Kitsune+Tails+Noshiko's Kaiken

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Noshiko Yukimura's Tails were represented as daggers called kaiken. Because of Noshiko's age (900 years old), she had vast power, having formed nine Tails.


Noshiko used her Tails in her combat against the Nogitsune. She sacrificed her Tails to call forth the Oni from the Nemeton, and command the demons. Eight of her Tails were sacrificed to manifest the demons. The older the kaiken sacrificed, the stronger the respective Oni became. Noshiko's ninth Tail, her first and oldest, was stolen from her by the Nogitsune in De-Void. The Dark kitsune used the kaiken to enhance his FoxFire to perform mind control over the town's local werewolves Isaac Lahey, the twins and Derek Hale. In Insatiable, the Nogitsune sacrificed Noshiko's final Tail. He carried this out with the Oni Noshiko had previously summoned so close to him. This resulted in the control of the Oni being exchanged from Noshiko to him.


Because all of Noshiko's Tails have been sacrificed, her power is severely depleted so that she's now only "technically" a kitsune.