Liam Dunbar

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"Scott! SCOTT! Listen, listen! You're not a monster. You're a werewolf. Like me." - Liam to Scott McCall

"I'm going to tell you a lot of things. A lot of hard to believe things. Really hard to believe." - Liam to Mason Hewitt

"Stay with us. Theo thinks he's going to be able to take its power. He's crazy. It's going to rip his head off." - Liam to Hayden Romero


In Season 4, Liam Dunbar is a new freshman at Beacon Hills High school, best friends with Mason Hewitt and a new player on the Cyclones lacrosse team. Liam is attacked by a wendigo, Sean Walcott, then is bitten by Scott McCall to save his life. He then joins Scott's Pack, becoming Scott's first beta and learning everything supernatural from the Pack. Liam learns his rival from Devonfort Prep, Brett Talbot is also a werewolf from the pack of Satomi Ito. Liam works with the pack to find out who's behind the Deadpool, but becomes riddled with fear, paranoia  after multiple attempts on his life. He overcomes his trauma with help from Brett, becoming friends with him and saves Scott's life when the latter is transformed into a berserker by Kate Argent. In Season 5, Liam reveals his supernatural life to Mason and fixes his negative history with sixth grade classmate Hayden Romero, falling in love with her. He is manipulated by Theo Raeken over Hayden's life being threatened by the Dread Doctors, falling victim to the supermoon and tries to kill Scott in his rage, but is stopped by Mason. Liam reconciles with a resurrected Hayden, helping her reconnect with her humanity, culminating in her joining the Pack, and works to atone for his wrongful action towards Scott earning his alpha's forgiveness. Liam, along with the Pack, set out to rescue Mason whom is the host for the Beast of Gevaudan, succeeding in separating his best friend from Sebastian's spirit and witness Theo being incarcerated. In Season 6, Liam starts training to take over the position of Alpha of the pack after Scott's impending graduation and leads Hayden, Mason and Corey in a mission to fight back against the Ghost Riders and rescue those they have taken. He releases Theo from hell with leverage on the condition he helps against the Wild Hunt.



Liam is confident, outgoing and tends to to let his being naturally talented at lacrosse get to his head.

"Yeah. Guess I'm just that good." - Liam to Stiles over his lacrosse skill

Though he can be cocky at times, Liam is a very loyal and supportive person to his friends and family. After his first full moon, ultimately convinced of his new unintentional werewolf status, he falls in smoothly with Scott's Pack learning everything there is to know about the supernatural. True to his affable nature, Liam comes to look up to Scott, his alpha in a younger brotherly manner. He also shows to be considerate and wistful to see that although Mason is his best friend, it'd be best for him not to know about Liam's new life.


While he is naturally friendly and fun-loving, Liam exhibits serious anger issues, because of his intermittent explosive disorder. He can be very short-tempered, impulsive, volatile and shows poor judgement. These negative traits only intensified after his werewolf transformation, that he can become downright homicidal. Acting out of love for Hayden, he even attempts to murder Scott after being given motive by Theo Raeken. Liam does his best to curve and diffuse his rage episodes. He has a sense of morals and responsibility, wanting to atone for his destructive actions as he harbors great remorse over how his rages have hurt people, his parents, Scott and Hayden in particular.


Upon being convinced of and introduced to the supernatural, then after multiple attempts on his life during the Deadpool, Liam suffers from trauma, becoming fearful, paranoid and crestfallen. After regaining his confidence, inspired by Scott's philosophy and his rival-turned-friend Brett Talbot, Liam becomes braver, more well-adjusted and completely integrated with Scott's Pack.


True to his affable nature, Liam has a big brother/little brother rapport with his Alpha, being supportive of Scott's legacy of protection and ideals in particuar, is close to his gay best friend Mason Hewitt and has buried the hatchet with his former rival Brett.


Supernatural Status and Abilities

As a werewolf, Liam has enhanced super-strength even for a Wolf his age and is a member of Scott's Pack. Having been transformed by Scott McCall, a True Alpha, Liam is the only one who can steal, siphon Scott's True Alpha power.



Liam was kicked out of Devenford Prep for ruining his teacher's car by smashing it with a crowbar and carving "THIS IS YOUR FAULT" into the paint. He has anger issues and was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder for which he was prescribed medication that he has since stopped taking.


His stepfather, a new doctor at Beacon Hills Hospital, taught him lacrosse, and his skills have all been come by naturally.


Liam's best friend is Mason Hewitt.


His lacrosse jersey number is 9.


Season 5


+Season 4


Liam was hoping to make captain as a freshman, and his competitiveness sparked rivlary with Scott, who hit him hard during tryouts ...