always considered the event of the year. Allison is concerned that Lydia didn't send out invites, but she's never had to send out invites before and assumes that this year will be like all other years. While they're checking out the clothes, Allison's mother tries to get a chance to talk to her. Allison blows her off, and Victoria leaves without saying a proper good-bye. 


Lydia's party is basically empty, and Allison catches up with Scott and Stiles. She's concerned that the party isn't well attended and feels that they should help Lydia out. Scott isn't in a forgiving mood, but he agrees to call the lacrosse team and make them show up. Allison spends most of the party alone because Scott hasn't apologized for yelling at her at the rave. Matt catches up with her and asks for a chance to talk. She gives him a couple of minutes, but he only makes things worse by telling her that she's full of herself if she thinks he can't find another pretty girl to photograph. When Matt puts his hand on her to stop her from walking away, Allison grabs him and knocks him to the ground. 


As she walks away, she starts to hallucinate because of the wolfsbane that Lydia put in the punch. Allison sees another version of herself, a cold-hearted killer who shoots her in the stomach and mocks her for calling to Scott for help. When this other Allison is about to shoot again, the vision ends.


While Allison is at the party, her mother commits suicide in her room. Victoria wanted to be close to her daughter when she died. 


Chris calls her from the hospital, and Allison arrives crying. She tells her father that if this is a training session she'll kill him, but he assures her that it isn't, and they cry together.



She's still grieving when Gerard comes in to give her a letter from her mother. He manipulates her vulnerable state, turning her sadness into fury and a thirst for blood. Gerard wants Allison to go after Derek. He gives her the letter and leaves. After she reads it, Allison burns the letter. She doesn't know that the bite happened while Derek was saving Scott. Allison angrily throws out all of her girly things and dresses for battle. She gets our her arrowheads and prepares.


Matt has taken Scott, Stiles, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Derek hostage. Allison gets a text message from Matt on Scott's phone asking for the bestiary, because Matt wants to know why he's turning into a kanima. The Argents get out the floor plans for the sheriff's station and ask Allison to plan the raid. Allison says that Derek is their priority and that they will kill any of Derek's pack who get in the way. Gerard is pleased with this newfound bloodlust.


Allison and her father enter the station as a team. As they arrive, they hear Sheriff Stilinski trying to break the bar he's cuffed to from the wall. Derek is also back to being mobile after being struck with kanima toxin. Allison finds Scott, and he's shocked to see her. He doesn't know about her mom and doesn't know why Allison is demanding where Derek is. When Scott won't help, Allison continues the search on her own. She and Chris get attacked by the kanima, and Allison puts a crossbow bolt right through its head. It pulls it back out, and Allison runs. She switches to her ring knives and hides under a desk. When the kanima's back is turned, she leaps over the desks and drives the blades into it, but to no effect. The kanima grabs her by the throat and then nicks her with toxin.


Matt comes over to gloat and is about to kill her when he hears something behidn him and goes to investigate. Chris grabs Allison and gets her out of there.



In the days after her mother's death, Allison and Chris become more of a team, systemically searching Beacon County for Derek and his pack. They decide to get to him through his betas and set up a trap for Boyd and Erica. The hunters use wolf calls to try to attract them. Boyd and Erica fall for it and are soon running through the woods trying to get away from Allison and Chris on an ATV. Allison shoots Erica in the leg and is about to shoot her again, but Boyd catches the arrow.


She fills Boyd with arrows, her face expressionless and eventually a little pleased the more Erica screams at her to stop. Eventually, her father shoots the bow from her hand because she was going to kill one of them if she kept going. He doesn't like the person Allison has become. She thinks she's taken to her leadership role quite well. After they capture Boyd and Erica, Allison calls "grandpa" to tell him that the job is complete. She shushes her father in the process. 


Master Plan

After they've brought Boyd and Erica to the basement, Gerard and Allison talk for a little bit, and he advises her to get some sleep because it's going to be a very interesting next 24 hours. Chris tries to talk to Allison, but she tells him she's tired. She also reminds him that he owes her a new bow. Chris doesn't like what Gerard has been doing to her, so he cuts the cord on her crossbow to try to keep her out of the coming fight. 


As Gerard's plan comes together, Scott, Derek, Peter, Isaac, and Chris deliver Jackson to a warehouse. Gerard and Allison arrive, and Gerard gloats that he was able to get Derek to come out of hiding. Allison shoots Isaac and later stabs him several times as everyone starts fighting. When Allison starts after Derek, Scott steps in her way. Gerard has the kanima grab Allison by the throat, and everyone learns what Gerard has really been after: the Bite. Allison and Chris are shocked and incensed, because Victoria killed herself because she was going to turn. Gerard threatens to kill Allison if he doesn't get what he wants, so Scott grabs Derek and forces his mouth open so Gerard can give himself the Bite.


They all watch in horror as Gerard's bite bleeds black ooze. Allison escapes from the kanima and joins Scott just as Stiles crashes into the warehouse. They all watch as Lydia brings Jackson back to himself and then as Derek and Peter stab him with their claws. Allison and Scott take each other's hands as Jackson turns into a werewolf and embraces Lydia. 


Later that night, Allison breaks up with Scott. He's okay with it because he believes they will be together eventually. Scott leaves, and Chris enters the room. Emotionally exhausted, Allison moves into the embrace of her father's arms.

+Season 3


77449 large
Allison has spent the summer with her dad in France. She  returns to Beacon Hills in time for the start of junior year. She and Lydia are catching up as they're out driving one night. Lydia asks her about dating, but Allison didn't see anyone while she was away. They stop at a stoplight, and Scott and Stiles pull up next to them. Allison is taken aback, saying she can't see Scott now. She and Scott pretend not to see each other, although Stiles makes that impossible by rolling down the window and calling out to them. Allison asks Lydia to run the red light and just drive.


Lydia does, but notices that Stiles has slammed on his brakes and stopped his own car behind them. She stops thinking something is wrong, and a deer runs into her car and breaks the windshield. The girls get out of the car, while Scott and Stiles run up to inspect the damage.


The next morning, Chris comes into Allison's room to check on her. He's worried that she's still too shook up after the accident to go to school, but Allison insists that she has to go because she promised Lydia that she'd drive her.


Later at school, Allison and Lydia are at the lockers, and Lydia comments on the new freshmen that she has to choose from. Allison reminds her that it's okay to be single. Lydia replies that she doesn't want a boyfriend, she wants a distraction. Just then, Ethan and Aiden walk into the school.


In English class, the only available seat for Allison to take is in front of Scott. He awkwardly invites her to take it. Later in class, Allison gives Scott a note asking if they can talk, but before he can answer, he's called away to the hospital by his mom. After Scott leaves, the class gets attacked by a flock of birds. In the aftermath, Chris arrives to see if Allison is okay.


In the school hallway, Allison and Lydia are approached by a woman they've never seen before. She asks for Scott, and when they don't help, leaves matching marks on Allison and Lydia's wrists. At the Argents' new apartment, Lydia is helping Allison assess paint colors. When they hold chips up against the wall, they realize that the marks on their arms are identical but reflected, although they have no idea what it means.


Chaos Rising

The next night, Allison and Lydia go to find Scott to show him the bruises. Lydia doesn't think it means anything, but Allison is positive. They find Scott outside of Heather's house and show him the symbol.


At school the next day, Scott brings Lydia and Allison together with Derek at the school, but Derek doesn’t recognize their marks as any type of symbol. Allison is cold towards the Alpha. Derek is not impressed that this is Scott’s attempt to help, pointing out that Lydia resurrected his psychotic uncle and Allison tried to kill him and his pack. Stiles comments that there was no death, which is an “important distinction,” but Allison comments that her mother died. Derek fires back that it was her family’s honor code that killed Victoria, not Derek himself. Scott tries to advocate for the girls, and Derek’s response is that maybe Scott should actually tell Allison what the situation was when Derek bit her.


Later, Allison and Lydia are studying in the library and Lydia comments that she wants one of the twins, the straight one. Allison realizes that the mark could be a symbol not a logo looking at Lydia’s coffee cup as she exchanges numbers with one of the twins.


Allison tells Lydia about her discovery that the symbol on their wrists is the logo of the abandoned bank. She tells Lydia she can’t bring her home, and there are bolt clippers in the trunk. 


Allison heads to the bank and enters. A figure pins Allison to the wall. It’s Ms. Morell. The teacher tells Allison that something big’s about to go down and she needs to get in the storage closet and lock it before it’s too late. She says Allison will know when it's time to come out.


Derek and Scott break into the vault in the bank that night to discover that Boyd and a new werewolf, Cora, are feral from lack of shifting. They attack Derek and Scott. Ms. Morrell seals the werewolves inside the vault and leaves. Allison hears the fight, and comes out. She breaks the mountain ash seal on the vault against Derek’s warning, and both Boyd and Cora run out. Derek is furious, explaining that now the two of them are going to go kill anything they can find. Allison refuses to feel guilty, telling him that she’s not the one turning teenagers into killers. He replies that “No, it’s just the rest of your family.” Derek includes her mother, and Allison doesn’t understand. Derek tells Scott that he needs to tell her why exactly Derek felt forced to bite her. Allison, never realizing there was anything to tell, wants to know as well.



77454 large
Later that night, Allison sits in her car, remembering the conversation she had with Scott about what really happened the night Derek Bit her mom. Victoria was trying to kill Scott and make it look like an accident, and the conversation is interrupted by Derek walking in with Erica’s body in his arms. Upon reaching a resolution, deciding to take up and use her abilities once more, Allison opens her glove compartment and pulls out an arrow head.


Allison decides to help hunt Boyd and Cora on her own. While Scott goes to Chris for help, Allison is already out in the woods trying to draw the werewolves to her. She cuts her arm, knowing that the smell of her blood will attract them. Even though the others don't know it, Allison follows their plan to trap the werewolves in the school. When Boyd and Cora try to go over the school, she uses flash bomb arrows to herd them inside. Isaac sees her but doesn't tell anyone that she helped.



Some time later, Allison is in French class. Ms. Morrell is doing phonetique with  when she notices Allison sleeping in the back. Allison does not wake until she hears her mom’s voice, and Morrell asks her if she’s tired in French. Her class laughs at her and Allison apologizes. Morrell stops to talk to Allison and suggests that maybe they should talk in guidance. Allison changes the subject to what happened at the bank. Morell tells Allison that she won’t give her lunch detention if she can name the French word that’s also used in English that could describe their situation. Allison doesn’t know, and Morrell tells her that the word is impasse.


Allison ends up sharing lunch detention with Issac. They are told to restock the janitor’s closet together. Isaac is uncomfortable with this, probably since they haven’t interacted since the whole showdown in the warehouse where she stabbed him with her daggers.


77514 large
Isaac and Allison enter the closet and Isaac is immediately set on edge by the small space. Allison asks Isaac if he told anyone that he saw her at the school. It seems as if Allison is apologizing for what happened before the door shuts and Isaac begins to panic. The vending machine has been placed against the door so even Isaac can’t get it open. He begins to pound on the door anyway, having flashbacks to the freezer. He eventually shifts and attacks Allison before Scott gets them out and gets Isaac under control. Allison’s right wrist has been cut up, but otherwise she’s okay. Isaac apologizes profusely although neither Scott nor Allison blame him.


In order to get revenge on the twins, Allison hotwires Aiden's motorcycle. Allison gives him a very quick tutorial on how to operate the bike. She shares a close look with him. The three of them succeed in getting the twins angry, as well as getting Aiden suspended.



Scott is confronting Allison about a titanium arrow that he found at the school. Allison insists that she can take care of herself. They begin to discuss if Allison could actually take a werewolf in light of the new alphas in town. For a moment in seems like play-fighting is going to lead to kissing, but Allison backs off. Scott proves his point when he easily pins Allison against the wall, and Scott begins to feel guilty. Scott closes by saying that his goal was to warn her about the alphas, not dominate her.


Allison has an arguement with her dad regarding the alphas trying to kill her friends. Chris tries to convince her to stay out of it. Allison responds she can't stay out the supernatural happenings in town because that's just saving herself and she could use a few friends.


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Allison inconspicuously appears at the abandoned warehouse during the battle between Derek's Pack the the Alphas. She'd apparently followed Scott to his talk with Deucalion. The much stronger Alphas have them outmatched, and at their feet. Allison fires flash bomb arrows, incapacitating the twins freeing, Isaac and Scott. She fires several more in rapid succession, distracting the Alphas, giving time for others to regroup and escape. She witnesses Scott as he faces off against Ennis. She notes Scott managing to match Ennis in terms of strength, and Scott's eyes briefly glowing Alpha red.


The next day, the cross-country team is heading out of town for a meet. Allison and Lydia are following the bus in Allison’s car. Lydia points out that Allison’s car is running on fumes. Lydia realizes that Allison’s realized that she’s involved with Aiden. Lydia swears that nothing’s going on.


When the cars are piled up, Lydia’s phone rings, and she tries to pretend that they’re at a movie, but Stiles knows they've been tailing them the whole trip. Scott was wounded in a fight with the alpha pack, but he isnt' healing and apparently the blood around Scott’s wound is now turning black. Allison says that Stiles needs to convince the Coach to stop at the rest area.


Allison and Stiles get Scott into the bathroom. The blood in the wound is entirely blackened, and Scott’s beginning to fade. Lydia suggests that it’s psychological. Stiles pieces together Scott thinks Derek died in the fight with the alpha pack, and he's not letting himself heal because of guilt. Lydia suggests that they just need to stitch him up and make him believe that he’s healing.


77559 large
Stiles and Lydia leave to get Scott’s bag and make sure the bus doesn’t leave as Allison prepares to stitch Scott up. Allison tells him to stay with her as he begins to fade away. She has difficulty with threading the needle while worrying about Scott. She is beginning to get visibly upset. Allison imagines what her mother would say to motivate her. She hears her mother’s voice, chastising her for her failure. Allison attempts to thread it again. She gets frustrated. She hears her mom's overbearing voice scolding her. Then "Victoria" reminds her daughter how do you approach a situation with someone needing medical attention. Allison responds, "Clinically and unemotionally." Taking a deep breath, Allison finally gets the needle threaded and begins to stitch Scott up.


Scott has no reaction. Allison finishes the stitching, and finally gets through to Scott. When they're all on the bus, Scott thanks Allison for being at the fight. Allison, remembering Scott's eyes glowing Alpha red, takes a moment looking at his eyes.


Motel California

The bus pulls up to the Motel Glen Capri. Lydia has a really bad feeling about the motel, but Allison, her chosen roommate, somewhat dismisses it.


In the shower, Allison calls out to Lydia asking if she was able to get new towels. Scott walks in, and Allison quickly wraps the shower curtain around herself, asking Scott to leave since she's clearly busy. Scott makes no move to do so, stating that he's "seen her naked before." Allison becomes worried because Scott is acting really strange, but just as Scott goes to reach for the shower curtain, he realizes what he's about to do and leaves, with Allison concerned.


When Lydia returns tells Allison about the suicide counter at the front desk. Lydia starts to hear two people talking about guns, but Allison doesn't hear it. The sound seems to be coming from the vent. The voices agree to shoot on three, say that they love each other, and then shots are heard. Lydia realizes that she just heard a couple commit suicide by shooting each other. She and Allison go to the next room, but there's no lights on. The room is empty, and it seems like it's being renovated. They find a construction light, and Lydia tells Allison more about what she heard. Allison insists that she believes Lydia, and Lydia sees two screaming figures in the wood paneling. When Lydia brings Allison back to the front desk the number has changed to 201. They realize that this must mean that three more suicides are about to happen. They text Stiles.


Stiles, Lydia, and Allison talk about what they’ve discovered. Lydia thinks it’s the motel causing so many suicides and pulls the Bible out of the room’s nightstand. In it, Stiles finds several newspaper clippings about suicides in that very room. They go back to the room next door and now it’s locked. They plan to leave, but then they hear the rotary saw turn on. Ethan has it and is bringing it to his stomach. Stiles fights him while Lydia unplugs it. Ethan simply unsheathes his claws and Stiles dives at him again. They both stumble into the heater, and suddenly Ethan snaps out of it.


Stiles, Lydia, and Allison chase after Ethan, who’s refusing to tell them anything. They decide to split up, knowing that they need to get the Werewolf out of the motel. Allison goes to Scott and Stiles’s room, but it’s empty.


Stiles, Allison, and Lydia finally find Scott in the parking lot. He’s doused himself in gasoline and is holding the last flare. Scott says that there’s no hope for him or Derek, who he thinks is still dead. Allison tells Scott that Derek wasn’t his fault, but Scott counters that whenever he actually tries to help people just get hurt or get killed. Stiles tells Scott that this isn’t him, but Scott insists that it is. He believes that this is the best thing he could do for everyone else.


Scott talks about what it was like before he was bitten, when him and Stiles were “nothing” and “no one,” and states that “maybe he should just be no one again” before lifting the flare. Stiles steps forward telling Scott that he’s his best friend, his brother, and that he needs him. He steps into the puddle of gasoline around Scott and grabs the flare, telling Scott that, “If you’re going to do this, then, I think you’re just going to have to take me with you.” Stiles takes the flare and throws it behind him. Lydia notices the flare rolling back toward the puddle of gasoline and runs towards Scott and Stiles, tackling them to the ground as the gasoline ignites. In the fire, Lydia sees a figure in a cloak, and chanting is heard.


Coach Finstock gets on the bus in the morning to see Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Boyd, and Isaac all already on the bus. Apparently the meet has been canceled.



A few weeks later, after two people have been taken as human sacrifices, Allison sends Scott a text telling him that she found something he has to see. Scott goes to the Argents' apartment. Allison was looking through her father's things when she found a black light. The elevator dings before she can explain what it is. Her father, Chris Argent's, arrived. She herds Scott into her closet. She motions for him to stay quiet, and he nods.


Back in the closet, Scott gets an erection. Allison orders him to stop, but he says he can't. Allison turns around, trying to make the situation but, but Scott tells her "That's worse." She smiles and giggles turning back around. The two of them almost kiss when Scott stumbles back, afraid the noise will arouse Chris's suspicion. They hear a door close and exit the closet. They enter Chris's office, and Allison brings Scott over to the map.  She explains that Chris tried to cover it last time she was here. Scott doesn't see anything until she holds the black light over it. Chris has been tracking and marking everything, the Darach's kills, Cora and Boyd's lock up, the alpha fight. There are more marks on the map than there are sacrifices. She thinks that Chris knows where the bodies are going to be found.


Later that day, Allison goes to see Gerard in the convalescent home.



A couple of days later, Allison and Scott visit Gerard. He turns around in his wheelchair and rolls up his sleeve, asking Scott to give an old man something for his pain. Allison tells Scott that he doesn't have to do this, but it's Gerard price for telling them what they want to know.


Gerard is interested to learn that there was a third healer sacrifice after Scott saved Deaton. Gerard points out that it's almost like Deaton was expected to survive, since the sacrifice happened so quickly. He posits that Deaton is the Darach. Scott is adamant that Deaton would never let anyone innocent die. Gerard tells him that he would be surprised how far some people would go to get rid of Deucalion. "Or someone like you?" Allison adds. Gerard laughs because he doesn't go particularly easily. Gerard tells them that Deucalion may have lost his eyes, but he's not always blind. 


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Around a week later, Allison and Lydia are waiting at the school for Stiles and Scott to arrive. Lydia explains that it was the same thing as what happened with the pool. "I got in the car heading somewhere totally different and ended up here. Scott then sees Tara dead on the high school sign.


The next morning, Allison is at home, still under the covers, faking being sick. Her dad asks her about the recital to honor all the people who have been killed. Allison says she isn't feeling up for it, but she's just playing him. As he leaves, Chris tells her to take as many days as she needs. As soon as Chris closes the door, Allison whips off her covers to reveal that she's fully clothed. She gets ring daggers out of a case in her closet. She on her way out the door when she hears a sound out the window behind her. She turns, dropping her coat, and throws the window open. She drags Isaac inside, throwing him to the floor, and holds the dagger to his throat. "What do you think you're doing?" "You weren't at school." She asks if Scott sent him to check up on her, and Isaac explains that maybe Scott's worried her. "I can take care of myself." "Yeah, I've noticed. More than once." They smile at each other.


Allison explains to Isaac about the map. Isaac asks if she think her dad is the killer. She doesn't. She hopes he isn't. She shows him that there are 5 more bodies to be found, but it doesn't say who the bodies are. Isaac steps back from the desk. When Allison asks what he's doing, he says that it's something he learned from his father. "Take a step back. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes you see things you wouldn't notice if you were up close when all you're looking at are the details.


Allison steps back from the map and bumps into Isaac. "Look at that, you see that?" she says. She moves the map and reveals a five-fold knot on the top of the desk. Isaac grabs her hand and moves the blacklight she's holding over the knot. It reveals: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, guardians.


Allison calls Stiles to tell him about what they found. She also tells him guardians was on the list, which she thinks must be law enforcement. Stiles is driving Cora home. "Stiles, you have to tell you dad," Allison says. "Tell him whatever you need, but you have to get him to believe." Stiles agrees and tells Cora that he's going to need her help.


Allison gets a text from Scott telling her that Mr. Westover is missing. "I have to stop him," she says. She's convinced now that her father is the killer. He knows everything and has everything mapped out. Allison pulls out her map of the telluric currents. If Mr. Westover was taken from the school, then there must be a corresponding point on the telluric current where he will be sacrificed. They find a new circle on the map and decide that that's where they need to go.


Isaac and Allison find the place where they think her father has Mr. Westover. "Really don't think we should call Scott?" Isaac asks. Allison tells Isaac to stay behind her and stay quiet. "Ooh, this is so not gonna end well," he says before he gets out of the car to follow her.


They walk into a large, empty building. "FYI, if your dad tries to kill me, I'm gonna defend myself," Isaac says. "If my dad tries to kill you, you'll be dead," Allison replies. Isaac stops suddenly because he smells blood. She asks what direction it's coming from, but he tells her he's not that good at being a Werewolf yet. He thinks it's coming from straight ahead. Allison starts to head that direction over Isaac's objection. They can see Mr. Westover and the Darach. Isaac tackles Allison as Chris comes out of nowhere and starts shooting at the Darach.


Chris emtpies his clips and slides in fresh ones. He orders Allison and Isaac to cut Mr. Westover down. Allison realizes that they were wrong about these sacrifices being Guardians as in law enforcement.


Allison confirms that her father was tracking the killer on his own the whole time. "And I was this close," he says as he polices his brass. "Could've caught him if the two of you--" Allison is incredulous that this could be her fault since he's the one who's been lying for the last 2 months. Chris doesn't think she's been very truthful either. Isaac suggests they have a family spat later because there's still one more teacher that's going to die.


The Argents arrive at the school. Allison and Isaac run into the auditorium. At the recital, the musicians pound away at their instruments, playing like they are possessed. The pianist strikes the right note, and the piano string snaps. It slices her neck open. People scream and start running. Allison runs up toward the stage.


Allison stays with Lydia while Scott and Stiles take off to tell Derek about Ms. Blake. Isaac meets up with her in the hallway. He asks how Lydia is. She's got bruising on her neck and is being taken to a different hospital in Beacon Hills since Beacon Hills Memorial is being evacuated. Isaac is surprised that the storm is that bad. Allison further explains that the backup generators at Beacon Hills Memorial might not be able to handle it if the power goes out. Isaac is concerned about leaving Cora alone with Peter and insists on going to the hospital even after Chris shows up to take the two of them home. Allison gives her dad a look until Chris agrees that they'll all go.


Chris, Allison, and Isaac arrive at the hospital. Allison asks Isaac if he can catch any scents, but the heavy rain is washing everything away.They move through the hospital. Chris cocks his gun, which Isaac takes as a bad sign. Isaac hears something below them and gets on the floor to listen better. He hears two pairs of footsteps. They manage to find Scott and Melissa.


Chris, Scott, Melissa, Isaac, and Allison discuss Derek and Jennifer being trapped in the elevator. There's no way to get them out without turning the power back on. The problem with that is that the sound of the elevator will draw the alphas to Derek and Jennifer, and they have to avoid fighting the alphas. Scott insists that Jennifer's life is too important to risk because she's their only way to save Stiles's dad and Cora.


Chris says he isn't sure which teacher this is. Isaac tells him she's got brown hair and is kinda hot. Everyone stops to stare at him. Allison looks at her own reflection and claims to have an idea.


Isaac is in Chris Argent's car. He has a video chat open with Allison. She asks if he's ready and he says yes. She asks if he's nervous. "Do I look nervous?" Allison lies and replies that he doesn't, then sets the phone down. "Did he look nervous?" Chris asks Allison on the other end. "Terrified," she answers. "Yeah, I can still hear you, very, very clearly," Isaac says to them. He's supposed to drive as soon as he sees the twins in the phone's camera.


The twins check around but think they're on the wrong floor. They hear footsteps of a woman running and race to find her. As soon as Isaac sees the twins, he guns the car. Kali leaps out of a window and lands  just as the twins follow Allison out of the hospital. Allison turns and fires some arrows. Chris opens fire with his pistols as well.



A couple of weeks after their sacrifice to the nemeton, Allison grabs her purse as she hurries out the door. She gets in the elevator, but when it opens, it lets her out into an abandoned hospital hallway. She steps out into the hall. Momentarily, a second Allison wielding ring daggers appears in the background, but vanishes. The door to the morgue opens on its own, and she goes inside. The door closes behind her, and one of the freezer doors swings open, beckoning her to come look. The tag on the door says Kate Argent. Allison hears her aunt's voice and remembers both their good times and when she saw Kate murdered. She looks in the freezer, and it's a tunnel that goes back impossibly far.


As she peers down the shaft, something starts moving. Kate is suddenly clawing her way toward Allison, screaming in rage. Allison slams the door shut and runs. When she bursts through the morgue doors, she's at school just as the bell rings, utterly bewildered as to how she got there. She stares around in shock, and Lydia comes up to her and asks her if she's okay. Allison nods unconvincingly


She and Lydia meet up with Stiles and eventually Scott. It's clear that none of them are okay. Allison complains that they're not crazy, but Lydia snarks and disagrees.


Allison is having a difficult time in Art class. They're painting, but she can't keep her hand steady. Lydia comments on it, and Allison says it's been happening for the past few weeks. Allison throws the brush down in frustration, and red paint splatters on the canvas. It reminds her of Kate's blood splattering on the window when Peter cut her throat. Lydia tears the canvas off and orders Allison to start over. She watches Allison closely. Isaac also watches from across the room.


Lydia takes Allison out to Beacon Hills Preserve to try to help her. She tells Allison to shoot a few arrows and see what happens. Allison misses by a wide margin every time. Lydia suggests trying a Mongolian draw. Allison does, but the results are the same. Lydia asks Alison to close her eyes and imagine the arrow going to the target.


When Allison opens her eyes, she sees Kate running through the woods. She tells Lydia to wait there and goes off to follow the vision. Allison doesn't go very far, but suddenly she doesn't know where Lydia is and hears Kate calling her name. She turns and continues to see Kate running through the trees. Allison spins, and it's suddenly night. She knocks an arrow, and the corpse of Kate comes at her. Allison fires.


Isaac catches the arrow before it goes into Lydia's face. It is daylight again.


Allison is stunned and drops her bow.


The next day during a free period, Allison, Isaac, Lydia, Stiles, and Scott sit outside and talk about the situation. Scott asks what happens to a person who has a near death experience and comes out of it seeing things. "And is unable to tell what's real or not," Stiles adds. "And is being haunted by demonic visions of dead relatives," Allison says. Isaac quips that all those people are locked in asylums for being insane.


Kira appears at their table and says that she overheard them talking about their symptoms. She says that it sounds like they're talking about bardo, the in between state between life and death. Allison asks what the final state is if bardo has progressive states. Kira tells her you die. None of them look very happy.


That night Allison is in bed, with Isaac kissing her neck. She asks if Scott's okay with this, and he replies that Scott's 90% over it. She asks again to make sure, and Isaac assures her that Scott's moved on so she should too. Isaac sits up to take his shirt off, and Allison runs her hand up his chest. She frowns at him and asks what's around his neck. He feels for the cord wrapped around his throat, and it suddenly tightens. Kate appears behind him, pulling the garrote. "Let's do him, Allison," she says. "Let's do him together." She jerks the garrote tighter, and Allison finds a ring dagger in her hand.


She gasps awake. She and Lydia fell asleep while studying. Allison lies back down and finds something digging into her back. She pulls out a ring dagger.


At school the next day, Stiles and Scott show Allison a map of where they found Malia Tate's den. She confirms that Malia isn't likely to go back to the den because coyotes don't like wolves.


After school, Allison gets a tranq gun. Dr. Deaton gives Scott some vials of Xylazine, a horse tranquilizer. They should expect it to work within seconds on a werecoyote. He warns them that they only have three chances, so whoever is using the gun has to be a perfect shot. Scott replies that Allison is a perfect shot, but Isaac corrects him. "She used to be." Scott's sure she can do it.


Later, Allison and Isaac are getting the tranq gun ready. She asks him if he thinks they'll be able to home in on Malia. Isaac assures her that he's got a lock on Malia's scent, which is kind of strong. He hands her a bottle of the Xylazine and a syringe and then watches as she gets so shaky she drops the bottle. She kneels down to pick it up, and when she gets up, she's in an operating room.


Allison sees a body under a sheet and pulls the sheet back. It's her. Suddenly she is the person on the table, and a bunch of people in scrubs stand around her. Her aunt Kate is there declaring the ME said the cause of death an animal attack, but they need confirmation by autopsy. Allison's chest is cracked open and spread, revealing her organs. Kate reaches in and pulls out her heart. She says there's definitely something wrong with it and throws it out. The rest of the people in scrubs take off their masks and reveal werewolf fangs. They close in on Allison and start to feast.


Isaac calls Allison's name, and she comes back to herself. She has the tranq gun pointed at him. She apologizes and sets the gun down. He says it's better than ring daggers anyway. She asks how she's supposed to help anyone when she's like this. Her hand holding the bottle is still shaking. Isaac takes her hand in his and asks her to let him help.


Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Isaac head out to Beacon Hills Preserve. Scott hears a gun shot from the direction of the Tates' house and jumps on his bike. Isaac and Allison take off after him.


Isaac runs through the woods and gets caught in one of Tate's traps. His scream affects Scott, and Scott falls off his dirt bike. Allison catches up with Isaac as he tries to pry the trap off. Instead, he points out Henry Tate to her. She takes aim but starts to shake. Her first shot misses. Isaac tells her to breathe. Tate takes aim at Malia. Allison whispers her new Code to herself, "Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux même." She uses the Code as her anchor. She fires and hits Henry Tate with the tranq. Malia gets away but Scott eventually catches her.


Some weeks later, a killer named William Barrow escapes custody during a surgical procedure and goes to the school looking for more kids with glowing eyes. Stiles explains about the surgery gone wrong as he, Isaac, Lydia, and Allison look for Scott. When he mentions the tumor in Barrow with live flies, Lydia stops dead. Allison turns to her to ask what's wrong. Lydia says that all day she's been hearing buzzing. 


They are convinced that Barrow is still at the school, even though the police cleared the building. Allison breaks out of the school so she can start looking through the bestiary. She reminds Stiles and Lydia that it is literally a thousand pages long. Lydia reminds her that the word she's looking for is musca, which is latin for fly.


Allison sits in her dad's office reading through the bestiary. She hears a thumping outside and stands up, ready to fight if necessary. There's zapping and loud yelping, and she smiles a little. Isaac appears in the doorway. "Electrified the windows?" "Yep." "Didn't wanna... say anything about it?" "Nope." He heads in and offers to help, by which he means look at pictures since he can't read Latin. He hits a key on the keyboard, and the imagine of a red demon mask comes up. They both stare at it.


Allison and Isaac go through her findings. She says flies can carry messages to the dead. Isaac says all he found was Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies. They are sitting very close together, and Allison turns to look in Isaac's eyes. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him. "Are you serious?" He plays dumb and claims he wasn't trying to kiss her, but then admits that maybe he was. Allison hops up off the bed and protests too much how she would never kiss another Werewolf. Isaac doesn't believe her and declares that he won't ever kiss her either. Then he takes off his shirt. Allison stares at him a second and then takes her own shirt off.


Chris Argent walks in and the both of them quickly grab their clothes and put them back on. Chris tells Allison he wants to see her in his office. "Where I keep my guns." He shoots Isaac a look. "Another Werewolf!" Chris shouts as soon as Allison is out of the room.


While they are fighting, the power goes out and the door to Allison's room suddenly slams shut. She and Chris start pounding on it, telling Isaac to open it.


Allison and Chris finally burst through the door to find Issac cowering on the floor, freezing and shaking. Chris tells Isaac that he needs to shift to trigger his healing. He slaps him a few times in the face, then punches him. Isaac's eyes flash yellow, and he growls. He comes back to himself, crying, and scrambles away from them. He asks if they saw the five figures. Isaac says he could see the eyes of one of them, they were greenish yellow, like a firefly. Chris gets up and checks the window. The security system wasn't triggered. Allison asks how they got in, but Isaac says they came out of the shadows.


Allison thinks her father knows something, but he won't say what. He asks them to keep the attack quiet for 24 hours. Isaac clearly wants to tell Scott, and Allison isn't happy about keep this secret. She says they could have killed Isaac. "But they didn't. And I think there was a reason why. I think they might have been after me," Chris says.


The next night Isaac and Allison arrive at the loft for Danny's party. Everyone is painted and dancing. "Derek can never know about this," Isaac says as they look at everyone. Allison looks stunned.


Scott, Stiles, and Kira show up at the party. Scott takes Kira's hand and smiles at her, until he sees Allison.


Allison and Isaac stand next to each other off the dance floor. Isaac asks her if she told Scott what happened. "No, we still have a couple of hours, remember? We promised my dad." "You promised your dad," Isaac clarifies. He says he doesn't like keeping secrets from Scott, and he doesn't just mean the Oni. Allison says they're just standing there awkwardly waiting for someone to notice them and then Isaac likes to make things incredibly uncomfortable. Isaac thinks Allison is mad. "I'm not mad." "No?" "No." "Okay."  "I'm frustrated." "Sexually?" She just looks at him and laughs.


Allison heads over to the glow paint station. "Do you want to talk about Scott or do you want to paint my body?" she asks Isaac. He votes for painting her body.


Isaac and Allison hold hands and dance closer. They're about to kiss when Allison notices something behind Isaac's ear. She pulls him to the storage room to get a better look. It's reversed number 5. They find Ethan on the floor, shaking like Isaac had been when the Oni attacked him.


Isaac breaks Ethan's arm to trigger his healing. They find the same reversed 5 symbol on Ethan and Lydia.


After Derek breaks up the party and sends everyone home, Isaac, Allison, and Ethan arrive from the back room. The Oni attack Aiden and then turn on Kira. Everyone faces off against them, but they don't have to fight because the Oni vanish as the sun rises. Isaac tells Allison that they're filling everone in.


Allison attempts to call her dad, but her call goes unanswered.


Isaac, Allison, and Scott find Chris passed out in the hallway. Allison stitches up her dad's wounds while he tells them about his previous encounter with the Oni when he was a young man. He watched them kill a man, though he doesn't know what kind of creature the man was. He thinks another survivor, a man named Katashi, might know. He got beat up trying to track Katashi down.


Chris has an idea how to draw him out. Katashi  likes antique weapons, so they're going to try to sell him an old Argent heirloom. He takes out a French flintlock turnover pistol from 1645 housed in a plastic display case. Allison declares that her father isn't going alone. And Isaac adds that if Allison is going, so is he. Chris isn't terribly comfortable with this plan. Isaac believes that the Oni are going after Scott next because he's the one they were looking at when the sun came up.


Chris, Allison, and Isaac are sitting in the car outside Katashi's estate. Chris gets a text telling him that Katashi won't do the exchange in person. "He's a paranoid recluse, shouldn't you be a little less surprised?" Isaac asks. Chris replies that he was trying to remain optimistic that they wouldn't have to go to his plan B.


Chris shows Allison a blueprint of Katashi's estate. Isaac calls over to them and says that this isn't going to work because he looks ridiculous. "I look like I just stepped out of the last period of a Catholic prep school. and there is no way that i am going to be able to remember all this, I mean, what does this even mean? Revolving over and under barrels?" Allison and Chris exchange a look. Chris says he just has to keep Katashi's men talking long enough for them to infiltrate the building. Allison assures Isaac that he looks great.


Allison asks her father to give them a second. She pulls Isaac around to the back of the car and assures him that he can do this. "You're not a boy if you walk in there acting like a man, Go in there with confidence and all they'll see is a boyish-looking man." Isaac continues to doubt himself, so Allison kisses him. She moves his hand down to her ass and then asks him how he feels now.


Chris and Allison take out some guards, while Isaac shows the buyers the gun. Allison disarms Mr. Katashi as she enters his office. She uses a chain whip to grab the gun out of his hand. Chris asks again if they can talk. The werewolf guard brings Isaac into the room with his claws at Isaac's throat.


They convince Katashi to talk to them by showing him a broken Oni mask. He tells them that the Oni are a force of nature that you must endure, and Allison asks how you endure it. Isaac already has. The mark by his ear is proof that he is still himself.


Allison calls Scott and advises him to let the Oni perform their test. Scott takes her advice.


A couple of nights later, Allison wakes up to Isaac pounding on her door. When she opens it, he asks, "What the hell have you been doing?" "Sleeping. What the hell are you doing?" Isaac asks her if she got any calls or texts, and Allison discovers that her phone is off. This is strange because she never turns her phone off. She turns it on and gets a flood of messages. Isaac tells her that they found Stiles a few minutes ago.


Allison notices a lot of strange calls and voicemails. She plays one, and it's someone speaking Japanese.


They go to the school the next day and Allison and Isaac ask Ken Yukimura to listen to the voicemails on her phone. He says that the man speaking is giving instructions. Ken Yukimura says that the recording is fake because it mentions Oak Creek as the internment camp, but there was no such camp.


After Stiles has his MRI at the hospital, Allison and Isaac drive over to meet up with everyone else. The wire from the roof breaks and starts sparking everywhere, and an ambulance knocks over a fire hydrant, covering the parking lot in water. Allison and Isaac get out of the car and start walking toward the water, but Isaac shoves Allison out of the way. The water rushes over his feet, and he falls, electrocuted.


Two days later, Allison is still waiting in the hospital outside Isaac's room. He wakes her and asks if she's been there all night. "Yeah, they won't let me see him 'cause I'm not family. I told them he doesn't have any." Melissa says he's got them and she's got a key card. She opens the door to Isaac's isolation room and tells them to be quick.


Scott and Allison walk forward cautiously, and Allison takes Scott's hand. They approach together. Allison wonders why Isaac isn't healing from the burns. Scott thought he'd be healing too. Scott touches Isaac's blackened arm. "Is he in pain?" Allison asks. Scott nods and draws some of the pain out until it hurts so much he can't stand it. Allison looks worried for them both.


Allison gets suddenly serious and asks if Stiles really caused all this. "Whatever's controlling him did it." "Well then how do we get whatever's inside of him the hell out of him?" Scott tells her that he's working on it.


After Lydia spots Peter at the school talking to her mother, she has Allison accompany her to Derek's loft to confront Peter. "While it's smart to bring me with you, I still think the rest of this is totally insane," Allison says. Lydia explains that she's been a colossal failure at using her powers and she wants to know if Peter can really help. "Peter doesn't offer help. He offers a chance for you to be manipulated into giving him what he wants," Allison counters. Lydia is fine with seeing what Peter wants.


Peter tells Lydia that Allison has to go, but since the last time Lydia was alone with Peter she almost died on the lacrosse field, she's thinking Allison is going to stay. Peter claims that he wasn't trying to kill her. She was his backup plan. Plus the Bite brought out her banshee powers. Allison says that he attacked her and nearly killed her. She grows tired of his excuses and tries to pull Lydia out of there, but Peter tells them something useful to keep them from leaving. He offers to tell them more in exchange for something.


Allison holds up one of Talia's claws. Peter explains that before Talia died she stole a memory from him. "That memory is locked inside those claws." He wants Lydia to tell him what it is.


Peter orders Lydia to focus, but she's frustrated. He tells her that her hearing is attuned to a level of the universe that no one else can hear. "I am trying." "Try harder." Peter growls and lunges for her but Allison stops him with an electrified baton to the throat. He turns on her and takes out his claws. "Your aunt had one of those," he says to her. Peter tries to antagonize Allison, but Allison just stares at him calmly. Lydia orders them to both stop. "Didn't help her much as I ripped her throat out." "She didn't shove it up your--"


Lydia yells at them to stop it and throws the claws. They sail across the room and embed in a pillar. Lydia can hear crying and voices. She learns that Peter has a daughter.


Peter advances on Lydia demanding to know more. Peter accuses her of lying. He grabs her, and Allison hits him with the electrified baton, knocking him to the floor. "Now we're leaving," Allison says, and grabs Lydia's hand.


Out in the car Allison and Lydia pull up pictures on their phones. Lydia has a photo of Malia Tate. They compare it to a photo of Peter and declare Malia to be Peter's daughter.


After Chris and Derek are arrested for Katashi's murder, Chris calls Deaton to find out how his trip to Japan went. Allison and Scott are listening in on the call in Deaton's office. Deaton tells him that the yakuza never found the scroll that describes how to exorcise a nogitsune. Deaton did find out that Kincaid was the last man who purchased it. Allison recognizes that as the name of Katashi's bodyguard. She asks what a scroll would look like. Deaton hands her a scroll, and she asks if they come in different sizes. "Any size," Deaton says. Allison knows where they should look.


Allison lets Scott, Ethan, and Aiden into the apartment. She explains that all the evidence is being moved to federal lock-up by armored car. Ethan is incredulous that they're going to rob an armored car. Lydia explains the plan, but no one particularly likes it. Allison rallies everyone and insists that they need to stop the armored car because Katashi's silver finger will be in there.


That night Allison observes the armored car outside the sheriff station through the scope on her crossbow. She tells Kira that she's up, and Kira takes the GPS that she has to attach to the car. Kincaid unexpectedly bursts out of the armored car, and it turns into a fight. Kincaid smacks Allison across the face, sending her flying into a wall. Lydia rushes to help her up. The twins end up subduing Kincaid enough for them to get the scroll.


The night after the nogitsune escapes from Eichen House, Allison and her father are recruited by Sheriff Stilinski to help capture it. She leads the Sheriff, Chris, and Derek into Chris's office, explaining that she's gathered every non-lethal weapon she could find. Chris says to take all of it. Allison tells them the places where the nogitsune has been showing up, but Derek argues that they've done this hunt before. Allison wonders if they should wait fo rhim to come to them, but the Oni will try to kill him at nightfall.


Allison sends Chris and Derek to Eichen House try to pick up a trail, while she and the Sheriff head to the hospital.


Allison and the Sheriff are in the elevator at the hospital. The Sheriff tells her that he doesn't know how she does it, always being so strong and fearless. She even manages to keep her grades up. Allison admits that she's failing Econ, and the Sheriff says he'll talk to Coach about that.


Allison can't keep a lid on her emotions any longer and starts to break down. The Sheriff quickly stops the elevator. She admits that she's not fearless. "I'm terrified. I'm always terrified. I act like I know what I'm doing, but I don't. I don't know if Isaac is dying right now. I don't know if I made a mistake with Scott. I don't know what my dad is thinking. I don't know if we should trust Derek. I don't know... I don't know anything."


As she starts to cry, he pulls her into a hug. "You know what's funny? You sound just like a cop." It makes Allison laugh a little. They part, and she gathers herself back together. As the Sheriff goes to turn the elevator back on, his phone buzzes with an alert from his home security system. He had cameras and motion detectors installed after Stiles started sleepwalking.


The Sheriff brings up the feed from the camera, and the nogitsune is sitting on Stiles's bed. He waves his fingers slowly.


Chris, Derek, Allison, and the Sheriff go to Stiles's room. They look at the chessboard and ask what it is. The Sheriff explains that it's how Stiles first explained to him about the supernatural. Allison thinks it could be a message from Stiles.  Chris picks up a piece labeled Isaac, which has been removed from the board. Derek asks, "You think there's any reason my name's on the king?"


Allison says that the message is that the nogitsune is waiting for them at Derek's loft. "This couldn't sound any more like a trap," Chris says. The Sheriff doesn't think so. He thinks they just need to come up with a new joke.


Allison, the Sheriff, Chris, and Derek go to Derek's loft to confront the nogitsune. The Sheriff tries to handcuff him, but he just breaks them off. Allison tries to taser him, but he catches the wires and pulls the weapon from her hands. Chris threatens to shoot him, which the nogitsune finds delightful. Allison shouts at her father to stop and realizes that all the shouting is just what the nogitsune is after.


Night falls, and he tells them that they're actually there to protect him. Oni appear, and the four them close around the nogitsune to protect him. After not much of a fight, the Oni and nogitsune all disappear.


Chris and Allison arrive back at the apartment. Allison asks her father if he was really going to shoot Stiles. "To be honest, I'm not sure," he says. She tells him to check the firing pin, and he realizes that she removed it, which is why his gun didn't fire. Chris grins and tells her that's why the women are the leaders in their family. He's proud that she took the decision from his hands.


Allison goes to her room to find Isaac sitting on her bed. He tells her that he wanted to see her, but she's concerned that he just walked out the hospital. "It's okay. I feel a lot better." Allison touches his face where the burns had been. She says giving him the alarm code was a bad idea, and then they kiss.


The next morning Allison wakes up to find that Isaac is already awake and inspecting her bag of weapons. She explains that most of them are non-lethal. Isaac holds up a ring dagger and says that it looks pretty lethal to him, but he advises that she keep them because there are still a few creatures out there that aren't quite so non-lethal.


Allison starts to get concerned. She thought they were giving the twins a second chance. Isaac replies that they don't deserve it. Allison still insists that they don't have to leave killing as their only option. Isaac takes the bag of weapons. Allison throws off the covers to follow him to discover that he's handcuffed her ankles together around the foot board of the bed.


Later, Chris Argent is on the phone with Allison. She tells him that she thinks Isaac went to the school and she couldn't catch up. She and Kira find Isaac ready to burn the twins. They attack him, then lock themselves in Coach's office while Isaac and the twins fight each other.


Kira and Allison decide they need to stop Isaac and the twins. Allison reminds Kira not to kill. "I was just going to try to stay alive," Kira replies. They head out.


Kira fights Ethan and slices him across the chest. Allison shoots Isaac, but he just pulls the bolt from his chest and keeps coming. She kicks him out of the way. She can't reload fast enough to fight off Aiden, so Kira tosses her the katana. Kira picks up the crossbow, and they back up until they're both standing next to one another.