3x22 - De-Void

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Scott and Kira race toward Derek's loft. In the loft, the Sheriff produces a pair of handcuffs and takes a step toward the nogitsune. "You wanna handcuff me?" it says. The Sheriff replies that if a part of his son still exists, he'll put the handcuffs on and come willingly because he knows his father is there to protect him. "From himself, and from others."


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The nogitsune holds up his hands and allows himself to be cuffed. Then it glances up at the Sheriff with a look that is nothing like one Stiles would give, and the Sheriff knows his son isn't there. The nogitsune busts the handcuffs off, and the rest of the team files into the loft: Allison, Chris, and Derek


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Allison attacks first, trying to shoot the nogitsune with a taser. He catches the prongs and holds the cords for a second before whipping the device from her hands. Derek tries to attack, but the nogitsune slams him into a table and then throws him into the wall. 


34077 medium
Chris pulls a gun, which the nogitsune finds particularly interesting. It turns to face him. The Sheriff asks Chris to put the gun down, which plays right into the nogitsune's plan to cause strife. "Why not?" Chris asks. "I've done it before. Werewolf. Berserkers. I can easily add a nogitsune to the list." The Sheriff pulls his gun on Chris, much to the nogitsune's delight. "You're not gonna shoot my son." But Chris points out that the nogitsune isn't his son.


The Sheriff orders Chris to put his gun down, but Chris holds his ground. The nogitsune gets into the game by adding, "Dad, he's gonna shoot me. He's gonna kill me, Dad," in Stiles's voice. The Sheriff continues to shout at Chris, so the nogitsune changes tactics. He taunts Chris to pull the trigger.


Allison realizes that the nogitsune is getting what he wants just as night falls. She and Derek turn to look at the window.


Scott and Kira are still driving across town.


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Allison tells both adults to stop shouting because this is exactly what the nogitsune wants. "Not exactly. I was kinda hoping Scott would be here. But I'm glad you all have your guns out, because you're not here to kill me. You're here to protect me." Four Oni materialize inside the loft.


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The nogitsune backs up to stand behind the Sheriff and Chris. Chris tries to shoot, but his gun doesn't fire, so he draws a spare. They fire at the Oni. Derek and Allison circle around the nogitsune to the back, protecting him from the other side. All four Oni attack.


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Scott and Kira arrive at the loft in time to see muzzle flashes out the window. They race up and find Derek and Chris kneeling on the floor and the Sheriff and Allison still standing looking dazed. "What happened?" Scott asks. "They disappeared," Allison says. "They literally just vanished." The nogitsune did as well.


34081 medium
At Eichen House, Noshiko opens the door to the basement (the one that is apparently locked with no key) and goes down to check on Rhys's body in the wall. She touches the onore kanji on the broken piece of wall, and the nogitsune steps out from the shadows behind her. "Why that kanji? Why self?" it asks her. She replies that it signifies that Rhys died as himself. "Because Rhys wasn't a monster. Not like you."


Noshiko stands and faces the nogitsune wielding her last Tails. The nogitsune asks her why she called off the Oni and what happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife, and pain for everyone and everything. She doesn't want those things anymore. "I do," the nogitsune replies. He grabs the dagger from her hand and uses it to slice open his own belly.


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He stumbles back and falls to his knees. "Chaos has come again." 


Flies pour out of the wound, buzz around Noshiko, and fly off. When Noshiko looks back, the nogitsune is gone.


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A fly finds its way into the hospital and seeks out Isaac. It crawls into his IV, and he wakes up immediately, his eyes flashing gold.


Scott and Kira go into Scott's room. She thanks him for letting her stay, because she doesn't want to face her parents. He offers her a t-shirt to sleep in, then lets her take the bed while he takes the chair. He asks if she's okay, and she nods. After a second she tells him that she doesn't want him to sleep in the chair. He assures her that it's okay, so she asks him a second time. "Please don't sleep in the chair." 


34084 medium
Scott gets the not very subtle hint and moves to the bed. "We're going to save him. We'll figure it out," Kira says. They share a sweet kiss, and then Kira rolls over and spoons. A fly lands on the outside of Scott's window.


Chris and Allison arrive back at the apartment. Allison asks her father if he was really going to shoot Stiles. "To be honest, I'm not sure," he says. She tells him to check the firing pin, and he realizes that she removed it, which is why his gun didn't fire. Chris grins and tells her that's why the women are the leaders in their family. He's proud that she took the decision from his hands.


34085 medium
Allison goes to her room to find Isaac sitting on her bed. He tells her that he wanted to see her, but she's concerned that he just walked out the hospital. "It's okay. I feel a lot better." Allison touches his face where the burns had been. She says giving him the alarm code was a bad idea, and then they kiss.


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At the loft, Derek dumps a pile of chess pieces onto a board and starts arranging them. Peter walks over and demands to know what he's doing and why the cut on his shoulder isn't healing. "It's from one of their swords. I'll heal." "By playing chess?" "Back in his room, Stiles had a board with my name on one of the pieces. If this is a game to him, then I need to figure out the plays."


Peter comments that that won't be easy with a game without rules. He explains that the nogitsune has lived too long to play by human rules. It's a fox spirit. It chose to become human, which means it's at least 100 years old. "Besides, chess is Stiles's game. It's not the game of a Japanese fox." Peter puts on his coat and leaves, but not before advising that Derek put something on his cut before it gets infected.


Derek gives up on the chess idea, and one of the nogitsune's flies crawls into his open wound and under his skin.


34087 medium
The next morning, Ethan and Danny head into the boys locker room following a stint of lacrosse practice. Ethan has good enough lacrosse skills that Danny thinks he should try out for the team. Ethan agrees to do it, but he doesn't sound enthusiastic. Danny asks him if he's okay. He says yes, but adds, "I mean, I kinda don't know if this is the place for me. For us." He means his brother. He gathers water in his hands and takes a drink, inadvertently swallowing a nogitsune fly


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Danny asks him if leaving school again is about Aiden. Ethan looks up, "Yeah, it is, actually. It's always about my brother, isn't it." Danny can tell that something has changed in Ethan's voice and asks again if he's okay. Ethan strips off his shirt and announces that he's going to take a shower. And so is Danny. Danny smiles and follows him. 


34089 medium
Lydia and Aiden are in the car. Lydia's GPS tells her to turn right onto Gafner Blvd. Aiden sighs and asks her where they're going and who Malia Tate is. He holds up a note with Malia's address. (NOTE: The address, 129 Woodbine Lane is the same street address that was in Claudia Stilinski's medical file.) Lydia tells Aiden not to worry about it. The GPS tells her to turn right on Commerce Way and continue for a quarter mile. Aiden declares that he's going to worry that they're lost, since they just made 4 rights, which is a circle. 


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Lydia says it's a brand new car and the GPS was fine before. "Well, the GPS would work better if it was on." Lydia gives him a sarcastic look, then realizes that the GPS really isn't on. Lydia starts hitting the buttons on the stereo system, and Aiden realizes something is wrong. She pulls the car over into an empty parking lot and finds the nogitsune lying on the ground. 


A nogitsune fly lands on Aiden and crawls into his ear.


34091 medium
Allison wakes up to find that Isaac is already awake and inspecting her bag of weapons. "I thought your new Code was about protecting," he says darkly. She explains that most of them are non-lethal. Isaac holds up a ring dagger and says that it looks pretty lethal to him, but he advises that she keep them because there are still a few creatures out there that aren't quite so non-lethal. "Like the twins." 


34092 medium
Allison starts to get concerned. "I thought we were going to give them a second chance," she says. Isaac replies that they don't deserve it. Allison still insists that they don't have to leave killing as their only option. "I had a feeling you'd say something like that," Isaac says, and takes the bag of weapons. Allison throws off the covers to follow him to discover that he's handcuffed her ankles together around the foot board of the bed. 


34093 medium
Scott and Aiden carry the nogitsune to the couch in Scott's living room. Melissa claims that this is crazy and that he should be in the hospital. "Mom, you remember what happened last time he went to the hospital?" Deaton examines the wound in the nogitsune's stomach and declares that he isn't bleeding. "I think he might even be healing." "You mean healing like we heal?" Aiden asks. Scott thinks that might be good. Deaton agrees that it's good for the nogitsune but probably not so good for them.


34094 medium
At the sheriff station, Rafael McCall shuts off the Sheriff's phone when Melissa tries to call him. The Sheriff gives him a WTF gesture, and McCall tells him that he has some priorities to attend to. "McCall, trust me when I tell you you don't have a clue about my current priorities." If the Sheriff doesn't show up to the preliminary hearing, he'll be fired. The Sheriff grabs his badge and gun from his desk drawer in case he has to turn them in. Melissa calls again, but it goes unanswered.


34095 medium
Aiden asks why they aren't tying the nogitsune down with really big chains if they aren't going to kill him. Deaton says he has something more effective and puts a dropper full of kanima venom in the nogitsune's mouth. The nogitsune immediately awakens and grabs Aiden by the throat. Scott manages  to break the grip, and then the venom does its work. "Kanima venom. Nice touch," it says to Deaton. 


34096 medium
Aiden roars and charges at the nogitsune. "You know how they say that twins get a feeling when the other one's in pain? You didn't lose that talent too, did you? Oh, I hope not. You're gonna need it." Aiden and Scott look at one another, but Aiden doesn't move. The nogitsune pushes him by telling him that Ethan's at the school. Scott tells Aiden to go, and the nogitsune laughs. He likes the twins. "Short tempers. Homicidal compulsions. They're a lot more fun than you bakemono trying to save the world everyday." 


34097 medium
Melissa asks if Deaton has anything that can shut the nogitsune up. Deaton tapes his mouth shut, and the nogitsune roars and laughs.


34098 medium
At the review hearing, the chair tells the Sheriff that they're there to talk. They want to review the successes and the failures. One pile is clearly larger than the other, and the Sheriff makes the mistake of asking which is which. 


Scott asks Deaton how much longer he thinks the venom will keep the nogitsune down. Deaton doesn't know, but he does know they're going to need a better place to keep him than Scott's house if they don't figure out something quickly. "He might be paralyzed, but it still feels like he's got us right in the palm of his hand." 


34099 medium
Chris Argent is on the phone with Allison. She tells him that she thinks Isaac went to the school and she couldn't catch up. He tells her that he's on his way. When he opens the door, he finds Derek waiting for him. "Derek, you all right?" Derek brushes past him saying he has to show him something. He puts Talia's claws on the desk in Chris's office and asks him if he knows who they belong to. "These claws are all that was left of my mother after your psychotic sister burnt her and the rest of my family alive." Chris knows immediately that something is very wrong. He reaches for his gun, but Derek attacks him too quickly. 


34100 medium
Melissa is tending to the nogitsune's wound. It looks at her with tears in its eyes, and she asks if it's Stiles. When he nods, she takes the duct tape off. His expression switches immediately, and he gives her a disappointed, sarcastic look. "Really, Melissa? I shed one tear. That's all it takes?" He asks her how she's going to hold up when Scott learns the truth about why his dad really left. The nogitsune knows that she called the Sheriff immediately and that Stiles overheard like he hears everything. "You wanna know why he never told Scott? Because he knew that Scott would never forgive you. He knew how much he would hate you." Melissa sticks the tape back over his mouth.


At the review hearing, they ask if the Sheriff would like to say anything on his own behalf. He gets a little snotty with them and tells them that if they are going to relieve him of his position, then they should just get to it because this whole hearing crap is a waste of time. He gets up to leave, but Agent McCall steps in to make a statement of his own.


34101 medium
Lydia, Deaton, and Scott discuss giving the nogitsune the Bite. Deaton tells them that they may be looking for a cure in something that may be nothing more than proverb or a metaphor. Scott is concerned about giving Stiles the Bite at all, because he's never asked to be a Werewolf. Lydia argues that it could save his life, but Deaton points out that it could also kill him. Scott's never Bitten anyone before, so he's not sure what he should do or how to do it right. Deaton urges them to make a decision before the venom wears off. Scott wants to try calling Derek again, but Lydia suggests calling someone else.


34102 medium
Peter arrives at Scott's house and smirks as they let him in. He paces around the nogitsune. "He doesn't look like he would survive a slap across the face much less the Bite of a Werewolf." He tells Scott, "This is more war of the mind than the body. There are better methods for winning this battle." Peter takes Scott's wrist in his hand, and Scott flicks his claws out. The nogitsune looks intrigued. They're going to use Scott's claws to get into Stiles's head.


Danny and Ethan have finished their shower. Danny asks if he can tell Coach that Ethan will try out for the team. Ethan tells him he'll think about it. "Sounds like a yes to me!" Danny says happily. After he's gone, Ethan realizes that Aiden is waiting for him in the corner of the hall. Aiden mocks him for trying out for lacrosse and not knowing what's going on with Scott's pack. "Why should I care? Scott's never going to trust us anyway. You see the way he looks at us? Like dogs that bit the neighbor." He thinks that if there's one more incident Scott will either kick them out of Beacon Hills or kill them outright.


34103 medium
Aiden gets out his claws to prepare for a fight, and Ethan just sighs. This is precisely what he means. "I'd probably be in his pack right now if it wasn't for my psychotic brother. The one who has to kill everything in sight." They pace around each other. Aiden warns Ethan that he's currently the only thing in his sight.


34104 medium
They start to fight one another, but then Isaac shoots them both with a stun gun. "I guess this is the part where I say something witty," Isaac says. He walks over to them and knocks them out with the butt of the gun. "I'm not witty." 


Lydia and Peter negotiate the terms of Peter's help. She agrees to tell him his child's name, but only if he helps them and only if Scott doesn't know. They walk back into the living room, and Peter announces that their plan is for Scott to dig through pale and sickly Evil!Stiles's mind for the real Stiles and then guide him back from the depths of his own subconscious. Lydia is going to go in with him to help.


34105 medium
Isaac rifles through Coach's desk looking for a lighter. He has a bottle of liquor with a rag in it and says that he's going to kill the twins for Erica and for Boyd. "I'm gonna burn it. I'm gonna burn it." He lights the rag, but Kira appears and slices the burning rag from the bottle. Isaac drops the bottle and starts to go after her, but Allison attacks him from behind. 


When Isaac gets up, he's shifted. The twins recover as well, and all three growl at Kira and Allison as they lock themselves in Coach's office. The Werewolf then start fighting each other. Kira asks if they're going to kill each other, and Allison confirms that they're going to try. 


34106 medium
Peter positions Scott's claws on the back of the nogitsune's neck. Scott asks what they do if they find him. Peter just says they're going to have to guide him out somehow, to give him back control of his mind and body. He positions Scott's claws on Lydia's neck, next. Lydia asks him to elaborate, but Peter just tells him to improvise. 


"What if this is just another trick?" Scott asks. Peter gives him a look. "When are you people going to start trusting me?" But Scott meant the nogitsune. Scott turns up his alpha powers and shoves his claws in. He and Lydia wake up in Eichen House strapped down to beds.


34107 medium
Derek opens the bag he brought with him and takes out a bottle of lighter fluid. Chris comes to strapped into a chair and starts trying to talk Derek out of it as Derek douses him with accelerent. "You burn my family, I burn yours," Derek replies. "In fact, I'll burn the whole building down around you." He flicks the lighter and waves the flame in front of Chris's face. Chris blows the flame out, and Derek grabs his face in annoyance. 


34108 medium
Chris argues that it was Kate who burned the Hales, not him. "I'm not your enemy, Derek. Not anymore." Derek lights the lighter again and waves the flame back and forth, watching. Derek claims that they are, him and Allison both. "Which is why I'm not gonna light this yet, I'm not. We're gonna wait until she gets home, and we're gonna let her watch." Chris fights his bonds and yells.


34109 medium
At the sheriff station, Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski go back to his office after the review. "You just saved my job," the Sheriff says. McCall agrees that he probably did, but he did it for two reasons: 1) Not even Sherlock Holmes could figure out half the bizarre things that happen in their town. "This place is literally the Bermuda Triangle of homicides, disappearances, and strange occurences." 2) Kicking the Sheriff out of his job isn't why Rafael came back to Beacon Hills.


He came back to talk to Scott. The Sheriff advises him to just get to saying what he has to say to Scott rather than dragging it out. 


34110 medium
Lydia looks over at Scott struggling with the bonds. "Do I actually need to remind you that you're a werewolf?" Scott has supernatural strength, so he needs to get to using it. Scott concentrates and busts a hand free. He releases them both and asks Lydia what they do now. "I dunno. This is my first time in someone else's head."


Scott opens the door and tells Lydia to stay close, but the door slams shut before she can follow him. She turns around to see that the room has completely changed. Balloons start falling slowly from the ceiling, and she finds herself in a place that looks like the winter formal. She starts calling for Jackson but then hears a sound coming from one of the classrooms. The nogitsune is drawing the onore kanji on a blackboard. 


34111 medium
Meanwhile Scott suddenly finds himself in Allison's closet making out with her. He hears something strange in the distance and tells her so, but she urges him to be quiet. 


34112 medium
The nogitsune stalks Lydia down the hallway, slamming locker doors as he gets closer. She backs away from him, terrified. In the real world, Lydia starts bleed from her nose. Melissa freaks out, but Deaton keeps her from getting any closer. Peter steps up and takes Lydia's face in his hands. He calls to her. "Lydia, can you hear me? Lydia, you are stronger than this." He takes a deep breath and shouts her name as loudly as he can, trying to get her to hear him. 


She can her the echoes and starts running.


Scott asks Allison why they're in her closet. They're hiding. He thinks it's odd that they're hiding from her dad because her dad should know they're together. She shushes him, but Scott starts to remember that they aren't together. He hears Peter shouting for Lydia and realizes it's all been a trick. Scott opens the closet door and walks into the white room. Lydia is there as well. They find each other and can see Stiles and the nogitsune playing Go on the nemeton.


34113 medium
Kira and Allison decide they need to stop Isaac and the twins. Allison reminds Kira not to kill. "I was just going to try to stay alive," Kira replies. They head out.


Stiles places a white piece on the Go board. Scott and Lydia run toward him but don't get any closer. They call his name, but he doesn't respond to them.


34114 medium
Kira fights Ethan and slices him across the chest. Allison shoots Isaac, but he just pulls the bolt from his chest and keeps coming. She kicks him out of the way. She can't reload fast enough to fight off Aiden, so Kira tosses her the katana. Kira picks up the crossbow, and they back up until they're both standing next to one another. 


34115 medium
Derek is at the window in Chris's office. "Why shouldn't I kill you? How many of us have you murdered? You're not my ally. You're not my ally, you're a hunter!" Derek sounds panicked and tries to talk himself into killing Chris. Chris agrees that he is a hunter and points out that one of the first things they teach hunters is how to break out of being tied to a chair. Derek fights with himself while Chris talks. 


34117 medium
Chris throws himself back in the chair, breaking the arms off. Derek shifts and turns with a roar. Chris grabs a gun he keeps under his desk and stands, shoving it under Derek's chin just and Derek lands on his side of the desk. "I don't wanna kill you, Derek. Don't make me kill you, please." 


Scott and Lydia try running again, but they still don't get any closer. Lydia points out that Stiles is part of Scott's pack. "He's human, but he's still part of the pack, right?" Scott agrees. "So how to wolves signal their location to the rest of the pack?" Lydia asks with a smile. Scott shifts and howls.


34118 medium
The sound rattles the game board, and Stiles looks over at him. Then he glances at the nogitsune and dashes the game pieces off the board. The nogitsune roars in reply, and all the fly-possessed people pass out, bleeding.


Scott and Lydia are dumped out of Stiles's mind. "Did it work?" Scott asks, rushing around to see if Stiles is okay. Lydia asks why it didn't work. "Because it's not science, Lydia, it's supernatural. I did my part, now give me the name." Scott overhears and asks what they're talking about, but they move away. Lydia decides to keep her bargain and whispers, "Malia" in his ear. 


34119 medium
Seemingly at the sound of her voice, the nogitsune spasms to life. He rips the tape off his mouth and starts pulling bandages out of his throat. He vomits up a whole pile of bandages and gasps for breath. A wrapped hand starts emerging from the pile, and something that looks like the nogitsune crawls from the floor. Peter and Scott tackle it and hold it down on the couch, with effort. It keeps scrabbling at the bandages on its face, though, and Scott tells Peter to wait.


He pulls the bandages off, revealing a teary-eyed Stiles. "Scott?" Stiles looks around at all of them. Deaton then points out that the other Stiles, the nogitsune, and Lydia are gone and the back door is open. Scott races out the door calling Lydia's name.