3x20 - Echo House

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The Sheriff and Stiles drive in silence to Eichen House. They each want to say something but keep themselves from doing so. They both look doubtful and concerned as they get out of the car at the gate. They turn at the sound of a motorcycle and find that Scott's come to find them.


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"Why didn't you tell me?" Scott asks them both. They admit that they were trying to avoid a scene just like this. "It's only 72 hours," Stiles says. Scott reminds them that William Barrow, the man with a tumor filled with flies, came out of this place. "You don't know everything yet." The Sheriff replies that he knows about nogitsunes, kitsunes, and Oni. "Scott, I saw an MRI that looked exactly like my wife's, and it terrifies me." The Sheriff is going to LA the following morning to talk to a specialist.


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Scott asks why the Sheriff is putting Stiles in Eichen House, but Stiles explains that it was his decision. Scott is upset because he can't help Stiles if he's incarcerated in a mental ward. Stiles points out that if he's locked up, he can't hurt Scott. "Deaton's got some ideas, Argent's calling people. We're gonna find something. And if we can't..." "If you can't... if you can't, you have to do something for me, okay? Make sure I never get out."


Scott doesn't have an answer to that, and the Sheriff takes Stiles inside. 


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Eichen House looks like something out of a horror movie when they walk inside. Patients are strewn about the lobby or behind bars shaking and muttering to themselves. A nurse greets them and takes them to the office. She explains that for the first 72 hours there are no phone calls, no emails, and no visitors. Stiles will get a brief physical and then in the morning be assessed by a staff psychologist, speak to social worker, and attend group therapy.


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The Sheriff looks over his shoulder as some orderlies swipe themselves through a barred door. He shakes his head and says he feels like they're forgetting something. The nurse gives Stiles some slippers to wear. She makes sure he doesn't have a belt and asks him to empty his pockets. The Sheriff suddenly remembers that they forgot Stiles's pillow. Ever since he was little, he's had to bring his pillow with him or he won't get to sleep. "We gotta go back," the Sheriff says. Stiles tells him that it's fine and he can bring it tomorrow.


The sound of the door closing sounds too much like a prison door, and the Sheriff can't take it. "Stop, stop. Stiles, get your stuff. I'm not checking you in here if you're not going to get one good night's sleep." "Dad, I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks," Stiles replies, and gives him a hug. The nurse leads Stiles away, leaving the Sheriff in the office alone.


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As Stiles and the nurse head up the stairs, Stiles spots Malia as she steps out into the hallway. Malia steps back into her room, and the nurse leads Stiles on. Stiles looks up and sees a patient tying a rope out of sheets. "I'm a part of the bird that's not in the sky," the patient says. Stiles starts to rush up the stairs because he knows the man is going to kill himself. The man switches his riddle to, "I can swim in the ocean yet still remain dry." Stiles shouts for someone to stop the patient, but the man steps up onto the railing and then jumps, hanging himself. 


Other patients gather at the bottom of the stairs and look up in horror. Stiles spots the wrapped man among them. 


32589 medium
"Did you have any trouble with Ikeda?" Chris asks Deaton from a phone in the sheriff station. Deaton reports that everything went fine and the white wolf was exactly where Chris said it would be. He explains that their first problem is that the lichen isn't a cure and it will wear off in a matter of days. However, while it's working, the Oni won't go after Stiles. Deaton says that Eichen House has an unusual history that makes it dangerous for the Oni


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The second problem is that the yakuza boss Chris saw die never found the scroll. "What scroll?" Scott asks. The shugendo were the ascetics mystics of Japan. The scroll describes how to exorcise a nogitsune. Deaton did find out that Kincaid was the last man who purchased it. Allison recognizes that as the name of Katashi's bodyguard. "Stilinski already told me that nothing like it was found among his things. And a paranoid like Katashi would keep it close, probably on him at all times," Chris says.


32591 medium
Allison gets an idea and asks what a Shugendo scroll would look like. Deaton hands her a scroll, and she asks if they come in different sizes. "Any size," Deaton says. Allison knows where they should look.


Back at Eichen House, Stiles insists to the nurse that he really  needs to use the phone. "The accident that occurred is being taken care of," the nurse says. "You're seriously referring to that as an accident?" The nurse unlocks Stiles's room. "Incident." "Slightly better, still need to use the phone." He begs a little more and the nurse asks him if he wants to go to sleep or be introduced to their five-point restraint system. 


32592 medium
"I would go with sleep," someone inside the room says. Stiles turns to meet his new roommate, Oliver, who is in restraints. Oliver asks if there was a suicide and then asks if it's Monday, because there are more suicides on Monday. Stiles calls for someone to let him out of the room. "I heard it, by the way. It happened in the stairwell, right?" Stiles asks how he knew that, and Oliver tells him that he heard the echo. "It's this place. Something about the way that it was built. Everything echoes, eventually. It's why they call it Echo House."


32593 medium
Stiles looks out the window and stays that way until dawn. Oliver wakes up and asks him if he's been awake all night. "Yeah, I can't sleep without my pillow," Stiles says. Oliver starts to cough. He swallowed a bug the other day and keeps coughing like it's still in his throat. "That's disgusting, Oliver," Stiles mutters. The doors get unlocked.


32594 medium
Stiles heads out to find a phone. Oliver sticks to him and explains about the other patients. The violent ones are in a closed unit. Hillary has OCD. Gary thinks he's Jesus Christ. Dan, also Jesus. Mary. "Mary Magdalene?" "No, she also thinks she's Jesus. You'd be surprised how many Jesuses we get." Oliver asks why Stiles wants to use the phone already, and Stiles tells him that after one night he's changed his mind about Eichen House being safe "for me, or anyone. Ever."


32595 medium
They overhear a woman at the pay phone saying, "I think you're wrong. I really think I should tell them. They're going to want to know the story. The whole story. I really think they should know. Yes, I do. One of them is standing right behind me." Stiles looks at her, wondering if she was talking about him. Stiles asks who she is, and Oliver tells him that Meredith Walker is a little weird.


Stiles tries to use the pay phone only to discover that it's dead. "Yeah, they turn off all the phones for 24 hours after a suicide," Oliver says. Stiles gives Meredith a look. Stiles slams the phone down and walks away. He claims he's going to get out of this nuthouse, and Oliver chastises him for calling the facility that.


32596 medium
Then Stiles sees someone he recognizes: Malia Tate. He says hi and introduces himself, because he's not sure if she remembers him. Malia punches him in the face. The orderlies quickly restrain Malia, and another one tackles Stiles. Stiles complains that she hit him and yells at the orderly to stop manhandling him. His face is pressed against a grate, and he realizes that he's seen that pattern before: when he was in the dream basement with the wrapped man.


32597 medium
Morrell appears and tells the orderly to let Stiles go. Stiles is surprised to see her, but she just asks him what he saw. "The basement. I've been down there before." 


32598 medium
Chris and Derek are in separate cells, sitting back to back. "Still nothing? Derek?" Derek tells Chris to hold on and concentrates on his hearing. He can hear Deputy Parrish explaining that Sheriff Stilinski is out for the day. The Katashi murder is a federal investigation, so all the evidence that wasn't destroyed needs to be put into lock-up. 


32599 medium
Derek opens his eyes. "You were right. They're moving all the evidence." Chris asks if there were any other details about the murder, but Derek only heard about the federal lock-up and the Sheriff being out for the day. "You know if all of this is true, people are dead because of Stiles," Derek says. Chris questions whether it's really Stiles. "I mean, remember we had this problem before?" "Yeah, but we got lucky with Jackson. What happens when you don't get lucky?" Derek asks. Chris replies, "I guess that depends on how much or how little of Stiles is left."


32600 medium
Chris asks Derek if he knows about berserkers. Derek says they were warriors who wore the skins of bears to channel their ferocity. Chris explains that they didn't just wear them, they became them. A few years ago a family came to him for help with their son. A bunch of teenagers were doing rituals with animal skins. "But with berserkers, the human side doesn't last long. They're not tempered by the moon." Derek asks if the kid killed people. "He tore them apart," Chris says. Chris had to tell the family that their son was gone. It took three hunters to take him down and almost every bullet they had. "And when it was over, I felt no remorse. None. I knew that kid was long gone." 


32601 medium
Derek looks like he's having difficulty controlling his emotions when he asks, "Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?" "Stiles, yes. But not a nogitsune." 


32602 medium
In Eichen House, Stiles attends a group therapy session. Morrell says they're going to talk about guilt. She says that guilt is a good thing and a mature emotion. "Malia, you said something about guilt the other day. You said it came with a visceral reaction." "I said it made me feel sick to my stomach," Malia replies. Morrell explains that you can feel guilt in your gut and it isn't just psychological. Stiles looks over his shoulder and sees the wrapped man. He turns back to the group a little panicked, and Morrell asks him how guilt makes him feel.


32603 medium
Stiles tells her that guilt makes him nervous, like there's a sense of urgency. She fills in that he feels this sense of urgency to make up for something he's done. Stiles feels the wrapped man get closer and tries not to look at him. Morrell asks what they call someone who doesn't experience guilt. Oliver raises his hand and says, "Sociopath." Stiles rubs at the red lines spidering along his neck, which causes Morrell to cut the session short. She takes Stiles aside to talk to him.


32604 medium
She has him pull his shirt up so she can take a look at his back. "It's called a Lichtenberg figure. They appear on lightning strike victims. The fact that they are appearing on you after a shot of wolf lichen is both significant and strange." "By significant and strange, do you mean hopeful and optimistic?" Morrell explains that when the figures fade the nogitsune's grip over him will return. She goes to the cabinet and gets him amphetamines so he can keep himself awake. "You're vulnerable when you're asleep." She says that if Stiles's friends haven't figure out how to save him by then, she's going to give him an injection of pancuronium bromide, which is a muscle relaxant that causes respiratory paralysis. She tells him that it's used in lethal injections. While this is true, it's also used as part of general anesthesia. At any rate, Stiles assumes that when the nogitsune takes over, she's going to kill him. Morrell phrases it as "maintaining the balance."


32605 medium
"Okay, then. I missed our talks. Thanks for the illicit drugs," Stiles says and walks away. Morrell warns him again not to fall asleep.


Stiles makes his way to the basement door, but he can't open it. Oliver appears suddenly behind him and asks him what he's doing. Stiles jumps in surprise. "Doctors don't even have a key to this door," Oliver says, "only Brunski." Oliver says that if Stiles wants the keys, he's probably going to have to figure out a way to trick him.  (NOTE: The Sheriff, Lydia, Scott, and Aiden came through this door when they were looking for Stiles on a few days ago. This is a continuity error/plot hole.)


32606 medium
Allison lets Scott, Ethan, and Aiden into the apartment. She explains that all the evidence is being moved to federal lock-up by armored car. Ethan is incredulous that they're going to rob an armored car. "Well, we're gonna try," Lydia tells him. 


Stiles goes into the boys bathroom to get some water to take his pills. He looks at himself in the mirror, telling himself he needs to stay awake, and then realizes that Malia is behind him taking a shower. He looks shocked, and she assures him that he didn't just accidentally walk into the girls room. 


32607 medium
He starts to leave but can't resist asking what she's doing in the boys room. "Showering." "I can see that. Well, I mean, I saw that. Well, I didn't see anything, really, there was too much steam. Not that I prefer there to be less steam--" She interrupts him to tell him that she doesn't care. She says that the water temp in the girls room is too low. "Ever since I turned back to human, I just can't seem to get warm." He offers that she might have a low core temp, but she counters that she used to have a fur coat. He agrees that it's probably that and closes his eyes like he can't believe what an idiot he's being. 


32608 medium
Malia finishes her shower and walks over to him. Stiles tries to resist looking at her naked but fails a little. She wraps a towel around herself and asks him what he's doing. He asks her why she punched him. "Did you think I was gonna thank you?" "Well, maybe. We did kinda save your life." "You're right Stiles. Thank you. Thanks for invading my home. For putting me on the run. For turning me back to human so that I could look at my father every day and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much." 


Stiles doesn't know quite what to say to that, so he tells her they were just trying to help. She says if he wants to help her he'll find a way to change her back. Stiles knows someone who might be able to teach her how. They make a deal. Stiles needs to get into the basement, so he needs the keys off the orderly. 


32609 medium
Scott announces that their plan is a really bad plan. "It's not that bad," Lydia says. "It's not that good," Ethan counters. Aiden just rubs his forehead. The problem is that they don't know the route the car is going to take. If they can get one of the Argents' GPS trackers on the car, they can stage an accident when it gets to Roosevelt Bridge. When the driver gets out to help, "We attack them!" "No!" Lydia and Allison respond together. The twins will distract the driver while Scott breaks open the back door. 


Ethan asks why they aren't just going to Sheriff Stilinski for help. "Because if he gets caught then it's the sheriff tampering with federal evidence." Allison rallies them all and insists that they have to do this.


32610 medium
At Eichen House, Oliver and Malia fight. He accuses her of lying. "She said that they drill holes in your head. She said--" The orderlies take Oliver away. When Stiles helps Malia up, she slips him the keys. Oliver begs them not to put a hole in his head.


32611 medium
Chris goes into a meeting room and is surprised to find Araya Calavera waiting for him. "They told me my lawyer was here," he says. "So either I should congratulate you on recently passing the bar or I should be worried about something." She smiles at him and says, "Hello, Christoph."


Stiles starts trying keys in the basement door. "I thought this guy had the key to everything," Stiles mutters. Brunski grabs him by the shoulder and takes the keys away. "I do, but nobody has the key to that room." They put Stiles in a padded cell and ask him where he got the amphetamines. "Vending machine." Brunski takes out a syringe and tells another orderly to give him a shot. Stiles starts to panic and struggle. He tells them that he can't go to sleep. The wrestle him and give him the injection anyway.


32612 medium
Stiles falls to the ground and passes out. 


32613 medium
Scott is just on his way out of his house when Kira arrives. She says she wants to help, but Scott isn't sure. Kira thinks it's because her mother controls the Oni, but Scott knows that isn't her fault. She still feels like it is. "People who help us usually end up getting hurt. Badly," Scott says. Kira tells him that she's been practicing her sword fighting and she's been picking it up really fast. She then proceeds to demonstrate, and Scott agrees that she can come.


32614 medium
Stiles wakes up inside a locker. He bangs on the door, screaming, "Let me out!" The wrapped man is on the other side. "Let me in." Stiles asks what he means, and the wrapped man tells him he knows. "Screw you and your stupid riddles." He demands that Stiles let him in. Stiles cries and begs to be let out. The wrapped man roars in his face, "Let me in!"


Stiles wakes up for real, screaming. Malia is there and tries to calm him down. She shushes him. He asks how she got in, and she admits that she broke the lock. She can be pretty strong when she concentrates. She tells him that they can get into the basement through the closed unit, where the violent people are. 


32615 medium
Allison observes the armored car outside the sheriff station through the scope on her crossbow. She tells Kira that she's up, and Kira takes the GPS. She runs for the car and plants the tracker. Parrish comes out of the building, and Kira hides on the far side of the car. Parrish opens the door and discovers the driver dead. Parrish draws his gun and starts looking around. When he gets to the back of the car, Scott declares that they have to do something. 


Kincaid bursts out of the armored car, grabs Parrish, and slams his head into the truck, knocking him out. 


32616 medium
Chris asks Araya Calavera if she wants to talk about the Code. Araya Calavera tells him the Code is not just behavior, it's about honor. Chris disputes the idea that the Code required Victoria to kill herself. Araya Calavera says Victoria honored them with her dying breath. "She would have honored her daughter by living." Araya Calavera responds that Chris's family is very complicated. This makes Chris considers something and then ask her why she's really there and if it's about Allison. "What are you fishing for?" "I don't fish mijo, I hunt."


Kincaid gets Katashi's silver finger from the evidence. "We need that finger," Scott says. Kincaid turns to look at him. Allison is standing with her crossbow ready. Kincaid smiles at them and asks why he should give it to them. Allison offers him the $150k from the briefcase. Kincaid informs them that the scroll inside the finger is worth $3 million. 


32617 medium
"Give me the finger," Scott says. Kincaid makes a face, and Scott rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean." 


32618 medium
Kira leaps down on Kincaid from the top of the truck. He throws her on the ground and then looks at Scott with his fangs bared and eyes glowing blue. "I guess negotiations are over." 


32619 medium
Malia and Stiles walk into the basement. She asks him what he's looking for, and he points to the onore symbol carved on the wall. Malia traces the symbol and asks Stiles what it means. "Self," he says. She asks him to tell her more. He shakes his head. "You might not like me if you know any more." "Try to remember that I'm werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won't judge, I promise."


Kincaid pulls an arrow out and turns just as Kira attacks him. He grabs her by the throat and throws her into the wall, then smacks Allison across the face, sending her into the brick wall as well. Scott attacks Kincaid, who doesn't even attempt to fight back. None of Scott's punches do anything. Kincaid then grabs Scott's arms and head-butts him. He takes Scott down with a few simple strikes. 


32620 medium
Kincaid kneels next to him. "You have the eyes of an alpha, but where's the strength?" The twins appear on a balcony overhead. They leap down and attack. Lydia runs up and helps Allison to her feet. The twins have a much easier time fighting Kincaid than Scott did.


Malia and Stiles go through files in the basement. She finds files that indicate that patients used to go through electroshock, ice baths, and trepanation. Stiles remembers that Oliver was yelling about people having holes drilled in their heads. They don't find anything useful. 


32621 medium
Stiles asks Malia to check the lines on his back and tell him if they're fading. She looks and says they're almost gone. Based on his reaction, she guesses that's bad. He makes a small scared sound, and then when she pulls his shirt down jumps a little at her cold fingers. She apologizes. "I told you I'm always cold." 


32622 medium
He takes her hands in his and tries to warm them up. She stares at him, and Stiles realizes that she's giving him a wanting look. Malia kisses him. Stiles looks a little confused but goes with it. When they pull back, he asks her if it was her first kiss. She smiles, and he asks her if it was okay. She nods, and he asks if she wants to try it again. They start to make out. Malia stops him and says she wants to try something else. She takes her shirt off, and Stiles lays her back onto the couch in the basement. 


Scott tells Ethan and Aiden to stop before they kill Kincaid. The twins insist that if they don't kill him, Kincaid will come after them. Scott takes the finger from Kincaid's coat and retrieves the scroll. "We're here to save a life, not end one," Scott says. 


32623 medium
Stiles and Malia cuddle on the couch. She has her shirt back on. It's unclear whether they had sex or just engaged in a heavy make-out session. Malia suddenly has an idea and gets up to examine the wall with the kanji on it. She knocks on the wall, and it sounds hollow. Stiles grabs a pipe and breaks the wall open.


Inside, they find the mummified body of a Japanese soldier. He has a katana on him. Malia reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo. "Recognize them?" she says as she hands the photo to Stiles. "One of them," Stiles replies. He has to get the photo to Scott.


32624 medium
Oliver appears and uses a taser on Stiles. He stuns Malia, too. "I also got his Haldol," Oliver says. He uses it to knock Malia out. "Like I was saying, Stiles, they used to do trepanation here." Stiles struggles to ask Oliver what he's doing. Oliver picks up a drill and tells Stiles he's going to let the evil spirits out.


Stiles comes to strapped into a chair. Oliver coughs and finally coughs up a bug. It's possible that it's a firefly. Or a fly like the ones that came out of Barrow. Oliver brings the drill closer to Stiles, while Stiles begs him to stop. The nogitsune tells Oliver to "start with her," and Oliver hears him. "You did this," Stiles says. "You got into his head." "Every Dracula needs a Renfield," the nogitsune replies. 


32625 medium
Oliver makes preparations to drill into Malia's skull. Stiles asks the nogitsune to let Malia go. "Let me in," he says. Stiles struggles against his bonds. The nogitsune asks Stiles if he wants Malia to leave there alive. "Do you want us to leave? We can walk out of this place." Stiles begs him to let Malia go. Stiles screams and cries, and he eventually lets the nogitsune in.


32626 medium
The nogitsune says Oliver's name, and he stops going after Malia. It breaks the restraints and walks over to Oliver, then takes the drill from him and knocks him out. Malia wakes up and calls Stiles's name. The nogitsune just smirks.


Deaton reads the tiny scroll. He claims his Japanese isn't very good but that it says "One method of expelling a nogitsune is to change the body of the host." Deaton asks how they change Stiles's body, but Scott already knows the answer to that: make him a Werewolf.


32627 medium
Morrell follows Malia down the hallway at Eichen House. "Do you know where you're going?" she asks. Malia replies that she knows who she's looking for. She is surprised that Morrell knows who Scott is and how to find him. Malia has the sword from the body in the basement. 


32628 medium
Malia leaves Eichen House. Her eyes flash blue and she smiles as she goes.