Stiles Stilinski+Season 4

The Dark Moon

Stiles and Lydia bicker as they walk around a nameless Mexican town on top of a plateau. Lydia thinks this is their worst plan yet and that they're going to die. Stiles asks her to keep her negativity to herself. They eventually find the place they're looking for and use a card with a skull on it to gain entrance to a party. The two of them head to the bar, where they're offered free drinks by Severo. Lydia informs him that they aren't there to drink and drops one of his marked shell casings into the shot glass. They get brought up to Araya's office. Lydia tells Araya that they're there for Derek Hale, and Stiles puts $50k cash on the table. Araya thinks they're stupid for coming to look for someone like Derek, but Stiles informs her that they don't like to lose. She further thinks they're stupid for coming by themselves. Stiles leans forward and asks why she thinks they came alone. A few seconds later, Scott's voice comes over the radio telling Stiles to remove $10k from the table. Stiles makes another plea for Derek, pointing out his negative qualities as though that will make the hunters want to get rid of him. Araya orders Severo to release wolfsbane gas into the club, knocking out Scott and Malia. Everyone gets thrown into a cell together, except Lydia. Malia suggests make a run for it as soon as someone opens the door and leaving Lydia to the hunters. Stiles has to remind her that the laws of the wild don't apply to friends and claims that this is actually progress for her. Eventually, the hunters come and take Scott and Kira away, leaving Stiles and Malia in the cell alone. He asks her what everyone is saying, but she can't concentrate well enough to hear. Stiles tries to help, and Malia ends up kissing him to regain her focus. She reports that Scott is screaming and then that Scott said Kate took Derek. Stiles can't understand how that's true. 


Araya lets them all go and gives them Braeden to lead them to la iglesia, where Derek is behind held. On the drive, Malia demands to  know who Kate Argent is. Stiles says that she was the one who burned down Derek's house and killed his family. Stiles asks how she could be alive when they saw her buried, so Scott explains how the Calaveras took her body so that she could commit suicide. Only she escaped instead. The Jeep hits something and breaks. Braeden urges Scott to come with her, but Scott doesn't want to go without Stiles. Stiles insists that finding Derek is more important and sends Scott on his way. While Stiles tears the Jeep apart, Malia and Kira stand watch. Lydia thinks they should just walk, but Stiles is never abandoning his Jeep. Ever. As night falls, Malia is more sure that something is stalking them. With Kira's help, she spots it and takes off. Stiles goes to follow her, but Lydia forces him to stay and continue fixing the car. Once he gets it working again, he yells at Malia for running away because he thought she was leaving for good. She informs him that she would never leave him, although she would leave the others. Stiles is touched. They arrive at la iglesia just in time to see Scott and Braeden pulling someone from the temple. Stiles jumps out of the car and runs forward. He stops, stunned, as Malia asks him if this is Derek. "Uh, sort of," he says. It's Young Derek.



It's raining as Scott, Deaton, and Lydia.bring the newly regressed and still unconscious Derek to the Animal Clinic. Deaton is baffled by his condition. He suggests they leave him there until he wakes up. Deaton says the other teens should go home and get some sleep since it is a “school night.” Sleeping Derek is grasping Lydia’s hand tightly and she volunteers to stay saying her grades are fine. Stiles is reluctant to leave but Scott forces him to go.


Scott and Stiles (now wearing his blue and white ringer t-shirt again) arrive at school a few hours later and Stiles relates how he often wakes up to find Malia curled up with him in bed. When Scott asks what happens next, Stiles pulls up his shirt and shows him his lower back. We don’t see what’s there but it is implied that they are claw marks made during sex. Stiles says after that they just spoon for the rest of the night but expresses frustration that he is always the “little spoon” meaning Malia is behind him in the dominant spoon position. Scott says it just means they’re together, they’re dating. Stiles is worried that Malia knows he’s not telling her something (that Peter is her father) and Scott agrees that they need to tell her but he doesn’t know how.


Stiles’ phone beeps – Mr. Yukimura again admonishes everyone to turn their phones off. Scott doesn’t want to lie but Stiles and Lydia try to convince him to hold off on telling Derek that his family is dead. Deaton points out that if Derek gets to the house first they won’t have to tell him. Scott says there was a fire then hesitates and then lies saying the Hale family is fine but had to move out of Beacon Hills. He promises to take Derek to them as soon as he gets his memory back. Derek agrees. Scott doesn’t like lying to him. He explains to Stiles that things always go better when they tell the truth. Scott tells Stiles to take Derek to the McCall house and keep him there.


Stiles and Derek arrive at the McCall house and find Agent McCall is there with take-out Chinese food. Stiles tries to rush Derek upstairs but Derek is hungry and Scott’s dad is offering food. Stiles introduces Derek as his cousin Miguel and the three sit down to eat. We learn that Derek speaks fluent Spanish as does Mr. McCall. Stiles says “Miguel’s” last name is “Juarez Cinqua Tiago.” Derek is pissed and smashes Stiles head into the wall of Scott's bedroom. It seems Agent McCall told him what really happened to his family and now he says he won’t talk to anyone but “the Alpha” meaning Scott. Stiles leaves to get him and Kate comes in. She absconds out the window with Derek.


Lydia and Stiles, with his aluminum bat, arrive in the vault. Peter says “they took it while I was blinded” he explains that this whole episode was a heist to steal $117 million in bearer bonds from his family's safe.



In the locker room, Stiles confronts Liam about his performance on the field at practice – probing to find out if Liam has a supernatural advantage. Liam is oblivious to his meaning and explains that he transferred from Devenford Prep. Scott is listening to Liam’s heart rate and realizes he is lying. He guesses correctly that Liam got kicked out of his former school.


Malia gets to math class, sees the complicated algebra on the board, and immediately turns around and leaves the room. Stiles catches her in the hallway and takes her back to class. She protests that she doesn’t understand why they have to take math. Stiles explains it’s so they can figure out the right amount to tip in restaurants.

At 11:22 AM, Stiles gets a “Beacon Hills News Alert” on his phone.


He tells Scott after class but his friend already knows because Melissa called him earlier. Stiles is ready to leave school to go investigate but Scott reminds him that they have “Econ” in five minutes. Stiles still wants to go but Scott points out that their parents want them to stay out of it while Kira suggests they let the adults handle it. Stiles says he’s never heard anything so irresponsible in his life and stalks off.


In the locker room after school, Scott is explaining to Stiles about the peck he gave Kira in the hall.

During tryouts Liam continues to dominate. He is the fastest runner – while Stiles comes in panting and collapses in last place. He only half-jokingly suggests that Liam is a “Werecheetah” as he gasps for breath. Scott says the kid is “just that good.” He then takes Stiles off to the side of the field where he can “puke.” Stiles is struggling on the field and gets laughed at by his teammates while Liam seems to dominate in whichever position he finds himself.


Scott is also performing poorly. He says he’s not using his enhanced werewolf agility because it would be cheating. Stiles says “human” Scott is sucking. When it’s Liam’s turn, he manages to get past both of them with a bob and twist move. Malia comes to the defense of Scott and Stiles, standing and yelling from the stands that Liam’s success was just luck. She screams for a “do over” but the coach says there are no do overs in practice. She then shouts “10 bucks on Scott and Stiles” and the coach is instantly interested saying “I’ll take that action” and ordering Liam to go again. On his second run, Scott goes under Liam and flips him over. He is laid out on the field in obvious pain but struggles to get to his feet insisting that he is okay. Scott and Stiles take him to the nurse.


She emerges from his room to find Scott, Stiles and Liam at the Emergency Room counter. Melissa wheels Liam away. Stiles says he has to go study with Malia but before he leaves he reminds Scott that Liam’s injury isn’t Scott's fault. Stiles says if Scott had put even a little werewolf strength into the hit – Liam’s body would be in two halves. Scott still feels guilty saying if he hadn’t been so concerned about losing his place as Captain, Liam wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Stiles says it’s okay for Scott to want something for himself once in a while – he says it’s only human to want.


At Stiles house, he and Malia are studying math. Malia gives up, slams the book shut, jumps on top of Stiles and starts kissing him. Stiles insists they get back to study – then they can “go back to that, lots of that.” At his questioning, Malia explains her highlighter system. Green is for the things she understands. Yellow is for “I’m working on it.” Red means “I have no clue.” She says she’s mostly using red. Stiles realizes this is the same system he uses with colored string in his detective work.He smiles at the thought and kisses her. Malia says she doesn’t get how math is so hard for her but easy for the rest of them. Stiles says it’s because they use Lydia’s notes. Malia says her notes make no sense and when Stiles looks through the notebook he realizes Lydia didn’t write out math at all. It looks like gibberish but is actually similar to the computer code we saw The Mute looking at earlier in the show.