Telluric Currents

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Electromagnetic currents running through the earth that are affected by lunar phases.


Danny's research project for Mr. Harris was on telluric currents, but Mr. Harris told him that it bordered on pseudoscience and was not a suitable subject.


In Episode 3x07 - Currents, the gang takes Chris Argent's map and combines it with Danny's map of the telluric currents. The bodies are taken and sacrificed on intersecting points on the map.


Danny has marked the currents by color.


Orange Lines

There are 3 orange lines that run North-South. Orange 1 runs along the eastern edge of the forest. Orange 2 runs parallel to the river between the river and the forest, and Orange 3 runs through the eastern, heavily populated part of town.


Blue Line

The Blue Line runs East and then South. It starts at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic where it crosses Orange 2. The crosses Orange 3 at Beacon Hills First National.


Red Line

The Red Line connects the bottom of Orange 1 to the river on the southern side of town.


Green Line

The Green Line runs roughly parallel to Orange 3, but crosses over the river. It intersects with the Blue Line south of the Northern Bridge.

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