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  • The Wiki Tips page has helpful hints for this site. You can slso add your own and ask questions in the discussion section.
  • Check out the Open Questions page for a catalog of items yet unresolved.
  • And the Inconsistencies page for a catalog of mistakes.
  • What to do with ships the show implied or hinted at but didn't explicitly define? Add your opionion to Fanon+discussion.

To Do

Volunteers are needed to help fill our pages! If you see something is missing and want to add it, go right ahead. Each page has its own discussion sub-page for asking questions and discussing edits. Below are some of the pages that need the most attention.

  • Add screencaps for episode 5x12 and newer
  • Add summaries for episode 5x12 and newer
  • Update character pages as needed
  • Update the timeline for S5B, S6A, and S6B