Sacrifice of Scott's Pack

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This human sacrifice ritual was undertaken by werewolf Scott McCall and his circle of friends, his Pack.


Scott, Stiles and Allison were intending to locate and rescue their kidnapped parents Melissa McCall, Sheriff Noah Stilinski and Chris Argent at the hands of dark druid Jennifer Blake who had imprisoned them beneath the local hidden nemeton to have them sacrificed as Guardians for Jennifer to gain absolute power.


To find the magical tree, the three teenagers would step in to be surrogate Guardian sacrifices for each of their parents using symbolic Keys to their parents owned. The end result would be the nemeton being renewed which would allow them find it and their parents.


Using close emotional Tethors Scott, Stiles and Allison would be allowed to be brought back to life, but at the cost of having a darkness around their hearts like a scar that they'd feel for the rest of their lives. The sacrifice was conducted by Alan Deaton. The three teenaers would be held down in ice baths mixed with mistletoe until they would die.


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The three teenagers used the following Keys:

  • Scott took his mother's place using the watch Melissa received as a gift from his father which was the only part of their marriage that actually worked
  • Allison took her father's place using the silver bullet Chris had forged to symbolize his testament to the Hunter's Code from when he graduated as a hunter
  • Stiles took his father's place using the Sheriff's badge Stilinski wears being the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, California.

The three Tethors for the three teenagers were listed as follows:

  • Alan was Scott's self-appointed Tethor due to the father-son/mentor-student bond between the two.
  • Isaac stepped up to be Allison's tethor due to their developing romantic feelings
  • Lydia was chosen as Stiles' Tethor because of their deep camaraderie they shared and Stiles' feelings for her

After sixteen hours of being dead, Scott, Stiles and Allison finally revived. Their sacrifice had immense consequences not just for the three of them, but the town of Beacon Hills in general.


The three of them suffered from emotional scars because the sacrifice opened a door into their minds and was left ajar. Because the nemeton was fully renewed, it became charged with power, becoming a beacon for supernatural creatures, drawing the supernatural to Beacon County, reigniting the power within Beacon County. Unbeknownst to the Pack, the nemeton was being used as a prison for an immensely old and powerful Dark kitsune spirit. Their sacrifice released the evil trickster from imprisonment and he proceeded to possess Stiles. The nemeton's renewing also gave rebirth to Jordan Parrish, a soldier who'd died in Afghanistan via a bomb, as a hellhound and Parrish became the supernatural guardian for the nemeton.