Alan Deaton+Season 4


Deaton and Lydia watch a de-aged Derek while he is unconscious. Deaton is unsure of how Derek  has been transformed into a teenager again.



Deaton helps save Brett Talbot whn he is poisoned by Wolfsbane. He later saves Liam when he is poisoned by Garrett with the same type of Wolfsbane.



Satomi visits Deaton. He discovers that the distemper virus is being used to kill the werewolves. With the help of Satomi and Derek, Deadon discovers that the cure is a special mushroom tea.


A Promise to the Dead

Alan has been helping return dangerous supernatural creatures to Eichen House. Dr. Conrad Fenris has been keeping them captive in a special wing of the hospital. Deaton is helping so that he can have access to a particularly dangerous patient who trepanned himself to reveal a third eye. Deaton asks for his help in figuring out what Kate did to Derek because he's keeping a promise to someone he loved, Talia. He gives Deaton a vision that nearly leaves him a vegetable, until Lydia shows up to call him back. They tell Stiles and the rest of the pack that Kate has taken Scott and Kira back to Mexico.