Araya Calavera

42591 original
A hunter leader. She and her people have a Hale family artifact in their compound. They are looking for a particular She-Wolf. 


In 3x20 - Echo House, she appears in Beacon Hills pretending to be Chris Argent's lawyer. 


She and Severo took Kate's body from the morgue when they realizes that she was going to turn and brought her down to Mexico to be sure she committed suicide. Instead, Kate broke out and killed 6 of their hunters. Araya tortures Scott to make him realize that Kate took Derek and claims that she was testing the kind of alpha he was. She promises to come kill him if he turns anyone into a Werewolf.


Severo Calavera

42548 original
The leader of the hispanic hunters who came to Beacon Hills to attack Derek in his loft and demand the location of La Loba. He appears to be Araya's son and runs the nightclub where they do their business. 


Not much is known about Severo as a person other than that he doesn't like dance/party music.