Telekinesis is the psychic talent to physically influence any form of matter with mental control instead of physical contact. Telekinesis, if applied properly, can also be focused to form concussive energy blasts.


In Season 3, Jennifer Blake, a darach, or a corrupted druid, possessed telekinesis resulting from her mass human and animal sacrifices.


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In Motel California, Jennifer telekinetically rolled a lighted road flare towards a pool of gasoline in an attempt to immolate Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. In The Overlooked, Jennifer formed a concussive blast of energy to repel the Alpha werewolf Kali when the malicious Alpha had her cornered in an elevator. A focused telekinetic blast propelled Kali several yards off the elevator doors.


In Lunar Ellipse, Jennifer also utilized her telekinetic abilities when battling Alpha Pack members Kali and the twins. Aside from using her concussive energy blasts to attack the Alphas, Jennifer levitated broken glass shards up off the floor, pointed them in the direction of Kali, then rocketed them into Kali's body, killing the Alpha.