Marie-Jeanne Valet

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Marie-Jeanne Valet was a renowned hunter living in the French province of Gévaudan in the 18th century, Sebastien Valet's sister, known as the "Maid of Gévaudan", and the progenitor of the Argent family line of supernatural hunters and Allison Argent's identical and direct ancestor. In 1674, Marie-Jeanne takes charge of the hunt for the dreaded, infamous "la Bête" whom was killing scores of people. Marie-Jeanne comes face to face with the Beast, seeing a werewolf for the first time in then is saved by a local resident, Henri Argent. She is informed of the supernatural by Henri and requests his help in stopping and killing "la Bête". Marie-Jeanne discovers the Beast is actually Sebastian and swears retribution on her brother. Marie-Jeanne and Henri forge the mystical Pike using her blood as a weapon against Sebastian. In 1677, Marie-Jeanne finally tracks down her brother, fights him off and slays him with the Pike. Marie-Jeanne then becomes famous throughout history for having killed the Beast. She falls in love with Henri, marries him and takes his name, Argent. Henri and Marie-Jeanne Argent then started the family tradition of hunting werewolves using Marie-Jeanne's hunting skills and Henri's knowledge of the supernatural.