The Desert Wolf

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"Careful, Doctor. I know you have skills, but I'm pretty sure I can shoot faster than you can hit." - Corrine to Alan Deaton

"You know, your real name isn't Malia. You don't have a name. What you do have is power. Strength, speed and the capacity to heal. And you know where you got it from, Malia? You know who you stole it from? Me!!" - Corrine to Malia Tate

"Still here, Braeden? Okay. I love a cage match." - Corrine to Braeden


Corrine, known as the Desert Wolf, is a werecoyote, and a professional killer. Prior to the series, the Desert Wolf became wanted by the US government. She began a liaison with the werewolf Peter Hale from the renowned Hale family of werewolves. Corrine eventually bore Peter's child. She gave birth to a baby girl, Malia Tate, passing most of her werecoyote power to her child. She resolved to kill Malia to restore her full powers, but she was foiled by Talia Hale. Corrine tracked down Malia in the mid-2000s and, in an attempt to kill her daughter, caused the the car accident that triggered Malia's first transformation into a coyote and the deaths of Malia's adoptive mother and sister. Corrine became the enemy and quarry of the US Marshal-turned-mercenary Braeden. In Season 5, the Desert Wolf learns that Malia is still alive, takes Alan Deaton hostage, and travels to Beacon Hills, California. She comes into contact with the Chimera Theo Raeken and makes a deal with him for Malia to be delivered to her alive, with Deaton as bait and leverage. Corrine makes her move to kill Malia before Deaton reveals the power theft must take place on a full moon only, foiling her plan. Instead, she bides her time, stalking Malia and her pack, planning to take her full power back once and for all, forging an alliance with the Theo and Tracy Stewart to this end. On the verge of the full moon, Corrine finally faces off with Malia and Braeden. She has her daughter cornered but Malia defeats her mother by taking her remaining Coyote power using special talons, and Corrine is finally captured by Braeden, then imprisoned in Eichen House.



Having a formidable reputation as an assassin and expert criminal, Corrine is cold, calculating, stoic and ruthless. She is a sadist, being haughty, cruel and self-serving as she enjoys inflicting violence and death upon others.


Power-hungry and selfish, Corrine was willing to go as far as to kill Malia, her own daughter in order to get her full powers back. Corrine will kill anyone who gets in her way with no regard for the collateral damage she causes, even the deaths of children, and is utterly remorseless over her heinous actions. 



A deadly, formidable assassin, Corrine became known as 'the Desert Wolf' and became sought for several years by the U.S. Marshals, presumably among other federal agencies and organizations.


At some point in time, Corrine began an affair with a werewolf from the Hale family, Peter Hale. Soon enough she became pregnant with his child+.


Because a werecoyote passes part of her power to her child, Corrine resolved to kill her baby once it was born to take that power back. During her pregnancy, Talia Hale, the renowned Alpha of the Hales and Peter Hale's older sister confronted Corrine and persistently attempted to enlighten the Desert Wolf and have her realize the gift, the beauty of having a child, even the concept of sharing her power with her child. The assassin apathetically paid no heed to the Alpha's insistence for the whole nine months. To her, the feeling of bearing a child felt like harbouring a parasite and calling the power transfer "theft"+


Corrine gave birth to a girl. However, Talia snatched the child from Corrine before the assassin had a chance to get to kill her newborn girl.


To protect the baby, Talia erased Peter's memories regarding his child and Corrine, and hid her niece from Corrine, putting the baby up for adoption++.


Having given birth, Corrine's Coyote power, her strength, speed and healing factor were all lowered severely. To compensate for her lost power, Corrine became to be dependant on more human tactics, firearms and military tactics to carry out her jobs. Still she resolved to find her child and eventually kill her to get back her full power.


After nine years, Corrine finally tracked down her daughter, whom had been named Malia Tate and was adopted by Henry Tate and his wife, Evelyn.


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Corrine immediately set out to kill Malia. One night, during a full moon, Evelyn Tate was driving down the road with Malia and her younger daughter.


Corrine jumped out of a humvee and faced the family's car as it drove up the road towards her. Whipping out two sidearms, the Desert Wolf opened fire on the car, causing it to swerve off the road into the Beacon Hills Preserve resulting in the family being killed.


Corrine's power never returned to her disappointment, but unbeknownst to her, Malia had actually survived.


Corrine soon gained an enemy in the mercenary Braeden. The US Marshal spent her whole career trying to track her down, but Corrine managed to stay ahead of her for years.