Kitsune+Super Coordination

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Kitsune naturally possess an enhanced coordination that supplements their enhanced strength and reflexes.


They are able to easily learn how to use weapons or any kind of tool they can get their hands on. They can wield their tool with intuitive proficiency in speed, power and skill. With this superhuman coordination, Kitsune easily become masters in weaponry.


This coordination also supplies the Kitsune's weapon with supernatural properties.


In Season 3, Kira Yukimura, a young Kitsune just coming into her powers, realizes she has a natural aptitude for wielding a katana sword. In Letharia Vulpina, she's able to put up a fight against Oni after touching one for the first time. After a few days of practising with a katana, she's able to twirl, utilize a blade with expert precision and skill, naturally coming into her capacity for swordswomanship.


Kira's mom, Noshiko is a kitsune who's recently sacrificed her Tails, and consequently lost her powers. She still wields natural skill with a blade nonetheless, engaging Kira in a training session in Strange Frequencies.


Kira also wields other particular weapons with similar skill. Using nunchakus, she incapacitates a hunter in The Dark Moon. In Condition Terminal, she throws a shuriken slicing and disabling a burglar alarm. She easily uses a lacrosse mesh stick in Muted.


One known supernatural property of a weapon being wielded by a Kitsune is exorcising of a nogitsune. In 1943, Noshiko Yukimura exorcised a very powerful nogitsune from Rhys' corpse. The power from the exorcism shattered the sword.


In The Divine Move, Kira performed the very same technique on the same nogitsune spirit. Because the nogitsune was already being exorcised from Scott McCall's Bite, the blade remained intact this time round.