Season 3A Title Sequence

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3A Title Sequence Audio


The title sequence for Season 3A follows the same general format as Season 2 with a few major changes to represent changes in the ensemble cast and the main plot lines of the season.


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The title sequence opens with a quick flash of a wolf before showing Scott's face. His eyes turn golden before he's seen rising, most likely a metaphor for Scott's ascension to True Alpha in this season. This is the credit for Tyler Posey, the show's lead.


Next Allison is shown kissing Scott before drawing a bow on him. This is the credit image for Crystal Reed, the show's leading female.


Stiles is introduced with Roscoe, the Jeep, as Dylan O'Brien's title card.


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Clawed hands are show on Allison's back before Derek is shown roaring and rising from what appear to be ashes. This is Tyler Hoechlin's title card. As Derek fades, a true wolf is show roaring, possibly hinting at the fully shifting Alphas in his bloodline. 


Lydia appears, seeming like she's been blown back by an invisible force. This is the title card for Holland Roden, the second female in Teen Wolf's five person ensemble.


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Derek's triskele tattoo is shown, followed by Lydia screaming and Scott's new tattoo, the rings that are associated with the nemeton in 3x12.


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A female body covered in mud is displayed before Scott, with golden eyes is shown. Some viewers suggest that the female is Allison. Scott dips his head and the shot fades into the Teen Wolf title with ink being splattered on it. The title sequence ends citing Jeff Davis as Executive Producer. His name is overlayed on the image of a tree, revealed to be the Nemeton in the middle of the season.