3x23 - Insatiable

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"Hold still," Deaton says, as he shoves his hand down Ethan's throat to extract the nogitsune fly. He drops the fly down the drain, then grabs Isaac and hauls him under the shower next. He orders Isaac not to fight it as he shoves his hand into his mouth. Isaac gags and scrabbles at Deaton's arms until the fly is extracted. Isaac stumbles away and clutches at his throat.


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Allison asks if the Wolves are okay now. Deaton thinks so, but the bigger worry is that all this was just a distraction for what was happening to Stiles. Kira and Allison ask how there could be two Stileses and how one could just kidnap Lydia. Aiden is upset that no one actually noticed the nogitsune kidnapping her right out of the house. "Most of us were concentrated on the bizarre sight of a creature materializing from out of the floor," Deaton snarks at him. 


Kira asks how they're so sure which Stiles is which, and Deaton admits that they're trying to figure that out now.


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Melissa passes a flashlight over Stiles's eye and he lays in Scott's bed wearing one of Scott's shirts. He looks at her nervously. She wants to take his pulse but is afraid to touch him, so Stiles has to offer her his wrist. She tells him that medically he seems okay and is a real person. "Okay, so, I'm real. But am I really me?" Melissa doesn't answer.


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Scott walks in looking stressed, and Stiles asks if "she" is here. Stiles is ready to get it over with, but the McCalls exchange a distressed look. "Guys, we have to do this," Stiles says. 


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Scott helps Stiles down to the living where Noshiko is waiting. She asks if Stiles recognizes her, and he nods a little and pulls away from Scott. Kira rushes in and tells her mom to stop, but Stiles assures her that he wants Noshiko there. Kira doesn't think Stiles should want to get stabbed with swords. "Mom, don't do this to him." "It's already done," she replies.


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The Oni appear in the living room. One grabs Stiles just behind the ear and performs the test on him. He drops to the floor as soon as it is over, and the Oni disappear. Noshiko orders Kira to look behind Stiles's ear for the kanji. They look, and he has the mark. Noshiko says this means he's more himself than the nogitsune


Stiles asks if the Oni can find the nogitsune, and Noshiko tells him it will have to be tomorrow night because it's too close to dawn now. He asks if they'll be able to kill him, but Noshiko isn't sure. It depends on how strong he is. Scott wants to know what the nogitsune could want with Lydia. Noshiko says he would only take her for her banshee powers. 


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Lydia is sitting in the same hallway where Noshiko exorcised the nogitsune in the 40s. She hears the screaming of the people who died there. The nogitsune asks her if she can hear it. "It's louder than usual, isn't it? Well that's because a lot of bad things happened down here." He hides a little smile. He asks her what the voices are saying and if they're telling her that Stiles is dying, because he is. Lydia keeps shuffling down the corridor, hurrying away from him without being able to really run. 


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She asks him what he needs her for. "You think I can tell you something?" The nogitsune laughs as Lydia reaches the gate at the end of the hall. "Oh, I know you can." He appears right behind her and tells her that she won't have to tell him anything. "You'll be screaming." Lydia takes a breath and screams.


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Kira and her mother go home. Kira demands to know how the Oni are going to find the nogitsune and what they're supposed to do until then. "Sit and learn," Noshiko replies. She holds up a Go gameboard. Kira is incredulous that her mother wants her to learn a board game, but Noshiko insists that is a very important detail that Scott saw the nogitsune and Stiles playing it in his head. 


She explains that play starts with an empty board. Black is always placed first. The stones are placed to create territories and capture your opponents stones by completely surrounding them. 


Kira can't stand it. "This is life and death, mom. It isn't a game!" But Noshiko tells her that it is to the nogitsune. If Kira wants to help her friends survive, she needs to learn to play.


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At the sheriff station, Sheriff Stilinski sits in his darkened office. Parrish comes in and tells him to go home. He'll call him if there's any message about Stiles. The Sheriff won't leave, and Parrish can't because his shift doesn't end until dawn. He offers the Sheriff a coffee. "You're a good guy, Parrish, that's what they all said at your previous station. But no one could tell me exactly why you left." Parrish responds that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills, which hints at some supernatural element within him. Parrish says he knew there were openings, and the Sheriff asks if he knows why there were openings. Parrish isn't concerned by the statistics, even if the Sheriff is. He tells the Sheriff again to go home, and this time the Sheriff listens. 


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"Now if I could just find my keys," he mutters to himself as he grabs his coat. "In your coffee cup," Stiles says from the doorway. "You always drop 'em in your empty cup." The Sheriff turns and looks at Scott, who nods that this is the real Stiles. He drops his coat and hugs Stiles hard. Scott picks up the Sheriff's keys from the cup. "Is it over?" the Sheriff asks. Scott tells him not yet.


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At the Argents' apartment, Derek grabs the elevator door just before it closes. "You had a gun pointed at my head. You coulda pulled the trigger. Why didn't you?" Chris glances away and shakes his head before looking back. "Because you're not my enemy anymore, Derek. And I'm not yours." Derek thinks they should be out hunting the nogitsune right now, especially if he can perform possessions like this. Chris doesn't think they need to do that, because if he can do this, he's more powerful than any of them thought. The nogitsune will be coming for them. Derek lets the elevator door close as he thinks about that.


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The Sheriff comes back into his office to report that they have an APB out on Lydia's car. Scott asks if there's anything else they can do, but the Sheriff says it's too late at night. Stiles points out that the nogitsune took her for a reason, so if they can figure out the why, they can figure out the where. His dad asks him what a nogitsune would need with a banshee. "I don't know. Lydia's pretty good at finding dead bodies. Maybe he needs to find a body."


The Sheriff turns to Scott for the whole story because Scott knows more about it than either of them. He heard it from Noshiko. "Yeah, but that happened during World War II, like 70 years ago." Stiles zeroes on the phrase his father used, "the whole story" and recalls Meredith Walker from Eichen House saying the same thing into the phone. 


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Parrish reports that Meredith is still at Eichen House but was moved to the closed unit, where the violent people go. She was moved there because she wouldn't stop screaming. Stiles and Scott look at one another.


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Brunski opens the gate in the closed unit for the Sheriff. The Sheriff comments on how it seems quiet now. Brunski happily explains that they had to send someone down to sedate the little nutjob. He laughs about how easily it is to knock her out. The Sheriff looks uncomfortable. And then they get to her cell to find an orderly with a needle in his back and Meredith missing.


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The next morning, Ethan and Aiden are running through Beacon Hills Preserve looking for some sign of the nogitsune. Ethan hears a gun chambering a round, and then suddenly there's a hail of bullets. The bullets are laced with wolfsbane, so the twins bleed black. Ethan looks over to see Aiden unconscious.  


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Allison and Isaac find Lydia's car in a locked lot. Isaac says there's a strong scent of anger in the air. Isaac gets on the ground to look under the car, and Allison asks him if he remembers them sleeping together the other night. He does, and they get into the car. "So that night, were you you, or were you not you?" She wants to be clear on whether they had sex completely consensually. "Did you want it to be someone else?" Isaac asks, like he's not quite sure the point of this question. She assures him that she didn't, and he confirms that it really was him. 


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They smile a little and get awkward. Allison looks out the window. It's unclear if she sees something faintly on the glass or just remembers her messages with Scott, but she huffs a breath to fog up the glass, revealing a message: Don't Find Me.


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In Business class that day, Coach Finstock is on the phone with the hospital. It cost $10,000 to have his arrow removed. "They pulled an arrow out of my stomach. What did they fill it up with diamonds?" He yells at them and tells them to send him the bill. He turns around and tells the class that today they're going to discuss the corrupt institution of health care.


Danny raises his hand and informs Coach that they have an unexpected guest in the class. Meredith Walker is sitting in the back of the room.


At Scott's house, Stiles is asleep on the couch. He wakes up and starts to have a panic attack, but Scott rushes in and grabs him, asking if he's okay. Stiles asks how long he was asleep. "Just a couple hours. You should sit down." Stiles doesn't want to and asks where his dad is instead. The Sheriff is at Eichen House looking for Meredith. Stiles asks about the others. Allison, Isaac, and the twins are all looking for Lydia. Stiles feels like they're waiting for a ransom call.


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Stiles tugs at his sleeves and then puts on a jacket. Scott asks him if he's okay, and Stiles admits to being unable to get warm. Scott suggests he sit down and take it easy and touches Stiles's hand. He immediately siphons some pain away and realizes that Stiles is hurting but not saying anything. Stiles admits that it's a dull ache everywhere. Scott touches his hand again and comments that Stiles feels cold.


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Stiles sits down, distressed, and Scott asks him to tell him the truth. "How much does it really hurt?" Stiles looks at him without really answering. Scott gets a call from Kira, which ends the conversation.


Kira reports that Meredith is in Coach's class and they need to get there immediately.


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Coach Finstock snaps his fingers in front of Meredith trying to get her attention. "Sweetheart, you wanna tell me which insane asylum you escaped from?" Danny butts in to say that insane asylum isn't the proper term anymore. "Okay, sweetheart, what nuthouse did you escape from?" She tells him Eichen House, and everyone gasps and moves away. 


Coach asks her what she's doing so far from there, and she says she's trying to help. "I can hear them. They scream." "That's gotta be terrifying. Why do they scream?" She tells him that they scream when someone's about to die. He asks if they're screaming right now, and she says yes. 


Ethan drags Aiden through the woods. He runs out of strength, and they both fall. Ethan hears someone coming and tries to get up, but is suddenly pulled up to standing by Derek. Derek grabs Aiden and orders Ethan to run. Bullets smack into the trees around them. 


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Brunski and two orderlies arrive at the school to pick up Meredith. Kira sees them and realizes that she has to do something. She approaches  Finstock and tells him that they can't let Brunski take Meredith. "Who are you?" he asks her. "I'm Kira. I'm new." Coach looks over her shoulder at Brunski and immediately recognizes his old tormentor. "Finstock! Coach Bobby Finstock. This is a de-lightful surprise. What is that saying, those who can't do, teach?" Brunski belittles Finstock's job and then asks where Meredith is.


Coach opens the door to his office, but Meredith is gone. 


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Allison is down in the basement of the apartment building trying to align the sight on her crossbow. Chris finds her. She admits that she needed to do something and hates waiting. She tries to tighten a screw but doesn't have the concentration for it. Chris asks where Isaac is. "He's trying to help Scott." She starts to get frustrated, and Chris puts his hand on hers to make her stop. He tells her that he has something else she can do, which they should have done awhile ago. 


He pulls a case out of a safe that contains bars of silver stamped with a fleur de lis. "Time for you to graduate." 


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Lydia walks further down corridors at Oak Creek and ends up at another locked gate. She tells herself that her friends will find her. The nogitsune sits down on the top of the stairs and says that he's wondering what her friends are doing right now, what useless lead they're chasing.


Scott and Stiles arrive at the school.


Derek continues to help the twins in the woods


"Are they really spending every minute looking for you?" he asks Lydia. "Or are they waiting for nightfall?"


Chris produces three silver bullets. 


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Lydia turns around and asks the nogitsune what he wants. "More." "More what?" The nogitsune explains that trickster stories are all about food. The coyote, the raven, the fox. "They're all hungry." It walks down the steps toward and says that it's the same. "I just crave something a little different. I eat what you feel." Lydia turns away, and the nogitsune presses up against her ear. "And I'm insatiable." 


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Meredith is in the music room, plucking at the strings on the piano. Every time does she hears the voices. Brunski opens the door and walks in. Meredith tells the voices that she can hear them but she can't understand. "Just a little louder." She plucks the string again. Brunski has his taser out as he approaches. He activates it get her attention. "Let's go sweetheart. As you know, I am not averse to using the tools of my trade. As often as necessary." 


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Meredith tells him that she needs another second because the voices are trying to tell her something. Brunski is going to taser her when Finstock intervenes. "This school has a very strict no bullying policy," he says, then shocks Brunski with his own taser. Scott, Stiles, and Kira are with him. Coach tells them to get Meredith out of there, then tasers Brunski again. 


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Scott, Stiles, and Meredith get into Stiles's Jeep, and Stiles asks her where Lydia is. "Who's Lydia?" Meredith replies.


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Allison and Chris are casting bullets. He tells her that it's okay to be a perfectionist about it since you can always just melt and recast them. He made six but he's since used them all. "Only at close range, though. Despite some other legends, silver's not really as accurate as lead." Allison tells him that she thinks she should use her own mold. "You have your own bullet mold?" She means an arrowhead, since her weapon is the bow. Chris smiles and kisses her on the forehead. 


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Allison wants to tell him how she feels, but he stops her. "Well, I didn't get to say anything to mom." Chris promises to be around a long time. "Well then take it as a reminder. Maybe you don't need to hear it, but I need to know that I said it. I love you. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of us." He kisses her on the forehead again and leaves her to make her arrowhead. 


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Scott, Stiles, and Meredith rush into Scott's house to find Rafael McCall and Isaac waiting. Scott asks what his father is doing there. "I could ask you the same thing," Agent McCall shoots back. Stiles proclaims that it's free period and they're doing group study. Agent McCall asks who the girl is, and Stiles puts an arm around her shoulder. "She's my girlfriend." "You're not my type," Meredith says. Stiles adds that apparently they have a lot to talk about and should take this upstairs. Meredith then looks at Isaac. "He's my type." "Okay. Isaac can come, too."


Isaac follows Stiles and Meredith out of the room, while Scott promises to explain everything to his dad. Agent McCall doesn't care that Scott isn't in school because he's been keeping his grades up. He just wants to talk. Scott tries to tell him that now isn't a good time, but he insists. 


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Upstairs, Stiles and Isaac try to figure out how to get information out of Meredith. She asks them if Lydia is the red-haired girl. Stiles asks her to tell him where she is. "Okay. If she tells me." Isaac asks Meredith if she could ask Lydia where is, and Meredith replies that she already did. "Perfect, perfect, what did she say?" Stiles asks. "She said she doesn't want to be found," Meredith replies. Stiles is not impressed.


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"Dad, can't we do this tomorrow?" But that's what Agent McCall has been telling himself for years. Instead, he brings Scott to the bottom of the stairs and shows him a dent in the floor. The night before he moved out he was having a drunken fight with Melissa and knocked Scott down the stairs. Scott was unconscious for 20 seconds and Melissa kicked him out the next morning. That was the last day he had a drink.


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Ethan and Aiden are in a coyote den. Derek comes back in and tells Ethan to stay quiet. Ethan asks if Derek saw the shooter. "No, I was a little busy. Who else did the two of you piss off?" Aiden replies, "We pissed off everyone." Derek informs them that the bullets had wolfsbane (even though Ethan already knew that) and if he doesn't get them out of the woods soon the poison is going to spread. "Stay quiet. I'll be back."


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Isaac and Stiles quietly talk about their options. "Isaac, we are not going to torture her," Stiles says. "I said scare her." "We are not going to psychologically torture her, either!" Isaac suggests that maybe Meredith is a banshee like Lydia. 


Scott is not really having this heart-to-heart conversation. He gets up and starts showing his dad all the places around the house that he's crashed into and gotten hurt on. "This house if full of accidents. The stairs, maybe it was an accident, maybe it was worse. But I healed. And I don't need your apology." Scott tells him that he'll see him at graduation or whenever he decides to show up again.


35650 medium
Stiles asks Meredith to concentrate on the sounds around her. Isaac keeps butting in, repeating what Stiles is saying, until Stiles asks him to stop. "I have more experience with banshees." "Yeah, and mental patients," Isaac adds. Meredith asks them if they're going to answer the ringing phone. They realizes she thinks Stiles's cell phone is ringing. He takes out his phone and pretends to answer it, then hands the phone to her. Meredith listens and then hands the phone back. "They say coup de foudre."


Apparently Stiles takes neither Spanish nor French, because he doesn't even know what language the phrase is in. Scott appears in the doorway and declares that it's French.


35651 medium
Kira talks to her father. He doesn't know where Noshiko is, although he does say that she's trying to keep Kira out of the fight as long as possible. Kira tells him that her mom should have thought of that before she had her forge a samurai sword. Ken Yukimura says that she's going to have to learn a lot very quickly, and Kira references the Go board. They have the same game in Korea, and Ken Yukimura explains that there are different styles of play: aggressive, passive, orthodox. Kira asks him if he can tell who is who based on the board.


He knows that she's black because the novice player always goes first. (NOTE: In the sequence in Stiles's head, the one that looked like Stiles was playing the white pieces.) Kira assumes this means that white is the nogitsune, but Ken Yukimura says that the stones are placed in her mother's style. "Yeah, but she put them down to represent the nogitsune." "Are you sure about that?" 


35652 medium
In the basement, Allison finishes casting a silver arrowhead. It has a fleur de lis near the point. "What am I missing?" she asks as she compares the arrowhead to the bullet. Her phone rings, and it's Scott. They know where Lydia is.


Noshiko approaches the overgrown, chained gate of Oak Creek. She has five Oni with her, and they march into the abandoned camp. 


35653 medium
Derek and Chris haul Ethan and Aiden into Derek's loft. They drop them on the couch, and Derek pulls Chris aside to show him shotgun shells he found on the ground. Chris doesn't think it was Araya Calavera. Derek hands him the shell, and as soon as he sees the bottom it's clear that Chris knows who it was. "That's not possible," he says. Before he can tell Derek more, his phone rings. Allison tells him that they found Lydia and that she's on her way. Chris tries to tell her to wait, but she insists on going immediately.


35654 medium
Scott, Isaac, and Stiles are in Stiles's Jeep. Stiles asks Scott if he's okay, and Scott lies. Isaac then speaks up. "All right, I'm gonna say it. You look like you're dying. You're pale and you're thin, and you look like you're getting worse." Stiles's eyes are sunken like they were when he was possessed. Isaac asks if the nogitsune is going to look like he's getting better when they find him. Scott asks what happens when the nogitsune gets hurt. "If he dies, do I die?" Stiles asks. "I don't care. So long as no one else dies because of me. I remember everything I did, Scott." He remembers pushing the sword into Scott and twisting it. He asks them to promise him that they won't let anyone else get hurt.


Isaac glances at Scott but doesn't answer.


Lydia stares at the nogitsune and realizes that he's nervous. He knows that her friends are coming and they're going to kill him. He leans in and tells her that that's why he's keeping her so close.


35655 medium
Everyone arrives at Oak Creek. Scott tries to give them a pep talk about how they've done something like this before. They saved Malia, who was a total stranger. "I'm here to save my best friend," Allison says. "I'm here to save mine," Scott says with a glance to Stiles. Isaac shrugs. "I just didn't feel like doing any homework." They head in.


35656 medium
Noshiko tells her daughter to go home and take her friends with her. "I can't. When I looked at the game, I realized who I was actually playing. You."


Stiles and Scott run into the compound, and Scott hears Lydia's heartbeat. 


Allison aims an arrow at Noshiko and orders her to call the Oni off. Noshiko asks if they think they can save the nogitsune. She tried that 70 years ago and it didn't work. Kira thinks her mother is afraid to learn that maybe it is possible to save Stiles, which means it would have been possible to save Rhys. "I see I am no longer the fox now, Kira. You are. But the nogitsune is still my demon to bury." The Oni disappear.


The nogitsune locks himself and Lydia inside a cell. Lydia announces that her friends are here and she doesn't even need to scream to know that they're going to kill him. "Good. Cause that's exactly why I brought you. I needed to know when they'd be close enough. When my own death was closing in." He produces Noshiko's last Tails


35657 medium
The Oni appear inside the cell with them. Lydia runs to hide against hte wall, and the nogitsune breaks the Tails, taking control of the Oni.


Noshiko opens her hand, and the firefly she was gripping disappears. The nogitsune appears and announces that there's been a change in ownership. 


35658 medium
Fighting ensues. Kira fights two Oni at once. Isaac keeps slashing at whoever comes closest. Allison fires her arrows, but the Oni chop them out of the air.


Lydia can hear the fighting going on. Scott and Stiles her, but she tells them they aren't supposed to be there. "You didn't get my message?" She demands to know who else came with them. 


Outside, an Oni throws Isaac against a barrel, and Allison stops it from cutting him with her bow. She beats it across the face, and Isaac gets to his feet. He asks Noshiko how they stop them, and she tells him that they can't. An Oni slices Isaac across the middle.


Scott, Stiles, and Lydia run up the corridor, and Stiles calls after Lydia as he collapses against the wall. 


35659 medium
Oni continue to slice up Isaac as Allison pulls her last arrow. It goes to chop off Isaac's head, and Allison shoots it in the chest. The Oni drops its sword, and the firefly light explodes out of its chest. The Oni disappears, much to the nogitsune's consternation.


35660 medium
Allison smiles, and then another Oni stabs her through the stomach with its sword.


Lydia screams Allison's name. 


35661 medium
Scott arrives at the fight just in time to see the Oni withdraw its sword. The nogitsune grins and leaves, as Scott catches Allison while she falls. Kira run to her mother. Isaac leans against a barrel. 


35662 medium
"Did you find her? Is she okay?" Allison gasps. Scott assures her that Lydia is fine. He touches her hand, but the pain siphon isn't working and he doesn't know why. "I-I can't. I can't take your pain." She smiles a little. "That's because it doesn't hurt." She tells him that it's okay as he realizes that she's going to die. "It's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I've ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you." She touches his face and says his name. He begs her not to. She tells him that he has to tell her dad, but she never finishes the sentence. 


She dies, and her hand drops to the ground as Scott sobs. He kisses her forehead. 


Lydia collapses on Stiles, crying.


35663 medium
Chris runs up to the battle ground and sees Allison in Scott's arms. He stops, stunned, and braces himself against the wall.