Season 2 Title Sequence



Teen Wolf introduced a full title sequence with Season 2 featuring the six-person ensemble cast and references to key plot points throughout the season.



The title sequence begins by showing Scott, blasted by water before he's hit by Jackson with a lacrosse stick. This is the title card for Tyler Posey, the show's lead.


Allison Argent is shown kissing Scott before she pulls away and draws a bow on him. This is a reference to the conflict she has during this season between her werewolf boyfriend and her hnter origins. This serves as the intro for Crystal Reed, the show's female lead.


Stiles Stilinski is introduced with his jeep. This serves as the title card for Dylan O'Brien.



A clawed hand is seen on Allison's shoulder, followed by what appears to be a female body covered in mud. Derek is introducing roaring but in human form, rising from ashes. This is most likely a reference to the Hale fire and its impact on Derek, and introduces Tyler Hoechlin.



Lydia is blown back from the camera as the title card for Holland Roden, the second female member of the ensemble. More female sihlouettes of mud appear briefly before Lydia is shown sitting with Jackson. This is Jackson's second time appearing in the title sequence even though he hasn't been formally introduced with a title card yet. Jackson squints off into the distance while Lydia looks at him with concern. Jackson is introduced formally taking a shot with a lacrosse stick. This is Colton Haynes' title card.



The girls covered in mud are shown one more time, although this time the consistency is different. Scott, with golden eyes, dips his head down and the screen fades into the Teen Wolf logo, dripping ink. The title sequence ends with Jeff Davis cited as the Executive Producer over a bubble texture.