Objects and Artifacts
Allison's car
10368 icon Blue Mazda   License plate: 6VB0410, 5UNI768 Black Toyota Camry
Argent Pendant
11893 icon
Now digitized, the bestiary is an encyclopedia of supernatural creatures that the Argent family has been keeping since they became hunters. It's 900 ...
Calavera skull
The Calavera family uses a stylized skull as their symbol. They etch it onto the shell casings for their guns and also use it as ...
Chris's watch
Now that he's back from France, Chris has a Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch.  chrisgear2
Danny's Car
Blue Toyota Yaris
Derek's Car
Black 2010 Camaro California license plate: 6IFS532 39541 icon  
Hale laptop
Similar to the bestiary, the Hale family kept their own records of supernatural history. Peter stashed this information on a Mac ...
Jackson's car
17538 icon Silver Porsche 911 Carrera S License plate: JCKSN37   Jackson also sometimes drives a black Toyota TRD pick-up.
Jackson's key
A memento that Jackson gave to Lydia when he realized that he was in love with her. It is a symbol of their trust and ...
Lydia's phone
In Season 1, Lydia has an AT&T Sharp FX phone, which she used to take the video of the alpha.   In Season 4, Lydia ...
Jackson's parents' car accident

Note: Although this claims that the accident was in 1995, because Jackson's birth follows directly after and Jackson is old enough to drive in January

Kate's car
10643 iconKate's car is an Alien Green Kia Soul.  
Kira's phone
28991 icon Kira's phone is a Nokia Lumia 1020.
Lydia's car
Black Volkswagen Beetle Toyota Prius C in Blue Streak 7520 icon
Lydia's dog
Black and white papillon named Prada. He weighs 6 pounds.
Matt's Camera
Matt's camera is a Canon SLR. 
Melissa's watch
37025 icon Rafael McCall bought Melissa the watch when she first got hired at Beacon Hills ...
Mr. Bear
13042 iconAllison's teddy bear that she's had since she was 5. Mr. Bear is used as taser target practice in ...
Noshiko's katana
Stiles and Malia found the katana buried with Rhys's body in a wall in Eichen House. Noshiko ...
Scott's bike
Scott saved up all summer to buy himself a dirt bike to replace his pedal bike.   This is another indicator of Scott's relatively low ...
Scott's inhaler
Scott's phone
In Season 1, Scott's cell phone is a Blackberry Torch. ((Screencap 1x06 3:45)) His first one lasts until 1x06 - Heart Monitor, when ...
Sheriff Stilinski's badge
37020 icon When Sheriff Stilinski is taken, Jennifer crushes his badges in her hand as a display of ...
Silver Bullet
37024 icon When Argents learn all the skills that they need to be a hunter, they cast silver bullets as a ceremonial ...
Stiles's Jeep
12447 iconA blue and black 1980 Jeep CJ-5. License plate: 6FMQ803, 6QGM387   In 1x07 - Night School, ...
Stiles' laptop
Stiles owns a 2011 MacBook Pro 13". This is the same laptop used for multiple characters on the show, suggesting that Apple may have sponsored ...
Stiles's phone
Stiles' phone in Season 1 is Sony Ericsson Xperia.    16786 icon   In Season 3A, Stiles gets a blue Nokia Lumia ...
The Lahey Freezer
Mr. Lahey would lock Isaac in a freezer in the basement as a form of punishment. There are scratch marks and blood on the inside ...
Talia's claws
27050 icon All that could be found of her after the fire were five of her claws, which were kept ...
Triskele Urn
The jar that Derek and Peter retrieved is an urn for Talia's claws. This was all that was left ...
Theo s Phone
Theo's phone in season 5 is a white Samsung Galaxy Edge