Corey Bryant

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In Season 5, Corey is a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School. Corey is attacked by his boyfriend, Lucas, a Chimera, then he meets Scott's Pack. Corey is then abducted then converted by the Dread Doctors, becoming a Chimera himself with traits of the Chameleon. Corey meets fellow sophomore Mason along with the Pack, who enlighten Corey of his condition, and he is helped by Mason understand his new abilities and nature, the two beginning to bond. Corey is killed by the Doctors, then is resurrected by Theo Raeken alongside Hayden, Tracy Stewart and Josh Diaz so Theo can form his own Pack. Corey falls under Theo's sway and follows his command out of self-preservation. Corey resumes pursuing Mason, despite the skirmish between the two Packs. Due to his feelings for Mason, culminating in him determinedly attempting to protect him once Mason is revealed to be the host for the Beast of Gevaudan, Corey ultimately defects from Theo and alligns with Scott's Pack once more, regaining his confidence. When Mason is saved, he and Corey pick up where they left off. 



Corey is vivacious, fun-loving and confident. Despite his neglectful family life, Corey is friendly and has a sweet nature and takes joy in the good of life as he frequents the mixed club Sinema with his boyfriend Lucas.


Underneath this happy-go-lucky exterior, Corey is rather fragile, faint-hearted, being immediately terror-stricken, overwhelmed and frustrated because of the chaos and strife around him and happening to him because of his Chimera conversion, the Doctors' trying to kill him as well as Scott's unwaranted action of invading his memories.


After dying and coming back to life, Corey is broken, traumatized and fearful of dying again. He loses touch with his humanity as seen when he easily gives his allegiance to Theo out of desperation to survive despite Theo's unsavouriness being revealed. Despite his preference for avoiding conflict and fhis overall faintheartedness, Corey eventually regains his confidence and shows a defined sense of affection, being supportive, compassionate and protective of those he cares for as he does everything possible to rescue Mason. He also recommits to his morals in defecting from Theo and fully aligning with Scott's Pack again.


+Season 5

Condition Terminal

Corey had been making out with his boyfriend Lucas. He got stung by Lucas's scorpion stinger, the flesh on his arm necrolized and no amount of medical intervention would help. Scott was able to use the pain siphon on him to give him some respite. Corey quickly recovered. He told Scott and Kira where to find Lucas.


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Lies of Omission


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A Credible Threat


The Maid of Gevaudan


The Beast of Beacon Hills