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A Stiles/Lydia romantic relationship was implied via the kiss in S6A. However, they never define their relationship and what little romantic interaction they do have was downplayed. According to Holland Roden, this was left ambiguous to allow for people to ship different pairings post-canon (YouTube video at 8 min 27 sec). Derek/Stiles being the implied main alternative.


And now that I've brought up the elephant in the room, a word on Sterek. A lot of meta has been done exploring where canon has hinted towards romantic feelings between Derek and Stiles although it was never acted upon. This includes Jeff Davis confirming the scene where Derek dreams of Stiles at the end of 3x24 - The Divine Move (which also showed Stiles is Derek's new anchor) was based on a short story where a dying man dreams of escaping from being hung to return to his wife (Teen Wolf After Show w/ Ian Stokes & Skyler Maxon Season 3 Episode 24 | AfterBuzz TV on YouTube at 58 min). Although details like this point to feelings between them, there is no explicit acknowledgement of it between the characters.


I wrote a meta called "You fall in love more than once" - Melissa McCall a while back arguing that Teen Wolf purposefully shows multiple pairings and potential pairings between major and minor characters in order to give fans more ideas to explore rather than sticking to only a single "one true love." Jeff himself echoed this in a TV Line interview.


"[On the topic of Scott's relationships with Allison, Kira, and Malia...] the message it sends to the audience, which is that you do love more than once in your life. Your first love doesn’t have to be your only love" - Jeff Davis


Given this, I think we should consider adding a section for relationships and/or romantic feelings that were hinted towards but not explicitly confirmed as full on relationships. This could also include, for example, the scene of Kira and Malia dancing together in S4.





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