Voltron Wolf

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Voltron Wolf is the name of the werewolf entity manifested by the werewolf brothers Ethan and Aiden Steiner, whimsically coined by Stiles Stilinski. The twins had the talent to merge with each other to form a single werewolf form being twin werecreatures. Earlier in their life, the twins lacked the ability to properly merge and control the Voltron Wolf. The corrupted augmented alpha Deucalion came across the twins and taught them how to control the merged form. After training from the Demon Wolf, the twins successfully merged into 'Voltron Wolf' for the first time in their lives. As 'Voltron Wolf', the twins proceeded to take down then slaughtered the entirety of their vicious pack. Finally the twins hunted down their alpha, killed him and Voltron Wolf attained alpha status whilst merged and so alpha status fell to both Ethan and Aiden. In Season 3A, during the Alpha Pack's plan of assault against the Beacon Hills werewolves, Ethan and Aiden formed Voltron Wolf whilst tracking their escaped hostage Isaac Lahey and the mercenary Braeden. The twins then displayed Voltron Wolf when they antagonized Isaac and Scott. The twins frequently merged into Voltron Wolf during the skirmish between the Alpha Pack and Derek's. Voltron Wolf was last used by the twins to fight against Jennifer Blake, the Darach. The Druidic serial killer overpowered the merged werewolf, killing the Voltron Wolf. Ethan and Aiden managed to survive as individuals however, but their ability to merge was now lost and their alpha spark broken.


Rules & Abilities

The twins need physical contact with each other to initiate the merge into Voltron Wolf.


When they are merged, Ethan and Aiden's strength, speed and power as werecreatures are exponentially heightened. Their minds and subconscious also work in tandem. Each brother can feel and comprehend the other's mindset.

Aiden: "You hesitatated!"

Ethan: I pulled back. There's a difference!