Josh Diaz

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Josh Diaz is a junior at BHHS in Season 5. Josh is one of the Chimeras converted for the Dread Doctors' experiments. Like the other Chimeras, Josh becomes feral and dangerous. After being deemed a failure, he is then killed by Theo Raeken. Josh is then brought back to life by Theo along with Tracy Stewart, Hayden and Corey so Theo can form his own Pack. Josh rediscovers his humanity, becomes dissillusioned with Theo's leadership and decides to leave, but he is then killed once again by Theo so the latter can steal Josh's power.



Josh is a thrill seeker. He likes to party at clubs, drinks and takes drugs recreationally. After coming back to life, and due to Theo's grooming, Josh becomes aggressive, losing his ability to feel towards others and becomes subservient towards Theo, his 'Alpha'. Josh starts to feel again after Corey prevents a hellhound from wounding him, then shows great worry for Corey's well-being when the latter is badly burned afterwards, and before his second death, regains his volition and ability to think for himself.



Josh's Chimera makeup consists of both a werewolf and a raiju. When shapeshifting, Josh has the claws of a werewolf, but the teeth of a raiju. Like all shapeshifters, he has an enhanced healing factor, strength, reflexes and agility. Josh's primary power is the raiju's electrokinesis.