1x02 - Second Chance at First Line

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Episode 2 picks up right where Episode 1 left off, with Scott having just seen Allison's father pick her up from school.


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Scott wanders into the boys' locker room in a daze. He peels off all his lacrosse gear, and Stiles notices the forlorn look on his face. Stiles asks if Scott apologized to Allison, thinking it may not have turned out as well as he'd hoped. Scott tells him she gave him a second chance, and Stiles is happily surprised at the news. He assumes everything is good, but Scott tells him that Allison's father (Chris Argent) is one of the hunters. "He... shot me... with a crossbow," Scott says. Stiles can't process the news and keeps asking Scott to repeat it until he's shouting. 


Scott starts to freak out, but Stiles smacks him a few times and asks if Chris recognized him. Scott doesn't think so, but he's not sure, and he starts to cry. Stiles tells him to focus on lacrosse and shoves all of Scott's gear back into his hands before running out onto the field.


Coach Bobby Finstock has Jackson take a long stick, and practice begins in earnest. Greenberg is notably sent to take a lap. Scott's turn quickly comes up, but his head is obviously not in the game. Jackson takes the opportunity to slam into him for all he's worth, lifting Scott off the ground. Scott lands hard, and Jackson taunts him. Coach Finstock taunts him as well. "My grandmother can move faster than that, and she's dead. You think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?" Scott glares at Jackson as he replies, "Yes, Coach," and his eyes turn yellow


Scott goes back for a second try. This time, fueled by anger, he runs straight for Jackson. His doesn't appear to be moving any more swiftly, but he hits with much greater force, and this time Jackson is the one thrown to the ground. Scott staggers off to the side as his werewolf transformations come to the surface. Jackson rolls on the ground in pain with a dislocated shoulder.


Stiles grabs Scott and hauls him off the field. As they run by the bleachers, Derek appears, glowering.  


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Stiles takes Scott into the locker room and tries to see if he's okay, but Scott growls at him to get away. His eyes are glowing and his fangs are out. Stiles scrambles back and then runs as Scott leaps onto the lockers in pursuit. Scott jumps higher up into the rafters, following Stiles and snarling. Stiles makes for the door and bumps into a fire extinguisher, which he uses on Scott. It's enough to knock Scott's transformation back, and Scott returns to himself. "Stiles? What happened?" 


Stiles drops the fire extinguisher and tears off his gloves. "You tried to kill me." He explains to Scott again how his anger and a rapid heart rate will force a shift. Scott points out that lacrosse is violent by nature, but Stiles counters that it'll be a lot more violent of Scott ends up killing someone. He tells Scott that he's got to get out of playing on Saturday until he can control himself. "But I'm first line," Scott says. "Not anymore," Stiles replies. 


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Later, Scott schleps into his room and flops down on the bed. His mother, Melissa, comes into tell him that she's got another late shift at the hospital. She assures him that she's taking Saturday off to witness his first game. He tells her that she can't, but she thinks it's important to be there for him. "One shift isn't gonna break us. Not completely." Which suggests that the McCalls live pretty close to the edge of their income. 


Melissa asks Scott what's wrong with his eyes, and he's suddenly afraid that they've gone yellow without him knowing. She clarifies that he looks tired, and he claims it's from stress and homework. She laughingly asks him if he's on drugs, and his reply is, "Right now?" This is not what she was expecting to hear, and she asks if he's ever taken drugs. "Have you?" he counters, and she declines to answer, instead just telling him to sleep. The conversation is notably devoid of anger.


Scott's computer rings, and it's Stiles calling him on video chat (and pretending to shoot him with a toy ray gun). Scott asks what he found out. Stiles tells him that Jackson has a separated shoulder. "Because of me?" "Because he's a tool." The doctors aren't sure if Jackson will be able to play on Saturday, so the team is counting on Scott. Scott hangs his head in frustration. Stiles squints at the screen and leans in. When Scott looks up at the computer, he sees the weird expression on his face. "What?" Stiles types back to him that it looks like someone is standing behind him. And, indeed, the frame on the video chat showing Scott also shows Derek darkening his doorway.


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As soon as Scott notices that Derek is there, Derek lunges for him and throws him up against the wall. "I saw you at the field," Derek says. Scott plays innocent, but Derek tells him that if people find out about him then they find out about all Werewolf. "And then it's not just the hunters after us, it's everyone." Scott insists that no one saw anything, and Derek informs him that no one will because he'll kill Scott himself if he tries to play in the game on Saturday. 


Derek then vanishes out Scott's window.


On Friday, Scott tells Coach Finstock that he can't play in the game. The Coach is unwilling to accept this, and Scott just tries telling him he's having some personal issues. "Is it a girl?" "No." "Is it a guy?" But before Scott can tell him no to that as well, the Coach tells him that Danny Mahealani, their goalie, is gay and tries to suggest that maybe Danny would date Scott and solve his "personal issue." Scott insists that his love life is not the problem, so the Coach asks if he's doing meth. He says he had a brother who did meth and rotted his teeth away with it. Scott gives him a look like WTF was that story? Then Coach asks Scott if he's afraid of getting hurt. "No. I'm having some issues dealing with aggression," Scott says carefully. The Coach is thrilled, because lacrosse is all about taking out your aggression on others!


Scott still insists that he can't play, but the Coach tells him he either plays or he's back on the bench. 


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Dejected, Scott leaves the Coach's office. He gets a text from his mom telling him that she definitely has the night off for the game. Allison catches up with Scott in the hallway and tells him that she's coming to see him play tomorrow. In addition, she's already arranged a double date for them with Lydia and Jackson, although she does tell him to invite Stiles. Scott just stares at her, unable to say anything until after she rushes off. This is quite possibly the worst thing he can imagine himself doing, and the "God," he manages to say like a curse is full of disbelief. 


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Allison stops at her locker before class and discovers that the jacket she left in Derek's car has been returned. Someone with wolf vision watches her creeper-style from down the hall, presumably Derek, although the wolf vision shown has thus far only been associated with a werewolf during bloodlust. Allison glances around the empty hallway like she can feel that something is off, but she doesn't see anything and just closes her locker.


In math class, Lydia asks Scott why there's a rumor that he isn't playing tomorrow. Scott tries to tell her that he isn't playing, but she informs him that he is, especially after what he did to Jackson. Scott shoots back that Jackson "brutally injured himself by running into me." It turns out the Jackson is going to play, but that he won't be at his peak. She prefers her boyfriends be at peak performance. Scott isn't sure what to make of that, so she elaborates that if they lose the first game, then she's dating the captain of the losing lacrosse team and she doesn't date losers. "Losing one game isn't gonna kill anyone," Scott tells her. "In fact, it might even save someone." Lydia then decides to blackmail Scott by claiming that she'll introduce Allison to all the better, hotter lacrosse players while Scott is sitting at home.


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Lydia finishes up her equation at the board, dusts off her hands, and walks away. "Mr. McCall, you're not even close to solving your problem," the math teacher says. Scott rolls his eyes and agrees. 


After class, Stiles snags Scott and hauls him over to the end of the hall. He points at his dad and the other officers and asks Scott what they're saying. Sheriff Stilinksi says there's been a series of animals attacks and he wants everyone under 18 to be at home by 9:30 p.m. 


Stiles can't believe how much it sucks that his dad is busy looking for a wild animal while Derek is free to do whatever he wants. Scott says that they can't really tell the Sheriff the truth, but Stiles can't just do nothing. He intends to find the other half of the body. Stiles leaves before Scott can truly express how bad an idea that is.


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True to her word, Lydia has already begun introducing Allison to other guys on the lacrosse team. She gives Scott a smug smile when he starts walking toward them. Allison thinks Lydia is being incredibly nice. Scott scowls and wonders why. Allison believes that Lydia understands how much being the new girl can suck. Then, Scott notices that Allison is holding the jacket that Derek used to lure him into the woods. He gets upset and demands to know where she got it. Allison thinks that Lydia brought it back from the party and put it in her locker, but Scott interrupts her asking if Lydia actually said this or if someone gave it to her to return. Allison asks who else would return it, and Scott names Derek. "Your friend?" "He's not my friend," Scott insists and then asks her how much she and Derek talked when he drove her home. She tells him they didn't talk much, but he questions her further and she balks at his overbearing, jealous attitude. Allison leaves before the conversation gets any more awkward.


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Angry, Scott rides out to the Hale House, chucks his helmet off, and shouts for Derek. At first, no one appears home, and Scott can smell something odd. He glances around and sees a freshly disturbed patch of dirt. When he looks back, Derek is standing on the porch. Scott yells at him to stay away from Allison because she doesn't know anything. Derek saunters over, unconvinced by either Scott's anger or his argument. "What if she does? You think your little buddy Stiles can just google Werewolf and now you got all the answers, is that it? You don't get it yet, Scott, but I'm looking out for you." Derek asks him to think about what would happen if Scott was on the field and shifted in front of everyone. His mom and all his friends would see and when they did everything would fall apart. Derek picks up Scott's lacrosse stick and slashes the netting with his claws. He tosses the stick back to Scott and then pulls another vanishing act.


Stiles runs into Scott's house and up the stairs and demands to know what he found, how he found it, and where he found it. "And yes, I've had a lot of Adderall, so..." Scott tells him that he saw something buried at the Hale House and could smell blood. "That's awesome! I mean, that's terrible. Whose blood?" Scott couldn't tell, but he wants Stiles's dad to nail Derek for the murder and for Stiles to help him learn to play lacrosse without changing. Scott fully intends to play in his first game.


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At Beacon Hills Hospital, Scott and Stiles go to find the already-discovered part of the dead girl's body. Scott heads for the morgue, while Stiles tries to not look too suspicious. He sees Lydia sitting in the waiting room and folds himself over the nurse's desk, overcome. He decides to talk to her and introduces himself. "You probably don't remember me, I sit behind you in Biology." She gives him a look like she can't imagine why he's talking, but he keeps going, telling her that he felt they had an unspoken connection. She kinda smiles but then takes her bluetooth headset off and tells him that she didn't catch any of what he just said. "Is it worth repeating?" Crestfallen, Stiles awkwardly says no and backs away. 


Scott slips into the morgue and opens the drawer for Jane Doe Partial. He checks the toe tag but gets too freaked out to do anything more and slides the drawer closed again. 


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Jackson meets Lydia in the waiting area. He reports that the doctor gave him a cortisone shot but told him not to make a habit of it. Lydia advises getting another shot just before the game. Jackson doesn't look thrilled at this, but Lydia demands that he do it because that's what a pro would do. She seals her demand with a kiss, which Stiles can't help but watch. Stiles shoots them both annoyed looks and nearly jumps out of his skin when Scott yanks the booklet on menstruel cycles he was hiding behind out of his hands. "The scent was the same," Scott reports. They decide this means that Derek killed the girl and buried the other half of her on his property. 


Stiles is ready to make use of their knowledge, but he wants to know whether Scott is helping him because he wants to stop Derek or because he wants to play in the game and Derek was going to keep him from doing so. Scott avoids the question by telling him that there were bite marks on the body.  Stiles tells him they're going to need a shovel.


The boys wait suspiciously close to the Hale House until Derek leaves. Either that or they have impeccable timing and somehow Derek failed to either hear to smell their approach.


Regardless, they park and get out with their shovels. Scott immediately notices that something is different, but he can't tell what. They start to dig. Scott complains that it's taking forever, and Stiles tells him to shut up and keep at it. Scott is afraid that Derek will catch them, and Stiles says he has a plan for that. They each run in different directions and whoever gets caught is screwed. "I hate that plan," Scott replies. 


16429 medium
They finally hit something soft and dig with their hands. They find something wrapped and tied. They undo the knots and pull back the tarp to reveal a dead, black wolf. Both shriek in terror and leap out of the hole. Stiles thought Scott said he smelled human blood. Scott shrugs. "I told you something was different." They decide they have to cover the hole back in and go, but as they start to, Stiles sees wolfsbane blooming nearby. Scott doesn't know what wolfsbane is. "Haven't you ever seen Wolf Man (iTunes)? Lon Chaney Jr.? Claude Rains?" Scott shakes his head, and Stiles is exasperated with how unprepared Scott is for being a Werewolf


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Stiles pulls up the wolfsbane only to find that there's rope tied to the roots. He keeps pulling the rope up from the ground, revealing a spiral around the grave. The spiral briefly glows red, although neither of them seem to notice, and when Scott next look down the wolf has transformed into a woman. 


Saturday morning/afternoon, the Sheriff goes to the Hale House to arrest Derek. Scott and Stiles are there, and Derek glares at Scott as he's put into the cruiser. Scott looks more ashamed of himself than anything.


When no one is looking, Stiles slips into the passenger seat of the cruiser. Scott is mortified but doesn't try to stop him. 


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"Okay, just so you know, I'm not afraid of you," Stiles tells Derek. Derek just glares at him, and Stiles retracts his statement. "I just wanna know something. The girl you killed? She was a Werewolf. She was a different kind, wasn't she. I mean, she could turn herself into an actual wolf, and I know Scott can't do that. Is that why you killed her?" Derek responds by asking why Stiles is so worried about him when Scott's the loose cannon. He asks Stiles to stop Scott from playing. Derek leans forward and glances Stiles up and down. "And trust me, you want to." Stiles just stares at him, slack-jawed, until Sheriff Stilinski opens the door and pulls him out of the car.


The Sheriff wants to know just how Stiles happened to come across this buried body. Stiles tells him that they were looking for Scott's inhaler, which they dropped the other night when they were out in the woods looking for the body. "The night you told me that you were alone and that Scott was at home?" the Sheriff asks. "Yes!" Stiles replies, and then realizes that he just admitted to lying. His father accuses him of exactly that, but Stiles replies that it depends on how you define lying. "Well, I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?" the Sheriff says. Stiles makes a face. "Reclining your body in a horiztonal position?" The Sheriff tells him to get out of there, and Stiles hurries to comply. 


On their drive back home, Scott and Stiles try to figure out why the girl was buried with wolfsbane. Stiles suggests that maybe it's a ritual where Werewolf get buried in wolf form. He then suggests that maybe turning into a full wolf is a special skill you have to learn how to do. Scott will add it to his list. Stiles goes on theorizing that maybe girl werewolves are different, and Scott yells at him to stop saying "Werewolf." "Stop enjoying this so much!" Scott starts to freak out. He can't breathe, and then he realizes that the bag he's holding contains the wolfsbane from the grave. He orders Stiles to stop the car, his eyes glowing yellow


16431 medium
Stiles slams on the breaks, takes the bag, and throws it as far as he can into the woods. When he turns around, Scott is gone. 


Stiles calls the station to ask the dispatcher if she's gotten any odd reports. She wants to know what he means by odd. He goes with a "doglike person roaming the streets," which causes the dispatcher to hang up on him. Stiles tosses his phone in frustration. 


Magically, it is night time when Scott arrives at Allison's house. There's no telling how long Scott was running around Beacon Hills wolfed out.


16432 medium
Regardless, Scott crawls around the rooftop of Allison's house and looks in her window. She appears to be going through old photos. When she closes the shades on her window, Scott sees his own reflection and recoils. He jumps off the roof and starts to run away, but instead he runs out in front of Chris Argent's car. Scott tumbles over the roof, the shock shifting him out of wolfed form. Chris gets out and rushes to Scott's side. Allison comes running out of the house wanting to know what's going on. "Are you trying to kill him?" Scott is particularly interested in hearing Chris's response, but Chris just says that Scott ran out into the driveway. Scott takes full responsibility and apologizes for hitting the car.


As Scott and Allison talk, Chris looks slightly suspicious of how just okay Scott is for having been hit by a car. When Allison tells Scott that she's still coming to the game, Chris takes the chance to announce that he's coming to. Scott tries to look happy about it. 


In the locker room, Scott's senses start acting up. He can hear Jackson whispering about him, but the slamming of all the locker doors is hurting his hearing. Stiles arrives, and Scott lets him know immediately that he's not interested in being talked out of playing. Stiles just tells him that he hopes he knows what he's doing. Scott can't lose both first line and Allison. Stiles argues that Scott isn't going to lose Allison by not playing one game, but Scott isn't hearing it. "I want a semi-freaking normal life, do you get that?" 


Stiles sort of gives up trying to stop him and instead advises that Scott not get stressed or angry. Further, that he not think about Allison, or her father, who's trying to kill him, or Derek, who's trying to kill him. Or the girl Derek killed. Or that Scott might kill someone. 


Scott stares at Stiles, and Stiles shuts himself up.


Scott's first game is against MFH. 


16433 medium
As they get ready, Lydia approaches Scott on the field and grabs him by his shirt. "I just want you to remember one thing for tonight." "Winning isn't everything?" She laughs a little at him. "Nobody likes a loser."


Coach Finstock sits next to Jackson and asks him about his arm. Jackson tells him that he's not really feeling any pain, so Coach asks whether he would if he gave him a big old punch. Jackson looks disturbed and says maybe. The Coach tells him that if he feels any pain to just keep playing. 


Stiles sits on the bench, bouncing nervously. The Sheriff comes up and asks him if he think he'll see any action tonight. "Action? Maybe," Stiles answers, though he's answering a different question.


16434 medium
The game starts, and it's clear that what Jackson was telling the other players was to not pass to Scott. Scott sees his own opening to get the ball, but Jackson checks him and knocks him down before he can reach it. Jackson scores the point instead. Scott's mom begrudgingly cheers, and Lydia makes Allison hold up a We Luv U Jackson sign. Scott notices, and Stiles sees both the sign and Scott's reaction. "Oh, this is not gonna be good."


On the field, Danny argues with Jackson about not passing to Scott, but Jackson flexes his power as captain to keep him in line. Scott overhears, and his eyes glow. Scott's anger starts making him shift. A ref asks him if he's okay, but Scott just nods without looking at him so he can keep his eyes hidden. He's growling, though, and a player from the other team takes a step back.


16435 medium
Chris asks which number Scott is, and Lydia points him out as the only player who hasn't caught a single ball all game. Allison is worried, but Lydia is more concerned about winning the game. Lydia stands up and makes Allison help her hold up a Jackson is #1 sign. Allison is clearly distressed at cheering for someone else, but she does it anyway. Scott sees her and loses his cool.


When the ball is tossed up in the air, Scott leaps up and jumps off the shoulders of another player to catch it. He weaves through an entire field of players to score a point. Everyone but Lydia and Jackson cheers. Coach Finstock orders the team to start passing to Scott. 


16436 medium
When an opposing team player gets the ball, Scott glares at him with glowing eyes and fangs showing and the player just tosses the ball straight to him. Stiles gnaws on his glove in stress and confirms to Coach Finstock that the other team passed them the ball. Scott scores again, this time by throwing the ball through the opposing goalie's stick. 


The MFH captain asks Jackson what Scott is on, and Jackson tells him that he doesn't know yet. 


Scott gets the ball again, but as he approaches the goal, his bloodlust starts to take over. Stiles can see him losing control, but there's nothing he can do from the sidelines. Allison in the stands says, "You can do it, Scott," and he hears her. It gives him the focus to shoot the ball and score the winning point. 


16437 medium
As everyone celebrates, Scott tears off his glove and reveals his claws. He takes off for the boys' locker room. Allison sees him running away and takes off after him. Chris appears to do the math and suspect Scott of being a werewolf. 


Sheriff Stilinski is on the phone with the department, but he doesn't fill Stiles in just yet.


Scott stumbles into the locker room and tosses off his helmet. He gasps and groans, trying to control himself, but when he sees his shifted features in the mirror, he smashes it. He leaps up into the rafter and watches Allison as she comes into the locker room looking for him. Allison can hear something creeping around and presses herself against one of the lockers. But she presses on and eventually finds Scott leaning against a wall in the showers. When she touches his shoulder, he has shifted back to normal. He apologizes for running away. "I just got kinda light-headed for a sec." He further apologizes for his general weirdness, but she tells him she can handle weird. 


16438 medium
Scott then admits to her that she makes him nervous. "I just wanna make sure I get my second chance." She looks at him seriously. "You already have it. I'm just waiting for you to take it." Scott takes a chance and kisses her. 


Stiles runs into the locker room looking for Scott and hides behind a locker when he sees them kissing. 


Allison leaves and waves hi to Stiles on her way out, just to show him he isn't very good at hiding. 


Scott walks over to him, blissfull. "I kissed her." "I saw." He can't stop smiling. Suddenly Scott feels like he can do this. He was able to keep himself from hurting Allison and get himself under control, so maybe he can manage to be a werewolf. Stiles is sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 


The ME determined that the girl was killed by an animal not a human. Derek is human, not an animal, so they had to let him go. Furthermore, they were able to identify the girl as Laura Hale, Derek's sister.

16439 medium


Out on the field, Jackson picks up the glove that Scott had tossed away. The fingertips all have puncture holes, and he has no idea what that means. When Jackson turns around, Derek is again being a creeper, standing silhouetted against the lights from the field. He turns without saying anything and stalks off.