Theo Raeken

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"You found the perfect word though, Scott. Because a Chimera isn't just a monster with different parts. It can also mean something impossible to achieve. An unrealializable dream." - Theo to Scott McCall

"I'm not the bad guy, Stiles. I'm just a realist. I'm a survivor." - Theo to Stiles Stilinski

"We're taking Mason. Then I'm taking what's mine." - Theo to the Surgeon


Theodore "Theo" Raeken, prior to the series, was recruited by the Dread Doctors to be a recipient for their experiment. Theo killed his older sister to this end, becoming a werewolf-werecoyote chimera and a henchman for the Doctors. Ultimately, he was a failure for the Doctors' experiment. Theo sought to transcend his chimera status and become a real werewolf as well as an alpha. In Season 5, Theo meets Scott McCall and his Pack, having known the former from grade school, under the pretense of wishing to join the pack. In truth, he works as the Dread Doctors' mole in the pack and hinders their plight against the Doctors' goals. Theo finally plans to corrupt and usurp the pack, by casting doubt and mistrust amongst them, breaking them apart. He finally executes his plan to take the pack and Scott's True Alpha power for himself by arranging to have Scott killed by his beta Liam Dunbar. The plan fails and Theo kills Scott himself. He then forms his own pack by reviving four of the Chimeras, Hayden Romero, Corey Bryant, Tracy Stewart and Josh Diaz. Theo leads his pack by manipulation, selling them out on his views, then learns Scott has been brought back to life, coming to war with the reunited pack. Theo directs his course of action towards the revived Beast of Gévaudan, planning to steal the demonic werewolf's power. He captures the alpha, Deucalion, forms an alliance with him and learns from him how to steal power from others. Corey and Hayden defect from his pack, so Theo decides to take Josh and Tracy's powers, killing them. All of Theo's plans fail because of Deucalion and Scott's actions, then as punishment for his crimes, courtesy of Kira and the Shiprock skinwalkers, Theo is captured by his undead sister then trapped in hell. In Season 6, Theo is released from his imprisonment in hell by Liam to fight back against the Wild Hunt and because he remembers Stiles who has been taken by the Ghost Riders.



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Theo has a serene demeanour, being bold, charming, charismatic, intelligent and suave.


Like Peter Hale, Theo is very skilled in using his charm, wit and good looks to get on people's good sides and have them lower their guard. He was able to convince almost the entirety of Scott's Pack that he was a rather friendly, loyal person who simply wanted entry into their pack and help them in their mission to do good and protect others.

"I mean I see why you're worried. He's really hot. He's got like great hair, perfect body." - Malia 

"I could show you how (shapeshift into a full coyote)."

"You're showing me plenty right now. -  Malia on Theo's in the buff

Theo is an utter sociopath, trickster, and a liar. Having killed his sister when he was a child, easily betraying Scott's Pack by killing Scott, leaving the Sheriff for dead and crippling Lydia after they'd all accepted him as one of their own with praise and trust, and murdering Tracy his most loyal Pack member, all for his self gain, Theo has no conscience. He has no guilt, care nor remorse for the consequences of his actions.


Calculating, cunning and patient, Theo is skilled in duplicity, seduction, is a corrupting influence and an expert manipulator. He is capable of perfectly feigning, fabricating emotion such as grief for his older sister and euphoria so effectively that he can trick werecreatures. Theo will take geat pains and efforts to charm then align himself with anyone so long as he gets what he wants then will happily betray them .


Self-absorbed, entitled and narcissistic, Theo simply looks out for only his own interests, is power-hungry and is an opportunist awaiting a chance to make a name for himself at any cost. Theo believes that embracing the darkness, being a monster makes one strong, worthy and capable of survival. Despite being generally calm, collected and smug, Theo has an inferiority complex due to his non-supernatural Chimera status, is prone to losing his temper when his plans fail and will kill anyone who gets in his way in petty vengeance.



Theodore "Theo" was born in Beacon Hills, California to his parents, Johnathan Raeken and his wife and his older sister. Theo soon became disturbed enough that he was a sociopath.


In the 4th grade, Theo was classmates with Scott and Stiles. At some point in time, Theo came into contact with the Dread Doctors. The para-scientists enlisted him to be part of their experiments to transform him into a new supernatural creature made from a mix of science and magic. Theo acceeded to their proposition. Unbeknownst to him, the Doctors chose him simply because of his sociopathy, believing he was an ideal candidate for being the perfect evil.


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Because he needed to be a genetic chimera for the experiment, Theo decided to murder his sister whom he found annoying for always looking out for him and he would take an organ from her corpse for the conversion.


One night during the coldest time of the year, when Theo was nine, he ensured his sister ended up lost in the Beacon Hills Preserve and she would arrive at the wooden bridge by the river. Theo then arranged for his sibling's leg would be broken and she fell off the bridge into the freezing water.

Theo's sister (shivering in agony): "... Theo..."

Theo: (Looks down at her without emotion) " ... "

Soon she died of hypothermia and exposure. 


Theo's parents learned of her death from Theo who'd "found her body" and the family moved away from Beacon Hills soon afterwards.


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Theo ensured his sister's heart was kept viable via the cold weather. The Dread Doctors then proceeded to transplant the organ into him so to give him genetic chimerism. The Doctors then performed the procedure on Theo, then the paranormal transformation took place. Theo became a new creature of the supernatural, a hybrid of both a werewolf and a werecoyote. He soon exhibited many traits of both species, which deffied all the set rules of the supernatural.


Theo learned from the Doctors they only came close to succeeding with him to his disappointment, feeling entitled in being truly unique and powerful. He had no idea what being an true success for their works entailed at the time. His transformation however was a turning point for their research.


Theo then became an agent for the para-scientists. As he grew older, Theo immediately immersed himself in the supernatural world, learning everything he could while serving the Doctors, living the life of a criminal and always got away with whatever he wanted.


Theo was dissatisfied with being a "cheap knockoff" to a real supernatural creature and strived to find a way to become a true, complete shapeshifter, become an Alpha, as well as acquire a Pack of servants for himself.


Theo learned the Dread Doctors were on their way back to Beacon Hills to begin a new pool of experimentation. He'd heard of the stories of a True Alpha, the leader of a unique, diverse Pack, Scott McCall, whom he knew from grade school. This Pack had also taken up the task of protecting the town from the supernatural. Theo decided to also return to Beacon Hills whilst making a deal with the Doctors. He would arrange for Scott to die and he'd keep him and his Pack out of their way. In return, they would work with him so Theo could gain a Pack so he could become an Alpha with all the supernatural perks of a genuine werewolf. He'd decided he would accomplish this by taking Scott's True Alpha power and Pack for himself.


+Season 5

Creatures of the Night

Theo is beside his car on route 115 where there is a massive car pileup along the road. Two cars behind him is the Yukimuras' car.


Theo is present and looks on as the Dread Doctors appear using their power to create a vast mind-control field over the immediate area and as they come upon Kira whilst wiping her memory blank rendering her oblivious to what's currently happening to her, heightening her kitsune power so to use her as the ace in the hole for their plan of assault against Scott's Pack+.


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After the Doctors remove their glamour zone and depart, Theo acts normal as Kira waits outside her family's car, her memory of the experiment wiped, attempting to receive a phone signal and catches his eye,


Theo: (Flashes a smile, raises his phone) "'Not getting anything either.

Kira: (Smiles back)

 A while later, Theo looks on as Kira runs out of her car, she and Scott jubilantly greeting each other and kiss from the inside his car.


Theo follows the couple to the Beacon Hills high school.


Scott and Kira are fighting off the Chimera Belasko, whom is another agent of the Doctors. Just as the other paranormal is about to stab Scott with his talons, Theo appears jumping off the underpass as a werewolf. He ferociously engages Belasko, luring him away from Scott so he can preserve the chance to take Scott's power for himself. Theo joins in the fight alongside Scott and Kira. Belasko gains the upper hand, slugging both he and Kira and regroups alongside her.


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After the rest of the Pack arrive on the scene and Scott defeats and scares off Belasko, everyone questioningly turns to face him.


Theo shifts back into human form, smirking, saying Scott doesn't remember him. He admits he looks different since the fourth grade. At that, Scott recognizes Theo who's been away for a long time. He says he's returned because a few months ago he'd heard of an Alpha in Beacon Hills, California and that his name was Scott McCall, his friend from grade school. Theo is amazed that Scott isn't just an Alpha, he's a True Alpha.

Theo: "I came back to Beacon Hills. Back home with my family. Because I want to be a part of your Pack." 


Theo is dropped off at the high school for the first day of senior year. He looks ahead and sees Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate up on the steps and gives them a wave. He is also in AP Biology with Scott, Kira and Lydia.


Scott and Stiles meet with Theo in the boys' locker room in between classes. At Stiles' urging, the two of them ask Theo for his story, specifically how is he a werewolf.


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Theo tells them he was Bitten and recalls the day when he was living somewhere else a few years ago.


He'd been skating in a neighbour's pool, he was so determined to do great, he didn't realize it was past night. His last try at a hand plant, he landed flat on his back, but he realised he never heard his skateboard fall back down. Theo'd looked up and saw his board in the clawed hands of a sihouette with glowing red eyes. It came at Theo fast and he tried to run when he was Bitten in his side. Stiles asks him why didn't the Alpha come back for Theo and he isn't part of his Pack.

Theo: "By the time of my first full moon ... he was dead. ... killed by two of his own Betas. They were twins."

Scott and Stiles share a look. Stiles is skeptical, saying Theo may not be who he says he is. Theo placates Stiles that he is the same kid he remembers back in the fourth grade with them. He remembers a day where he saw Scott in the nurse's office where they both had an inhaler and Scott took pity on him and comforted him during breathing problem. Theo appeals to Scott that he's been on his own, that lone Wolves don't survive, and he's hoping Scott was still that same kid. Scott listens whilst Stiles rolls his eyes at Theo's speech, still suspicuous. The bell rings and Theo leaves needing to get to class.


After schhol at night, Theo parks his car outside the Preserve and takes a wrapped package out of the boot. Stiles and Liam are spying on him after watching Theo play video games in his room for the past three hours. They follow Theo into the woods with Theo acting he's unaware of their presense, listening to them. Theo stops on top of the bridge where his sister died. Stiles and Liam catch up to him and observe his emotional state. He drops a flower into the river, imitating feelings of grief, paying respects to his late older sister. He knows the other boys are backing away


Theo then runs up ahead of Stiles and Liam in minutes and makes a dramatic entrance. He lays on the charm again asking them what are they doing. 


Liam acts territorial though Stiles keeps a grip on the younger Wolf. Theo quickly takes note of Liam's superior strength. Theo tries to placate Stiles again asking why is he so suspicious of him.


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Stiles relents, handing Theo the speeding ticket from eight years ago and the Theo's recent school transfer form, both signed by Theo's father, Johnathan Raeken. Stiles points out the signatures are totally different, indicating his dad is an imposter. Theo, surprised, offers Stiles a DNA sample to satisfy him. Stiles points out he doesn't have anything from eight years ago to match anything.


Theo then tells Stiles he doesn't have anyone like him or Scott. He did come back for Scott specifically but also for Stiles. Someone who is willing to go off into the woods searching for his best friend.

Theo: "I know I'm in the right place. I'm meant to be here. I'm meant to be a part of this Pack.

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Back at the high school, Liam is meeting up with his best friend Mason. Mason is impatient with Liam, his unawareness of Liam's supernatural status straining their friendship. Theo has discretely followed Liam.


Theo appears behind Liam, shapeshifted into a full black wolf. Once both boys notice the wolf's presence, Theo snarls at them, then chases them into the high school.


The boys run into the high school. Liam stops running, his anger building up. As the wolf advances, Liam turns around, shifts and roars at the wolf. Theo feigns submissiveness and retreats out of the school. He hears Mason realising Liam is a werewolf.


His objective accomplished, Theo appears back at the bridge. He shapeshifts back to human form. He thinks of the current state of Liam and Mason's friendship, looking back with a mischievous smirk.


Theo is now at his parents' house.


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The two adults are petrified in his prescence and are imposters. Theo lays out the school transfer form and the speeding ticket on the table and points out the difference in both signatures. He reminds "Johnathan Raeken" he was told to practise writing his real father's signature, then ignores the man's insistence that he practised. He isn't very much concerned.

Theo: "There is one way a false signature can be explained." (Produces a hammer.) "It's not easy to write when you're wearing a cast. Is it?"

The man is terrified, but Theo unsympathetically indicates the man to place his hand on the table. The man closes his eyes, complying and whimpering. Theo brings the hammer down, smashing the man's hand.



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In the industrial estate of Beacon Hills, a prison transport van has been veered into a viaduct after being attacked by Tracy Stewart. Scott's Pack are also present, Lydia having uncovered the murder scene. Two prison officers are fatally mauled, Mr. Stewart Esq. is dead and convict Donovan Donati is missing. The Sheriff's department have coronered off the crime scene. Scott takes off to track Donovan by scent. Theo is observing the crime scene from an upper level.


Theo overhears Stiles conversing with his father, the Sheriff, speculating that maybe Donovan didn't commit the carnage, indicating he suspects Theo is responsible. Theo disappears.


The next day at school, Theo continues to keep an eye on everything going down. In AP Biology, Mrs. Finch is asking Scott to read out the homework of last night. Theo notices that Liam is trying to get Scott's attention, so he talks to Scott using the latter's Wolf hearing. Theo listens as well as Liam relays that Tracy is in Liam's sophomore history class.


Theo looks for Scott and the others and finds he, Stiles and Alan Deaton at the animal clinic, paralyzed after being slashed by Tracy. Theo tells Scott he found him because he works there and he'd heard about Tracy. Theo implores them to let him help them, promising it doesn't have to mean he's in the Pack or he's been accepted or anything like, just that he wants to help.


Condition Terminal

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Theo goes along with Scott, Stiles and Deaton to the Sheriff's station where Tracy Stewart has attacked in pursuit of Natalie Martin, the girls had managed to intervene and help deal with the aftermath.


He and Stiles see that Lydia has been fatally wounded in the side by the kanima hybrid with Kira applying pressure. Theo immediately runs over to assist and takes out his belt wrapping it under and around her, using it as a tourniquet. Natalie comes up from the basement and worriedly rushes over to her daughter. Theo, Kira and Natalie stay with Lydia, Theo promising Stiles Lydia will be OK, while Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Stilinski inspect the basement. 


Once the situation has been contained, Theo inconspicuously steals Donovan Donati's application folder.


At the hospital, Lydia is hospitalized and everyone including Theo, regroups to talk about what to do next. Melissa updates everyone on Lydia's condition and praises Theo for his quick thinking with his belt that he probably just saved her life. Theo catches Stiles giving him a silent nod of acknowledgement.


In AP Biology the next day, they are studying DNA strands. Theo answers Mrs. Finch a question correctly: "Nucleotides."


In the Dread Doctors' operating theatre, Theo arrives and visits Donovan who the Doctors have just converted into their next test subject, a wendigo with traits of a lamprey.


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Theo drawls at the restrained, traumatized convict that he's lucky the Dread Doctors are allowing him to talk to him. He lectures Donovan that the Doctors believe in numbers and results, then they will weigh the pros and cons and will decide quickly.

Donovan: "Decide what?!"

Theo: "Whether or not you die."

Theo then shows Donovan his psyche evaluation from when he took his test to be a sheriff's deputy. He gets further under Donovan's skin, lecturing him. Theo explains the definition of a multiphasic personality inventory which determines whether someone is lying, being defensive or if they're a total psycho. Theo notes he failed miserably, scoring high on the psycopathic deviate scale and his anger expression inventory notes that he is "not suitable for law enforcement." Donovan is ticked off when Theo laments that he now can't be a cop like his father.


Theo then cranks up the examination table and removes the head casing, now showing him sympathy. He nonchalantly goes on to say that Donovan has something else now instead; he has power, explaining he now has super-strength, speed, heightened senses which catches the delinquent's attention.


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Theo assumes Donovan now wants to use his new power to hurt Stilinski in the worst way possible, to cause him real pain, seeing eye to eye with him.

Theo: "The problem is though, sooner or later, physical pain ... it's manageable. See, real pain is emotional pain. That is the kind of pain that lasts. And if you want to cause Stilinski devastating, soul-crushing emotional pain, you don't go after him. You go after someone he loves."

Theo maniacally grins when his words easily get to Donovan, that he should kill Stiles. He sets Donovan free and follows the delinquent as he tracks Stiles down.


A Novel Approach

Theo keeps to the shadows as Donovan assaults Stiles, chases him into the high school. He gives Donovan his key card so the psycopathic Chimera can access the library where Stiles is hiding. He watches and listens as in the end, Stiles accidentally kills Donovan in self-defence. After Stiles leaves the library in an emotionally distressed state, Theo searches the library and takes the wrench Stiles had used to smash Donovan's head in trying to escape, then follows the other young man out of the library. Later both he and Stiles separately notice that someone had swiftly cleaned up the library and had taken Donovan's body++.


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The next day at school, Scott meets with Theo. Scott shows him the novel titled "The Dread Doctors" which tells a real life story based on the actual para-scientists. Theo offers to read the book if it could be of help, studying the book, skimming through to the end. Theo remarks that Scott and his Pack tend to get involved in the dangerous situations happening. Scott sheepishly confirms yes. Theo proposes that they should be looking for the author of the novel if he could know something about the Doctors. Scott answers the author is a dead end. Theo then points to a passage written on the author's acknowledgements page.


Scott: "' .... this book is dedicated to - Dr. Gabriel Valack!'"

Theo: "Do you know him?"

Scott: "Yeah. And I know where to find him?"

Theo learns Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira are going to Eichen House to see Valack as according to their plan at night. Theo appears at the operating theatre and reports to the Doctors that their trick planting the book worked and that the Pack is going to see Valack at Eichen House later at night.


While the Pack visits Eichen House, Theo joins Malia in the school library where she is hunched over the novel. Theo whips out his calculus text for study. The two share inquisitive looks: Malia suspicious and Theo charismatic.


Hours later, after Malia finishes up, Theo offers her a ride. Malia said she can take the bus, or walk. Theo remarks that he's seen her coming out of driver's education, to her chagrin.


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Theo sees an opportunity and puts his charm on her.

Theo: "Pretty sure I saw you destroy a couple of traffic cones the other day. And nearly take out a sophomore."

Malia: (stands defensive) "The sophomore shouldn't have been standing there."

Theo: (chuckling, takes out his keys) "Sounds like you could still use some practise."

He flicks her the keys to his car for a test run, she catches them just as swiftly and the two share some bold, charged looks.


Malia is steadily driving Theo's car down a rural lane, with Theo riding shotgun. He mocks her for going the speed limit and how she firmly grips the wheel. Theo covers her hand with his and encourages her to relax and go a little faster. Malia begins to relax but suddenly comes to appear a million miles somewhere else. Theo asks if she is OK.


111658 large
Suddenly Malia is totally somewhere else and rockets up the road uncontrolleably. Theo yells at her to stpp the car, attempting to reach the steering wheel. He yells at her to stop again. Malia comes to her senses and puts on the brakes.


Malia then staggers out of the car and falls to her knees for minutes. Theo keeps an eye on her. Suddenly another car is on the other side of the road. Theo immediately urges Malia to get up, grabbing her and throwing her along with him onto the other side of the road.


Malia is short of breath after recovering from the induced memory recovery as a result of reading the book. Malia confides in Theo she experienced her memory of when her family wwas on the road back home and had crashed into the Preserve, which triggered Malia's full transformtion, thereby causing her family's deaths. She tells him it wasn't an accident, that someone opened fire on her mom's car, and that it was the Desert Wolf. Theo keeps the information Malia just confided in him secret.


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