Cora Hale
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"Do you have any idea how it felt to find out you were alive?!" - Cora to Derek Hale

"It's not just revenge. Losing pack is not like losing family. It's like you lose a limb." - Cora to Stiles Stilinski


Cora Hale is the youngest child born to the referred alpha werewolf Talia Hale, of the Hale family which lived in Beacon Hills, California and the younger sister of Derek Hale and Laura Hale. Prior to the series' time, Cora survived the Hale House fire in 2005 when she was 12 which decimated her family, then fled to South America. In Season 3, Cora learns her brother Derek is alive, become an alpha and returns to Beacon Hills. Cora is then captured, held hostage by the Alpha Pack alongside Vernon Boyd as leverage against her brother.



Very little is known about Cora. Derek assumed she had died in the fire and was shocked that Deucalion had found her. She's younger than he is but does not appear to be young enough to go to high school. This would make her 18-22.