In Wolf Moon, Scott involuntarily heard Allison Argent's cellphone ring outside the school all the way from inside a classroom as if he were only yards away from her. Later on, when he focused on her talking, a whistle blew and he held his head in pain from the sound. In Magic Bullet, Derek Hale focused his hearing in the high school while looking for Scott and his auditory range expanded throughout the school. He ceased when he heard Lydia say Scott's name and zeroed in on her conversation with Allison.


Werewolves' hearing seem particularly attuned to the howls, or voices, of their own kind, particulary those who are members of the same Pack. In Code Breaker, Derek instinctively heard Scott's howl to him whilst they were betas together when they were operating on a tentative partnership throughout Season 1.


A werewolf's hearing apparently works within a 23 to 50 kHz frequency range, as Alan Deaton woke up an unconscious Derek with an ultrasonic dog whistle.


Due to their hearing, a banshee's Scream can cause werewolves distress, or severe pain at worst.