The werecoyote's transformation consists of two shapes: a full animal coyote and the commonly seen near-human shape.


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A werecoyote is able to shapeshift into a full coyote form. This ability is naturally latent for a coyote, in contrast to its werewolf cousin which has to evolve in order to achieve the capability to shapeshift into a full animal shape.


Malia Tate had shapeshifted to her full coyote form for the first time when she was nine years old. Her transformation was triggered when her family's car was run off the road, the resulting trauma, upheaval and it was the night of a full moon. Because to her age, and the horror of her family's deaths, Malia was unable to transform back to human and remained a coyote for the next eight years of her life.


Malia finally returned to her human form only because of the intervention of Scott McCall's alpha roar.


The chimera Theo Raeken is able to shapeshift into the full coyote form seen in 5x10 - Status Asthmaticus. He was scientifically enhanced by the Dread Doctors, contributing to this.


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The near-human shape consists of the following features: a distinguished brow and widow's peak, side burns, lengthened ears, eye color, claws and elongated fangs. In regards to the near human form a werecoyote is able to shapeshift and manifest any alteration, or features or in any order they like. Whether it being only fangs, claws or eye color.


In The Divine Move, Alpha werewolf Scott is shown to have taken Malia Tate into his pack. He is also seen teaching her how to shapeshift, starting with morphing her claws. A few months afterwards, she's now able to manifest the coyote's near human shape, as well as control it, rising to beta werecoyote status. She also manifests this shape in the face of danger, as well as during the full moon.


The wolf/coyote Chimera, Theo Raeken commonly manifests the near-human shape. He can harness either shape due to being created from the Dread Doctors' experiments.