4x03 - Muted

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Sean hugs himself against the chill of the outdoors as he comes outside and calls for Willow, his cat. She doesn't come, so he heads back inside. He calls upstairs to his mother that he can't find the cat and goes about turning off all the lights. He looks around as though he feels like something is off, mostly because his mother hasn't answered his calls. He announces that he's going to bed and heads upstairs. 


43906 medium
The house creaks, but Sean doesn't see anything amiss. When he gets into bed, he looks down and sees bloody pawprints on the carpet. He leans over the side of the bed and spots Willow hiding. After grabbing his desk lamp to shine some light, he hops onto the floor and sees that Willow is soaked in blood. Startled, he jumps up and hears the screams of his family being massacred. 


43907 medium
Eventually, he builds up the nerve to open his door and looks into the dark house. A figure walks into the moonlight carrying a tomahawk that drips blood. Sean slams his door shut and hides in his bathroom. The Mute breaks through his bedroom door easily and stands outside the bathroom door to taunt him. "Hello, Sean. I just killed your family. Do you want to die like them? Begging for your life or do you want to fight?" The Mute speaks by typing into a keyboard on his arm, generating a mechanical voice. He advises Sean to wrap his hand in a towel and break a mirror, so he has a piece of glass to fight with.


Sean grabs a towel and wraps his hand, but he breaks open window instead. The Mute rushes into the room to see Sean running down the street. 


43908 medium
In Derek's loft, Braeden puts her feet up on the coffee table, much to Peter's annoyance. "The table's Italian," he says. "So are these boots," she replies, making Derek smile a little. She asks if they're going to talk interior design and fashion or numbers. She watches as Derek looks at his own reflection in his sunglasses, clearly thinking about the new color of his eyes


43909 medium
Peter writes a number on a slip of paper and slides it over to her. She crosses it out, writes a new offer, and slides it back. Peter takes one glance at it. "We're hiring you to find Kate, not assassinate the president." She replies that the Calaveras already hired her to find Kate. Going against them is what's going to cost them.  Peter tries to make another offer, but she pushes it right back at him, and he gets up in disgust.


Derek picks up the slip of paper and tears it up. "We'll pay. Just find Kate. That's all we want." 


Braeden must agree, because next we see Peter is throwing the loft door closed in disgust. "Are you insane?"


Derek replies that they didn't have a choice. They've been looking for her for a week and have nothing. Peter replies, "If we don't find out who told Kate about the vault, we don't get those bonds back. What do you think I'm gonna do then, huh? Get a job?" Peter points out that his resume is slightly out of date. "We got robbed, Derek. Robbed!" 


43910 medium
Peter grabs Derek to spin him around, and Derek grabs his wrist and roars in his face, showing his yellow eyes. Peter has clearly not seen them in this last week. "Oh, that's a new look for you. What happened to your eyes?" Still angry, Derek says, "I don't know. But I'm willing to pay to find out."


43911 medium
Meanwhile at the school, Scott and Stiles head out to the lacrosse field. Stiles assures Scott that he's still the team captain because he got his grades up like Coach wanted. Scott agrees, but Coach didn't tell him he was back on the team, just that he had to show up at tryouts. Stiles says they have bigger things to worry about. "Did you tell Argent yet?" "I texted him, but he didn't get back to me." "You told him his sister Kate came back from the dead over a text?" Stiles is slightly appalled. Scott claims he didn't have the money to call France. 


Stiles commiserates, because they are trying to pay for the MRI and the visit to Eichen House. Apparently the Sheriff doesn't have insurance for medical bills. "What the hell are we even doing here, anyway. We've got like 117 million problems, and worrying about our status on the lacrosse team is not one of them," Stiles says, more concerned about the Hales' robbery than anything else. 


Scott looks at the boys practicing and tells Stiles, "It is now." There's a new kid playing goalie, and he's good. Garrett tells Liam that he might be their first ever freshman captain. Stiles is as upset as Scott that they are outclassed and suggests they practice a little.


43912 medium
At Beacon Hills Hospital, a new doctor talks to Melissa about where they can make cuts. She says that the nursing staff is already too thin. The doctor points out that the hospital has seen a bizarre amount of damage, so they need to get money from somewhere. Melissa offers to pull some money from pediatrics. The doctor tells her to go home because her shift is over. It's 7am. 


Sean stumbles into the ER with blood on his hands, having run all night, and collapses. 


43913 medium
Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski take a look at the bodies of Sean's family in the morgue. The mother has multiple axe marks in her chest. Melissa says she understands now why Sean won't talk to the psychologist. The mother, father, and older brother are dead. The Sheriff wonders what Sean got away from, but Melissa corrects him. "From who. These wounds weren't caused by claws and fangs. These are deep cuts, a combination of sharp and blunt force trauma." The Sheriff admits that that's what the ME said but he wanted to be sure they didn't have to involve the boys. If it's a regular homicide, then maybe Scott and Stiles can have the day off from murder and massacres. 


Melissa asks, "When do we get a day off?" and smiles a little.


43914 medium
In Kira's house, Noshiko is unpacking something. She tells Kira that her father is waiting for her outside, and Kira goes out to find a For Sale sign on their home. No one told Kira that they were moving. Or apparently they told her the move was temporary after they told her she was a kitsune and was going to have to stab one of her only friends. Noshiko says that since she didn't have to stab her friend, that's a win! (This conversation doesn't really make sense.) 


43915 medium
Kira doesn't want to go back to New York. Noshiko asks why they'd stay. Kira says her dad is a very important teacher at the high school, but he was a professor at Columbia before. Kira doesn't want new friends, and she can be pretty sure that new people won't be as supernatural. She doesn't mention Scott, but Noshiko does. "He wasn't your first boyfriend, and he won't be your last." Kira sighs that Scott isn't her boyfriend at all. 


Scott and Stiles corner Liam in the locker room and ask him to explain his incredible skill. "That little display, your little circus act." Liam doesn't know what they're talking about. Stiles adds that he caught every shot. Liam points out that he was playing goalie. It's his job as goalie to catch every shot. 


43916 medium
They switch tactics and ask him about moving to the area. He says he transferred from Devonfort Prep. Scott listens to his heartbeat and hears a lie. He guesses that Liam didn't so much transfer as was kicked out.  Liam gets defensive and says that he just came to play lacrosse. "Team could use a few good players, right?" "No. No, we don't need any more good players," Stiles says. But Scott counters that actually they do. 


43917 medium
Stiles then starts asking Liam whether he's always been this good or whether it just happened all at once overnight. He starts to ask about being in the woods on the night of a full moon, but Scott stops him. Liam explains that he learned lacrosse from his stepfather, who made team captain when he was a sophomore. Liam gets in Stiles's face and tells him that yes, he's just that good. Scott smiles. "He wasn't lying that time."


Malia heads into class and stops dead when she realizes that it's math. She tries to walk out, but Stiles stops her and ushers her in. She complains that math is pointless. Stiles tells her that school is important and math is essential. "To what?" "Knowing how much to tip at restaurants," Stiles tells her with a wink. Lydia is sitting right next to them and gives Stiles a look. "And less important things like medicine, economics, engineering..." Stiles still thinks tipping is the most important.


43918 medium
Ms. Fleming, the math teacher, asks for volunteers and then calls Malia up to the board. Stiles gives her two thumbs up in encouragement, but Malia growls at him. Stiles hunches down in response and looks cowed. 


Up at the board, Malia freezes and doesn't know what to do. Lydia asks her if she went over the notes she gave her, and Malia admits to not understanding them. Lydia glances around to see Ms. Fleming occupied an then tells Malia that the answer is 25. (The real answer is apparently 15.) "And sweetheart, put away the claws," Lydia adds. Malia glances at her hand in shock.


43919 medium
Stiles gets a text message about the axe murderer in town, though it's unclear from whom since his father was going to keep him out of the case. After class, Stiles tells Scott and Kira, but Scott admits that he already knew about it. "My mom called me. She knew we'd see it on the news." "Perfect, let's go," Stiles says and turns to leave. Only Scott doesn't want to leave school to look into it. They have Econ next. "Are you guys kidding me? There's a family-murdering axe murderer, we're not going to do anything about it?" Kira thinks they should let the adults handle it. "So the two of you just wanna stay here, school, go to class. Never heard anything so irresponsible in my life," Stiles says, and walks away. It's unclear where he's going, but Scott reminds him to come to tryouts.


43922 medium
Scott asks Kira if they can talk about the thing she wanted to talk about later. She agrees, and Scott gives her a quick kiss. Kira is stunned, but Scott doesn't realize what he did until he gets to Econ, and then he panics.


43921 medium
The Mute is at his computer. He opens up a plug in his neck, and air starts hissing out. He then inserts a tube into the hole and turns on a machine. The machine pumps red liquid into him, and he swallows it down. As he does so, a code appears on his laptop screen. 


At the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski tells Parrish that he doesn't want anyone else at the site of the murders. If he wants he can review the crime scene photos and give himself nightmares. Parrish insists that they're missing something. "Yeah, and that's why Rafael McCall is bringing in an expert from Quantico who deals with exactly this kind of thing." "You mean the US Marshal?" The Sheriff doesn't know about any US Marshal. It turns out to be Braeden. She gets the police to give her the case file on the murders.


43923 medium
Before tryouts, Scott explains to Stiles that when he kissed Kira in the hall, it was their first kiss since their real first kiss. Stiles thinks this is good. But Scott is upset because it wasn't a real kiss, it was the way you'd kiss your grandma. "It was a chaste kiss," Stiles clarifies. Scott is freaking out and doesn't know what to do. "Maybe I should text her." "No. Just no with the texts," Stiles says. 


Coach reminds everyone that it's an open tryout and all positions are open. Scott was under the impression that he was still captain, but that position is up for grabs, too. Jackson's gone and Isaac's gone, so the team needs to rebuild. "Greenberg, the one guy I actually wanted gone, was held back. Again."


43924 medium
Liam overhears Scott asking if he's still captain and finding out the answer is no. Stiles sees him smile at the news.


Kira and Malia go to watch tryouts. Malia has her pre-calc book with her.


43925 medium
Coach blows a whistle as the team finishes their run. "Terrible. Horrifying. Pathetic. Unbelievably pathetic." Stiles comes in last, barely able to breathe. He falls down, and Scott picks him up. Stiles asks who came in first, and of course it's Liam, who is now doing push-ups. "What is he? Like a were-cheetah? Does that even exist? Is that a thing?" Scott thinks Liam is just that good. Stiles announces that he's going to puke and Scott takes him somewhere.


43926 medium
Malia sniffs the air, presumably scenting out Kira's emotions, and asks her what's wrong with her. Kira claims it's nothing, but Malia tells her she reeks of anxiety. It's distracting her, so she asks Kira to talk about it. Kira admits that she and Scott sort of had a thing happening, even though it wasn't much of a thing, and now she thinks maybe it was nothing. "What do you want it to be?" Malia asks. "More," Kira replies. Kira has a lacrosse stick in her hand for some reason and leans on it.


Stiles has difficulty even picking up a lacrosse ball with his stick (he's gotten worse from last season) and throws the ball right into the goalie's net, much to the amusement of his team. Liam is next. Stiles tries to comfort Scott by suggesting that maybe Liam is only good at being a goalie, but Liam quickly proves him wrong. Stiles claims to hate Liam for being perfect. Scott says he doesn't have to hate him since they need new players. "What about a new team captain?" Stiles asks, which makes Scott concerned. Scott then tries to score, but he hits the edge of the goal with the ball instead.


Scott and Stiles continue to throw and miss the net completely while Liam rocks tryouts. Kira asks Malia if the captain is supposed to be one of the best players on the team.


43927 medium
Scott takes off his gloves and goes to talk to Stiles, who can't believe how badly he's doing. "I feel actual physical pain watching you." Scott is trying to not use any of his Werewolf powers because it's cheating. Stiles acknowledges that but doesn't really have a problem with it. He doesn't want Liam stealing all of Scott's glory. Scott tries to say that he won't, but everyone the celebrates Liam scoring another point, so it's sort of hard to deny it. Scott lets a little power loose, and his eyes glow red.


43928 medium
Coach has Scott and Stiles cover the goal for two-on-ones. Stiles suggests to Scott that maybe Liam is Werewolf and therefore a cheater, so they'd just be cheating a cheater, but Scott thinks he'd be able to smell it if Liam were. Scott and Stiles manage to do well at the two-on-ones. Kira gets excited to see them do well, and Malia smiles when Kira gets happy, even though she doesn't know what's going on.


43929 medium
Finally, they're up against Liam. He manages to get past both of them and score. Malia stands up and calls out for a do-over, much to Stiles's chagrin. She bets Coach $10 that Liam won't score again. Scott rushes and tosses Liam into the air. Liam lands hard and breaks or sprains his ankle. Scott and Stiles take him to the nurse. Coach yells at everyone to start running around the field. He's so angry he picks up a lacrosse ball and throws it. It goes straight for Malia, but Kira catches it with her kitsune reflexes. Coach tells her to throw the ball back and she nails him in the chest, knocking him down. "Some ask her if she's ever played lacrosse!" Coach yells.


Parrish is sitting outside the Walcotts' home looking through the crime scene photos. He sees someone move inside the house and goes to investigate. He finds Lydia wandering around.


43930 medium
At the loft, Derek reads through the report Braeden got. Behind him, Braeden changes clothes for no reason, but Derek doesn't turn to look. "There's nothing in here about Kate. This killer used an axe." "Actually, he used a military tomahawk." Derek vaguely glances over his shoulder and notes that that isn't in the report. He asks if she's going to tell him what else she knows. She isn't because she doesn't know much. "But you know something." She says that the problem is that the people she needs to talk to don't talk to people like Derek. 


43931 medium
"You want me to wait for you?" "I want you to trust me." "Why would I trust you? I don't know anything about you?" "Yeah, well I  know you. And I know what you really want. You want what Kate stole from you. Briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chait." It's an Irish phrase that literally means "Heredity breaks out in the eyes of a cat" but is, as Braeden explains, used to mean that the true nature of someone is revealed in their eyes. "In your case, the color of your eyes." 


Derek thinks about what she says and then picks up her shotgun and tosses it to her. "You get a week."


Scott runs up to Kira, who has been waiting for him in the hallway. She has a lacrosse helmet in her hands and is smiling at it. Scott apologizes because they have to take Liam to the hospital. She's okay with them talking later. Scott apologizes for kissing her earlier, and it's awkward. Kira was clearly hoping for something else. Scott leaves, but after a minute, he comes back. "You know what? I'm not sorry."


43932 medium
They kiss for real, and Kira asks Scott to text her later. 


43933 medium
Lydia leads Parrish through the house. She says she'd try to explain it but she's never gotten a good explanation herself. "Just an unusual habit of showing up at places where people have been brutally murdered?" he asks. He suggests that maybe she's psychic. She asks him if he really believes that. "I keep an open mind. But if you're looking for dead bodies, I think you're a little late."


43934 medium
Lydia focuses on a wood panel and sees screaming faces in the wood grain. She presses on the panel, and it opens with a gust of cloudy air. They open the door the rest of the way, and Parrish goes in first. They end up in a meat locker. Parrish thinks it's for game, like venison. He goes up to one of the covered bodies and opens the zipper. There are people inside, not venison. 


Sean is in the hospital. Melissa asks if he's sure he doesn't want to eat something, and he manages to say yes. 


43935 medium
Melissa leaves only to find Scott and Stiles in the hallway with Liam. She puts him in a wheelchair and takes him away. Stiles tells Scott he's got to leave to help Malia study. Before he goes, though, Stiles tells Scott that Liam getting hurt isn't his fault. "Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping, he'd be crawling. back to the other half of his body." Scott admits that if he hadn't been so worried about being captain then Liam wouldn't be hurt at all. "It's okay to want something for yourself every once in awhile," Stiles says.


43936 medium
Noshiko asks her husband, Ken, to find out from the realtor why no one has come to their open house. They're pricing the place at $659,000. He walks in and shows her the For Sale sign cut into pieces. Kira is in her room practicing with the lacrosse stick and smiles when her mother yells her name. 


43937 medium
Stiles and Malia are in his room studying. She slams her book closed and crawls on top of him to kiss him. He stops her and says that he promised he'd help her study. They can go back to the kissing afterward. She opens her book again, and he asks her what she's doing with all the highlighters. "Green is for the things I understand. Yellow is for 'I'm working on it.' And red means I have no clue. I'm mostly using red." Stiles thinks about this a second and then looks over at his case board, which he's started again since the heist. She's using the same system he does to organize information.


43938 medium
Stiles smiles, moved that she's learned from him, and kisses her. She pulls back. "Study first, remember?" Malia asks why math is impossible for her and easy for the rest of them. Stiles tells her that they usually use notes. "Then somebody needs to give me notes on Lydia's notes because I don't understand any of this." She shows him Lydia's notebook. Stiles looks through the pages and realizes that whatever Lydia wrote they aren't math. 


43939 medium
At the hospital, Liam's stepfather checks out his ankle. Liam thinks it's broken and that it's his fault for trying to show off against juniors. He asks his stepfather if he's mad at him. His stepfather says no but they both might be in trouble with Liam's mom. 


Scott overhears their conversation as he waits outside the room. He gets a frantic call from Lydia telling him to find Sean Walcott


43940 medium
Melissa goes into Sean's room to tell him that the Sheriff is coming to talk to him. Instead, she finds Sean eating a deputy. "I couldn't help it. I'm so hungry. I'm just so hungry!" He yells at her, and his eyes glow white. He has two rows of teeth, like a kanima. Melissa tries to run, but Sean tackles her and tries to drag her back into the room. 


Scott arrives and fights with Sean. Sean throws him off and makes a run for it. Scott stops long enough to make sure his mom is okay. "Go get that son of a bitch," Melissa says. 


43941 medium
Liam hobbles out of his room because he heard either Scott roaring or Melissa screaming. Sean shows up and takes Liam up to the roof. Scott tries to talk Sean out of it. "Whatever it is, whatever you are, we can help you." "No, you can't." "Let me help you." "Wendigos don't need help. We need food!"


43942 medium
Scott attacks, and Sean throws Liam aside, sending him over the edge of the roof. Scott grabs for Liam and has both his arms at first, but Sean pulls Scott's arms behind his back. Liam starts to slip, so Scott bites him on the arm to keep him from falling. While Scott has his teeth in Liam's arm, the Mute kills Sean with his tomahawk. Scott hauls Liam up easily and sees the Mute as he's walking away. He holds a finger to where his mouth should be in a shushing motion. 


Liam groans and cries out in pain from the Bite, and Scott slowly realizes what he's done.