Sheriff Noah Stilinski+Season 1

Wolf Moon

The entire police department is out in the woods searching for the top half of a murder victim that was found in theBeacon Hills Preserve by some joggers. The Sheriff is out with his men and has to call the K9 unit off a suspect when "the suspect" turns out to be his son, Stiles. He's not terribly surprised that Stiles listens to his phone calls, and he suspects that Scott is out in the woods with his son, because they always travel together. Stiles convinces him otherwise, and the Sheriff marches his son back to his car. Scott finds the upper half of the body, but the police do not.


Second Chance at First Line

Because of the "animal attacks," the Sheriff declares a 9:30 p.m. curfew for all the minors in town. He stops by the school to tell the principal, and Stiles makes Scott use his superhearing to spy on the conversation. The police make no further breakthroughs in the investigation until Stiles and Scott report digging up the rest of the body on Hale House property. The Sheriff arrests Derek on Saturday morning and then asks Stiles how they could possibly have come across something like this. His line of questioning leads Stiles to admit that he and Scott were out in the woods, revealing that he lied. The Sheriff isn't happy about being lied to, but he can hardly argue with the results since they now have a suspect in custody. He sends Stiles on his way before he can do anything else annoying or possibly illegal. 


Later that day, the Sheriff shows up to watch Scott play in his first lacrosse game. As the game ends, he gets a phone call from the station. The ME determined that victim was Laura Hale and she was killed by an animal, so they have to let Derek go. 


Pack Mentality

On Monday, the Sheriff is back at the high school, this time because a bus driver was attacked on his bus on Sunday night/early Monday morning and nearly killed. The police find the driver still on school property, though not near the bus, and load him into an ambulance while students watch. Later that day, the Sheriff brings one of the K9 units into the Animal Clinic for a check up and asks Alan Deaton to take a look at some of the photos of Garrison Meyers's wounds. He wants to know what kind of animal would have left wounds like that. Deaton describes the attack patterns of a wolf and allows the Sheriff to go away believing it must have been a mountain lion. 


The Tell

The next so-called animal attack happens at the Video2C. The Stilinskis were having a family night out eating fast food in the cruisier when they got a call about a murder. The Sheriff makes Stiles stay in the car as he goes to talk to Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin about what they saw in the store. Jackson is belligerent and insults the Sheriff and his job, but the Sheriff keeps calm. 


He goes to the Animal Clinic again the next day to show Dr. Deaton some images captured by a security camera at the store. They show a beast on four legs that becomes human-shaped in the final frame. Deaton deflects the questioning.


That evening, the Sheriff has to go to a parent-teacher conference with Coach Bobby Finstock. Stiles isn't getting a C in anything, so he doesn't have to attend. The Sheriff and Finstock have an amusing exchange about names, and the Sheriff asks if they could please get to the point. Finstock tells him that Stiles has zero ability to focus and doesn't make good use of his talents. He's not really saying that the Sheriff doesn't already know.


After the conferences are over there's a crisis in the parking lot. A mountain lion is running around, and all the parents and teachers run scared. The Sheriff tries to track it down, but he ends up getting hit by a car. Chris Argent puts the animal down instead. The Sheriff's injuries aren't that bad, but Stiles is furious at Scott for "allowing" it to happen.


Night School

The Sheriff doesn't show up again until the night that the kids are trapped in the school with the alpha. Stiles didn't want to call his dad into a dangerous situation, but eventually he left him a voicemail asking that he come get them. Despite having gotten a tip about prank calls at the high school, the Sheriff responds to his son's message and comes with a second squad car. They tell him that the janitor was murdered, but there's no body to be found. The Sheriff insists that he believes them, but he has nothing but their word to go on. They close the school for the rest of the week and based on Scott's accusations place Derek Hale on the state's most wanted list.



On the Monday after, when school is back in session, the Sheriff comes out of the principal's office to find Stiles waiting for him. Stiles warns him to be really careful investigating this case and searching for Derek, but he can't be any more specific about why. The Sheriff tells him that they have a state police detective helping them out now. Late that night, he is called out to the Beacon Hills Preserve because two bodies have been found. Stiles shows up unexpectedly and throws his arms around him in a much more emotional hug than the Sheriff was expecting. He's not really sure what's going on but isn't going to turn his son away either. 


Wolf's Bane

Because of Scott's accusations, Derek is a wanted man. Despite saving Adrian Harris from the alpha, he is chased by the police department into the ironworks. They release some K9 units to bring him down, but the dogs come back whimpering, much to the Sheriff's dismay. They lose Derek in the warehouse district


Stiles has been given a chance to play on First Line, and the Sheriff makes it a point to tell him how proud he is of finally getting to see him play. Stiles is extra weird and spastic about it, because Derek is hiding in his bedroom while his dad talks to him in the hall. The Sheriff isn't sure what's up with his son and heads out to interview Mr. Harris, who they have kept in protective custody.


Harris reveals that he was in a bar 6 years ago when a woman came in wanting to talk about chemistry. He got really drunk and told her a lot of things, including how to set a fire without getting caught and a week later the Hale House burned down. He didn't remember anything about her other than a pendant she wore. He had given a drawing of it to Laura Hale, who also turned up dead.


The Sheriff goes out to watch the lacrosse game where Stiles is supposed to be playing, but Stiles never shows.



A few days later, the Sheriff reveals just how much investigating he's been doing on the murders when Stiles finds him pouring over case files. He's been able to piece together that all the victims are related to the Hale House fire in some way, but he doesn't know who actually set it. Stiles pours him a lot of whiskey, and it gets him drunk enough to share details about the cases. He tells his son that he misses talking to him. And admits that he still misses Claudia. Stiles is so stunned to hear his father mention her that he stops him from getting even more drunk.



On a rainy night later that week, the Sheriff pulls over a speeding car to find that it's Allison Argent. She's crying, and she insists that it's not because she's going to get a ticket and is trying to get out of it. He can't stand to see her cry, though, and is willing to let her go on warning, but she insists that she get one to prove that she's not trying to manipulate him. He really doesn't want to write her one and just asks that she get home safely. 


Code Breaker

The night of the winter formal, the Sheriff doesn't realize that Stiles was taking Lydia to the dance. When Lydia ends up in the hospital, he assumes that Jackson was the one who wasn't taking care of her and let her be attacked. He seems to take Lydia's injury quite personally. When Stiles eventually shows up, he gets similar treatment and explains to his dad that he had to run all the way to the hospital to check on her. Stiles tells him that everything that's going on has something to do with Derek and that he might know him better than he let on. The Sheriff reminds his son that he's elected to his job so hanging around with suspected murderers would not reflect well upon him. He tells Stiles that he knows the Hale House fire was arson and it was orchestrated by a young woman, he just doesn't know who. 


The next day, the Sheriff finds Kate Argent dead in the Hale House with the Argent pendant on her. It's all the evidence he needs to close the case, although her murder remains unsolved.