5x07 - Strange Frequencies

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The transformer on top of the hospital is still exploding as Stiles stares at Theo. Theo says that he knows what happened to Donovan. Stiles grabs him and shoves him up against the fencing around the transformer. Theo reverses their positions and tells Stiles that he was there. He was at the library because Malia said she'd left Stiles at the library. Theo says that when he got there, he heard the scaffolding come down and saw the body. They release one another, and Theo explains that he watched Stiles come out of the library and saw the police arrive. Theo doesn't know who took Donovan any more than Stiles does. "I only saw what you saw, and I didn't say anything because you didn't." 


They both turn to the sound of sirens drawing closer. "That's not an ambulance, is it," Theo says. Theo thinks they should leave, but Stiles points to Josh Diaz, the boy Theo just killed. "We can't just leave him." Theo suggests they take the body and use it as bait for whoever is stealing the body. Stiles is stuck on the fact that Theo killed the chimera. "In self-defense. He was going to kill you and me." If they don't hurry up and leave, they're going to have to either tell the truth or come up with a really convincing story. Stiles looks at Josh and his very obvious fangs and claws. Theo tells Stiles that it's his choice what they do. "I'm not going to ask you to lie to your dad."


"Don't worry, I've had plenty of practice," Stiles replies. They grab Josh and get out of there.


Back at Sinema, Hayden runs away from Liam. Asking her to close her eyes was weird, sticking a glow stick in her face was even weirder. "But werewolves and dead doctors?" She tells him to get away from her and goes to get in her car. In a panic, Liam says that he can prove it's all true. He shifts and growls at her, and she punches him in the face. She gets in her car and drives away. When she feels safe, she stops the car and inspects her hand. There's no damage from the punch. And then The Surgeon's voice comes over the radio (set to 91.5): Your condition improves.


The electrical system in her car dies, and Hayden can see figures walking toward her from the shadows. The Dread Doctors are coming to get her. She keeps trying to start the car, but it won't cooperate. All the locks seal and won't open. The Surgeon keeps repeating her name, and hte glass in the car breaks. Liam appears and rips the roof off her car. He pulls her up and out, and they run to safety.


Stiles and Theo deliver Josh's body to the Animal Clinic, where Scott is waiting. Scott identifies the body and says he was a junior. Scott asks them which one killed Josh. "The one with the cane?" Theo lies and says yes. Stiles changes the subject to ask what they're going to do with the body. If they just set the alarm and leave, he'll disappear just like Tracy. He thinks someone has to stay with the body. Theo volunteers. "It's not like I had a big Saturday night planned." 


While they're talking, Scott gets a text message. It's Liam telling him that Hayden is another chimera.


Liam took Hayden to Scott's house, and she's now shut herself in the bathroom. "Hayden, it's Scott. I know that you're scared, but we want to help," Scott says through the door. Scott turns to Liam and asks him what happened. Hayden's heart is beating really fast. Liam isn't sure. In the time it took him to send Scott a text, Hayden locked herself inside. They're sure she's a chimera because the Doctors told her her condition improves. "Okay, that's unsettling," Stiles says. He gives it a try. "Hayden. This is Stiles. Your sister works for my dad down at the station. Look, just open the door okay? You can trust us." 


Scott goes back to trying. He tells her that they want to explain the truth face to face. But either she unlocks the door or they're going to break it open. "It's okay if you don't want to talk or you're not ready to believe us. But I just . . . I gotta know that you're okay in there." Hayden opens the door. When it swings open fully, her eyes are glowing, and she has fangs and claws. "I believe you," she says.


At the high school, Kira helps her dad carry in some supplies. It's Saturday morning. Mr. Yukimura goes out to the car to get another box, leaving Kira alone. Noshiko suddenly attacks her from behind. "Kira. Where's your sword?" Kira thinks she left it somewhere. She does a back flip, and Noshiko tosses her a sword so she can defend herself. Kira doesn't want to fight, but Noshiko tells her to defend herself. They fight, and Noshiko sends her daughter flying. Kira gets up and goes on the attack. Noshiko demands in Japanese, "Who are you? Show yourself, kitsune." 


Kira's eyes change, and her kitsune aura flares to life. She takes a flying leap and slices Noshiko's sword in half. Noshiko falls, and Kira goes in for the kill. Her father rushes in and slams her shuriken tale on the desk. Kira stops and comes out of the kitsune's influence. "I could have killed you!" she shouts at her mother. "Not you. The fox inside you."


The Beacon Hills High School Library is crowded for a Saturday. Mason pulls a book off the shelf and sees Corey on the other side. Since Mason had been making out with Corey's now-dead boyfriend, he's too embarrassed to talk to him. But Corey notices him and calls out his name. They talk. Corey asks Mason about Lucas, and Mason admits to meeting him. "Did he say anything? About me? About what happened?" Mason apologizes and says that he told the cops everything. Corey puts a book back on the shelf: Miraculous Healing: True Stories of Impossible Medical Cures. He suspects that Corey may be another chimera.


Stiles spreads Danny's telluric currents map on the table in the library. Scott figures that the Dread Doctors didn't go into Eichen House because of the telluric currents, so maybe they can use them to protect Hayden. The strongest convergence besides Eichen House is the school. "You want to hide her in the high school? For how long?" Stiles asks. "If we have to, all night," Scott replies.


Liam convinced Hayden not to say anything to Deputy Clark, who is working a double shift. Notably, Clark is working on Josh Diaz's missing person's case. 


Stiles points out that the school is just a school, not a fortress. Apparently they have all forgotten that the school is on top of the Hale Vault, which IS a fortress. Scott explains that Lydia has an idea about how they can protect themselves. "Remember how Valack quoted Tesla?" "Frequency and vibration." "She thinks that he wasn't saying that just to sound smart. She thinks maybe it was a clue." "To do what?" "Disrupt their frequency."


Lydia and Parrish are at Parrish house. He took three cell phone jammers from the station, and he's working on broadening their range of frequency. Parrish looks up from his work and smiles at Lydia, who smiles back. 


Now at Scott's house, Kira looks down at the telluric currents map. "What about me?" Scott awkwardly tells her that she'll come to the school with them. He tells her to bring her belt. Kira says that she lost it again. Scott offers to help her find it, but Kira gets to the heart of the matter. The last time she was around telluric currents, it didn't go so well. Scott points out that this time it's the school, and she's there every day. "It's not the same." Except there were several instances while she was at the school of the power disrupting. Kira doesn't want to go. "I think I need to figure out what's going on with me before I try helping anyone else." 


Scott doesn't know what to say, so they kiss. We see flashes of the previous times they've kissed. She tells him to be careful and then goes to leave. Before she does, she asks Scott what happens tomorrow, if he'll keep trying to find places to hide Hayden. "No. If this works tonight, we're gonna catch one of them." 


Theo has been standing in the same spot in the Animal Clinic since the previous night. He hears the chittering of the Doctors and goes out to see The Surgeon. "Checking up on me? Can't tell me you don't want to know who's taking the bodies." "Inconsequential," The Surgeon replies. Theo realizes that the Dread Doctors already know who is taking the failed science experiments and gets mad. "Did you forget that you're supposed to be keeping me in the loop on everything?" "Inconsequential," the Doctor says again. "Not to me!" Theo turns to look toward the sound of a car pulling up, and The Surgeon vanishes. 


Stiles comes in and explains that whoever is stealing the bodies probably isn't going to do it while one of them is standing there watching. Stiles sets up his phone with the camera rolling. Out in the Jeep, his puts a Samsung Gear S over the rearview mirror, which shows the feed from the camera inside. "What happens now?" Theo asks. "We wait." "You want to take shifts watching?" "No, no. I want to spend some quality time with you," Stiles replies. Theo is fine with that.


Noshiko attempts to help Kira through accupuncture. "The balance of power inside you is in conflict." She hopes that the energy work of the accupuncture will help Kira get control back. Kira cries, but it isn't from any pain.


The Sheriff goes to see Melissa at the hospital. He shows her the Dread Doctors book and says that he keeps coming back to it but he's not getting any leads. He wonders if he's been coming at it from the wrong direction. He's been thinking of it as science fiction, "But they're not Dread Scientists. They're Dread Doctors." He's looking for a medical connection, something that Tracy, Lucas, and Donovan all might have had in common medically. Melissa gives him a very serious look. "You're not asking me to hand over medical files without a court order, are you?" "I would never ask you to do that."  Melissa nods and explains that they may take away her key card, which allows her access to medical records. She asks him if he'd like to see how the key card works. The Sheriff smiles and follows her.


That night at the school, Parrish, Lydia, and Malia unload the cell jammers from Parrish's car. "We're betting our lives on these?" Malia asks. "I think we're betting Hayden's life on them," Lydia replies. They the jammers up around the school and gather in the boys lockers room. Scott has a heavy bag with him. Malia stations herself out in the hallway. Parrish stands outside with his gun ready.


Lydia corners Scott and asks him if Liam is aware of the second part of the plan. Scott admits that he's not sure if there's going to be a second part. "Or if it's going to work," Lydia finishes for him.


The Doctors arrive at the school. One of them sends a burst of electromagnetic energy through the school. It affects the PA system and makes Parrish's car stereo emit sound. The frequency is 97.1. 


Still sitting in the Jeep, Theo asks Stiles if he's wondering why he hasn't said anything to Scott about Donovan. "Maybe." "You think I've got some kind of ulterior motive." "More than likely." "Would you believe me if I said all I want... All I've ever wanted is for you guys to trust me?" "Nope." Stiles doesn't look at Theo an continues to stare at the watch screen. Theo tries a different tactic. He tells Stiles that he reminds him of his sister. Stiles gets a strange disbelieving look on his face and turns away. Theo says his sister was smarter than everyone too. "But she always looked out for me. The same way you look out for Scott." Stiles doesn't say anything, so Theo keeps going.


"You know I was the one that found her body. She'd fallen into a creek, broken her leg. They told us she would have been okay if it wasn't one of the coldest nights of the year. If it wasn't for the hypothermia. And when I found her all I could think was that I should've known. That I should've been looking out for her." Stiles finally asks him why he's telling him this. Theo says that even if Stiles doesn't like him or trust him, he's going to be looking out for him. 


Young Theo stands on a bridge in the woods. He's looking down at his sister, still alive in the creek. She says his name, but he just stares at her and does not attempt to help.


At the sheriff station, Melissa and the Sheriff are looking through the medical files. Melissa notes that there's a full moon coming. The Sheriff is aware. She then asks if he thinks Donovan is still alive. "I wish I could say yes." "You wish? Isn't this the kid that threatened to stab you?" The Sheriff replies that Donovan was just a kid and a victim of circumstance. He explains that the day Donovan's father was shot, he jumped on his motorcycle to get to him. "He was hit by a car two blocks from the hospital." 


Melissa looks at one of the files and then asks the Sheriff about a skin graft. He says it was Tracy. Deaton pointed out a graft on her shoulder. Melissa puts Donovan's file on the desk. He had a skin graft, too. 


Back at the school, Hayden stares at herself in the mirror. Liam assures her that she'll learn to control her shift. "I'm not like you. I wasn't bitten by a wolf. I was somebody's science experiment." Liam assures her that she'll be okay. She looks in the mirror at him. "What am I?" He replies simply, "You're Hayden," and she smiles. She tells him that if he gets her out of this she'll forget about sixth grade.


Scott watches them growing closer and sighs.Down one of the rows of lockers, he sees a leash being dragged across the floor. Scott gets up to follow it. Lydia interrupts him and points out that since they can't use their phones they can't check in on Stiles and Theo. Apparently no one thought about that when coming up with this plan. They worry about who or what Stiles and Theo are waiting for. 


Theo tells Stiles that he saw Donovan's wendigo teeth and pretends not to know anything about them. Stiles gives in and provides him with the short version of the wendigo myth. Theo thinks is  a pretty judgmental myth. What if eating human flesh was the only way to survive? Like the Donner party. Stiles points out that the Donner party didn't live in Beacon Hills. Theo asks Stiles what the punishment is for killing a chimera. "You get to spend five hours in the car with Theo Raeken." Theo laughs. Stiles tells him that he knows what his punishment is. He's going to lose Scott. 


Noshiko goes into Kira's room to find that she's gone. The pins from her back have been stuck into the headboard to form 115.


Liam, Hayden, Lydia, and Scott are in the boys locker room, waiting. Hayden falls asleep on Liam's shoulder. He finally notices the black bag that Scott brought in earlier and gets up to check it out. He finds chains inside and turns toward Scott, asking what they're for. "I brought them just in case." "In case of what?" "In case we had a chance to catch one of them," Lydia says. Scott tells Liam, "If we can't make the school a fortress, then maybe we can make it a trap." Liam asks him if Hayden is the bait, and Hayden scowls at them.


Outside, Parrish is in his car, waiting. He looks down and sees a playing card. It's the Queen of Diamonds. Suddenly, Lydia is next to him. She touches his arm and then pulls him into a kiss. She takes off his shirt, and he rips hers open. She runs her fingers down his chest, and it leaves ashen trails. When he pulls back, she's burned all over. He's terrified, but she grabs his head and kisses him again anyway. 


Malia is still watching over the hallway. She hears Parrish's car start and drive away. As she goes to take a look, a leg trap suddenly emerges from the floor and grabs her leg. She screams and falls. Another tra pgrabs her arm, and as she's screaming a spike pierces her throat. The Doctors walk in, and we see Malia on the floor, struggling, but not actually harmed. The attack is a psychic one. 


Back at the sheriff station, Melissa apologizes for not being able to find a skin graft for Lucas. The Sheriff tells ehr that it can't be coincidence. He asks what else is in the file. She explains that he had congenital glaucoma, but that it's nothing like a skin graft. They did a corneal transplant for him a few years ago. It was an allogeneic transplant taken from a recently deceased donor. They realize that the skin grafts and transplant were taken from outside donors, making the kids chimeras even before the Doctors got ot them. 


Liam is pissed, and Lydia tries to talk him down. She insists that they brought Hayden to the school to protect her. Scott tells them that no one is bait but they can't be bodyguards to everyone every night. "Then why aren't we talking to Stiles's dad? Why aren't we doing something better than hiding in a school?" Scott says that they don't know what the Dcotors are or what they want. They're winning, but the pack doesn't even know what the game is. Liam demands ot know what they're going to do if the Doctors come in and jammers don't work, or Scott has an asthma attack again. "This plan sucks!" "You got a better one? Kids are dying, and she's next! So somebody has to do something, somebody has to save everyone. So somebody's got to be the bait!" 


They all stare at SCott as he admits the truth. Liam steps up to Scott and asks him to promise that he'll do everything he can to save Hayden. "Scott. Promise." Scott does. Hayden interrupts and tells them that she forgot her pills. She has a bottle in her locker, and Scott offers to go get it. He and Lydia head out of the locker room. She tells him to hurry while she keeps watch. Scott goes to Hayden's locker, but before he can open it he hears the leash dragging on the floor. It goes into a classroom, and he follows it.


A sword bursts through his chest from behind. It's Kira. She wraps the leash around his throat and strangles him. She announces herself as the MEssenger of Death. 


Lydia watches the hallway and whispers Scott's name. When he goesn't answer, she goes looking. Tracy suddenly appears a tthe top of the stairs. "Lydia! Thank God, I need your help!" Lydia runs to her. Tracy tells her she needs her to scream. Then she grabs Lydia's tongue and rips it out. Lydia tumbles down the stairs and chokes on her own blood. The Doctors walk in a moment later, passed her body, showing again that it' sjust a vision. 


Theo argues with Stiles that if Scott gave up on him over a piece of trash like Donovan then he wouldn't be a True Alpha. "Maybe that's the definition of one, someone who doesn't put up with murder." Theo tells Stiles that he needs to look up justifiable homicide. Stiles takes offense because his dad's the Sheriff so he's familiar with the term. Theo says, "A werewolf's eyes are supposed to change color when you take an innocent life." HE shows Stiles his golden eyes. "Do these look blue to you?" Stiles suggests that maybe Theo just doesn't feel all that bad about it. "You can't say that one life is objectively less innocent than another. What if they turn blue cause you feel guilty?" Theo asks if that  means it's up to interpretation. He offers his interpretation of what happened between Stiles and Donovan. "Not guilty." 


Theo asks him if he felt bad about it right at the moment it happened. "What were you thinking the moment you knew he was dead and there was no saving him?" Stiles doesn't look like he wants to answer but he does. "One word. Good." Theo smiles a little, then sniffs the air. He can smell something burning. Suddenly a flaming fist comes through the window, hitting Theo in the face. Stiles gets sprayed with blood. Then the attacker flips the Jeep. Stiles falls partly out of the window as PArrish walks passed him. Fire erupts around the vehicle. Parrish grabs Josh's body and leaves.


Corey is at Sinema. Mason finds him there and asks him if he's okay. Corey replies, "Better than ever," and breaks the glass in his hand. Mason asks him if his arm healed and pulls up Corey's sleeve where the scorpion sting used to be. Corey looks ready to cry. 


At the school, Liam and Hayden hear the Doctors coming. Liam calls for Scott and Lydia, but they don't answer. The door to the locker room opens. The Pathologist comes in first. The Surgeon breaks the cell jammer. "We are on a frequency you can't possibly imagine," he says.


Theo sprays a fire extinguisher around Stiles and pulls him from the Jeep. Theo reports that the body is gone. 


Scott is still being attacked by Kira. Suddnely a cut opens on his hand. Scott naps out of it and sees Mason standing over him with a scalpel. Mason quickly explains that Liam told him pain makes you human, so he figured it would snap Scott out of it. Mason reports to him that he found another chimera. Scott asks where Liam and Hayden are, and they go to the locker room looking for them. Lydia and Malia are already there and report that Hayden and Liam are gone. 


At the Doctors' lab, they have Liam hooked up to a machine to drain his blood. He sees Hayden strapped to an exam table. The Geneticist briefly has her mask off, showing pale skin and sickly remnants of hair. Liam begs them not to hurt her. 


Melissa goes home and opens the kitchen door. She screams. There's a dead chimera on her kitchen counter with Kira's belt sword through her chest.