Danny Mahealani
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Jackson's best friend and the goalie on the lacrosse team. He's openly gay.


Once got arrested when he was 13 for cybercrime, but the charges were dropped.


Danny was born with a genetic defect where his cartilage was misshapen. He had a bar put in his body at 14 to support his sternum so his heart and lungs wouldn't be crushed. The bar was in for two years, meaning either Danny is 17 or he had the bar removed very recently.


Season 1

  • Homeroom with Lydia
  • Chemistry with Scott, Stiles, and Jackson

Season 2

  • Chemistry with Scott, Stiles, and Jackson

Season 3

  • Phsyics, with Scott and Isaac
  • Business, with Stiles, Scott, and Lydia

+Season 1

Pack Mentality

Danny mostly appears in relation to Jackson through Season 1. He is the Cyclones's goalie. When Lydia decides that she and Jackson are hanging out with Scott and Allison, Danny comes to sit at the lunch table with them. He gives Stiles the cold shoulder.


The Tell 

In Chemistry class, Stiles asks Danny about the attack in Video2C that Jackson and Lydia witness. At first, he asks Danny if he saw Lydia in homeroom. Danny says he didn't. Stiles then asks him if he finds him attractive. Danny takes awhile to answer, and Stiles leans so far forward that he falls out of his seat before Danny can reply.



On the night of the February full moon, Scott knocks him down and gives him a bloody nose. Stiles points out that being mean to Danny will get everyone angry with him because everyone likes Danny.


Wolf's Bane 

Danny is Stiles's lab partner in Chemistry, which is how Stiles gets him over to his house to ask for his help in tracing a text. Stiles realizes that Danny keeps looking at Derek convinces him to do the trace by having Derek strip off his shirt multiple times. Danny tells Stiles he's a terrible person, and Stiles unabashedly agrees. Danny is able to trace the text to a computer at Beacon Hills Hospital that belongs to Melissa McCall.



After a successful lacrosse game, Danny calls to Scott in the boys locker room and tells him that his apology is accepted. Scott isn't sure what he's talking about, and Danny clarifies that Scott kept passing him the ball. Scott says that he kept passing him the ball because he kept scoring. Danny smiles and declares his apology is accepted. 



At the winter formal, Scott uses Danny to escape from Coach Finstock. Scott is banned from the dance because of his grades, but he insists on going anyway. As the Coach chases him, Scott begs Danny to dance with him. Danny doesn't really agree, but Scott holds onto him anyway, and it makes the Coach look homophobic when he tries to throw Scott out. Danny's date is confused by what just went on, and Danny can only shrug.

+Season 2


Jackson just got the Bite from Derek and is expecting to have newfound powers. Danny is the first person to see black blood pouring out of Jackson's nose.


Shape Shifted

Danny tells Scott and Stiles that Jackson is in the principal's office talking to Sheriff Stilinski about Isaac Lahey. Scott and Stiles get themselves sent to the principal's office so they can overhear what's being said. Based on Jackson's testimony, the police take Isaac away suspecting him of his father's murder.



After filming himself on the night of the full moon, Jackson asks Danny to boost the quality on the video on the recording. Danny agrees, though he doesn't know why Jackson's making it all a secret. At the lacrosse game later, Danny brings Matt over to Jackson to talk about the video. Jackson is angry that Danny told someone about it even though he said not to, but Matt points out that there's two hours of video missing and he's the one who discovered it.


Danny gets injured during the game, but the Coach has him fake the results of his vision test so he can put him back on the field.



Danny is next seen helping Jackson work out. They're in the boys locker room, and Jackson is attempting to lift far more weight than he's able. Danny doesn't know what his problem is and tells Jackson that if they were on the moon he might be able to lift that much. Jackson just tells him not to help, and Danny goes to take a shower. He says that if he comes back and Jackson is dead, he's taking the Porsche.


Jackson has asked Danny for his help in recovering the two hours of missing video from the night of full moon where he taped himself. Danny reports that he found a program that can do it and will run it during their free period that afternoon. They meet up in the library and Matt stops by to help. He asks who could break in or would have a key. Danny offers that he could do it, because he knows Jackson's mom doesn't lock the kitchen door. Matt says he could do it because it's his camera. They flirt a little, and Matt touches Danny's shoulder when he gets up to leave. Jackson is not impressed with his crush.


Jackson eventually leaves the library with Lydia, leaving Danny alone. Later, Scott comes in with some of Danny's lacrosse pads, which have been destroyed. Danny thinks Scott did it, but Scott wants Danny to tell him who ruined them. No one seems to know who did it, and it is never brought up again. Danny's program finishes recovering the video, but he doesn't look at, just as he promised.



That night, Danny goes to the Jungle, leaving Jackson's video on a tablet in the back of his car. Danny just broke up with his boyfriend, and he sees him at the club. The bartender tells him he's better off without him, but Danny still feels bummbed about it. The bartender directs him to someone else to dance with, and Danny goes off to have some fun. He is unaware that tha kanima is after him and unaware that Scott and Stiles are in the club looking for him. Stiles calls his name, but Danny can't hear him over the music. Danny is among the people that gets paralyzed once the kanima attacks.


As the EMTs wheel him to the ambulance, Scott asks Danny if anything else weird happened to him that day. Danny says no and asks if he ex got attacked too. Scott says yes, and Danny tells him he's doing great. In reality, Matt had Jackson attack Danny so that he'd be away from his car long enough that he could steal the tablet.


The next day, Scott goes to visit Danny in the hospital and asks him if everything is okay between him and Jackson. Danny assures him that it is and complains that the cops took his fake ID. Scott asks if Danny did anything to make Jackson angry. "1-10, 1 being kind of irritated and 10 being wanting to kill you violently." "Jackson's always kind of always at a 4." He claims that they're good and he was even doing him a favor recovering the video. He won't tell Scott what was on the video. Scott offers to get Danny's fake ID back if he'll tell. This sends Scott back to the Jungle to check Danny's car, but he finds that it's been broken into and the tablet stolen.



When Scott and Stiles want to get into the secret rave, one of their last tactics is tryign to get Danny to give up his tickets. Stiles asks Danny if he has a date, and when Danny says that he's still working on it, Stiles suggests that he settle for a life of celibacy and give them the tickets instead. Danny doesn't have much of a chance to reply before Isaac steps in and lets Danny make an escape.



It's the final lacrosse game of the season, and Danny stops Jackson in the locker room to ask him if he's okay. He's been ignoring his messages all week. At first, Jackson isn't paying attention. He's too much under his master's spell. But somehow, Danny gets through and Jackson jerks like he just woke up. He tells Danny to stay in the goal during the game no matter what happens.

+Season 3

Chaos Rising

Danny has Business class with Scott, Stiles, and Lydia. Finstock explains about risk versus reward and asks if any students want to try to earn less work in class by bouncing a quarter into a cup. Danny takes the challenge and wins. Later, he goes to the library and sees Ethan and Aiden. Ethan checks him out, and Danny walks into another student, he's so distracted. 



Stiles has pieced together that the people dying around town have been virgin sacrifices. He and Scott are in the locker room talking about it, and Stiles declares that someone has to sex him right now, so that he won't be a target. Danny offers and invites Stiles to his house, telling him to be prepared to stay awhile because he likes to cuddle. Stiles is surprised by the offer and asks Danny if he's kidding. Danny admits that he is and Stiles admonishes him for playing with his emotions.


Later, Danny finds Lydia sitting in the middle of the music room drawing. This is strange because she doesn't play an instrument. He leaves because the teacher never showed. 



The cross country team is on a bus heading to a meet. Danny and Ethan are sitting together, and Danny asks Ethan if everything is okay because he keeps checking his phone. Stiles notices the constant checking too and asks Danny to find out what's going on. Danny refuses at first, but Stiles keeps pestering him with messages. Ethan realizes what's going on and allows Danny to pass along that someone close to him is sick and might not make it through the night. After they have to stop the bus, Isaac attacks Ethan. When Scott makes him stop, Danny rushes to Ethan's side. 


Motel California

Since the cross country meet was postponed, the team stays the night at the Motel Glen Capri. Danny and Ethan share a room. They start making out, and Ethan touches some scars that he finds on Danny's torso. Danny explains that he had to have a bar put in when he was fourteen. Ethan asks about a way to make them disappear, referring to the Bite although Danny doesn’t know that, but Danny says that he likes them because they make him feel like a survivor. Ethan tells Danny that he hopes that he is a survivor and continues to kiss him before pulling way hastily feeling his back shift. Ethan runs out of the room without giving Danny an explanation. 



Ethan brings Danny to the ER because he's having trouble breathing. Melissa takes a look at him while Scott accuses Ethan of having done something to Danny. He insists that he didn't. Danny throws up mistletoe and his breathing gets worse. Melissa says his lung is punctured which is causing air to build up in this chest cavity. She puts a needle into his chest to let the air out just as Danny stops breathing. As the pressure goes down, he starts to breathe again.


Danny is admitted to the hospital for observation. Stiles, Lydia, and Cora later realize that Danny must have been a target for a reason and go to the hospital to check on him. He's asleep when Stiles sneaks into his room and goes through his things. Danny asks Stiles what he's doing, and Stiles tells him it's all a dream. Danny wonders why he'd dream about Stiles going through his stuff, and Stiles tells him that he doesn't know but he should take responsibility for his dreams. Stiles finds a paper Danny wrote on telluric currents and leaves.


The Girl Who Knew Too Much

There is a recital coming up at the high school so Danny and some fellow music students have stayed late to practice. They run into Deputy Tara Graeme, who thinks she hears something suspicious on the school grounds. She tells them to hurry up and get out of there, and they do. 


At the recital the following night, Danny gets ready for the performance. Ethan straightens his hair and tie and gives him a mint. Before letting him go, Ethan tells him that if anything happens Danny should come find him first.



Following the break-up of the alpha pack, Ethan and Aiden stopped going to school, and Ethan presumably stopped dating Danny. When Ethan sees Danny talking to his ex, though, his jealousy makes him agree to return to classes.  During Business class, Danny notices Lydia swiping at the air. He asks her what she's doing and she claims there's a fly buzzing around, but he can't see or hear it. Later, he's in the basement making out with his ex when Ethan and Aiden come around the corner. Ethan is upset, and Danny acts ashamed.



Danny had been planning a black light party for Halloween, but because of the power outage caused by Barrow, his venue pulled out. Ethan overhears his problem and wants to help to get back in Danny's good graces. Aiden offers Danny the use of Derek's loft, thinking that Derek is still out of town. The twins take Danny to check out the loft. Aiden sets up generators, while Ethan flips on the black lights. Danny smiles. 


Once the party starts, Ethan checks in with Danny to see how he thinks it's going. He makes Danny go to the artist to get painted with glow-paint. Ethan rips Danny's shirt off, and Danny gets painted with a blue tribal pattern. As the party continues, he loses track of Ethan and asks Aiden if he's seen him. They both start searching but instead find Lydia passed out on the balcony. They bring her to a heating vent, and Danny goes to find a blanket. When Derek breaks up the party, Aiden asks Danny to get Lydia out of the loft


Letharia Vulpina

After Isaac is electrocuted at the hospital because of the nogitsune tampering with the power lines, Coach Finstock orders all the boys on the lacrosse team to sign a card. Danny is the first to volunteer, and Coach tells him to keep it PG. Later, the cross country team goes out for a run on a trail through the woods. Danny and Kira are in the lead, although Kira quickly passes him. While running, Danny gets tackled by Ethan. They roll down the hill, and Danny demands to know what the hell Ethan thinks he's doing. Ethan just says that he missed him and kisses him.



Now that they're back together, Danny convinces Ethan to play lacrosse with him. After a morning practice, Danny thinks Ethan should try out for the team. Ethan isn't sure they're going to be sticking around Beacon Hills, though. Danny asks if Ethan leaving school is because of Aiden, and Ethan agrees that it is. Ethan swallows a nogitsune fly, then takes off his shirt and goes to shower. He invites Danny to come with him. When they're done, Danny asks if he can tell Coach than Ethan will try out. Ethan says he'll think about it, but Danny takes it as a yes.



Danny is in Business class and informs Coach Finstock that they have a "visitor." Meredith Walker is sitting in the classroom with a swath of empty seats all around her. Coach goes to talk to her, and Danny admonishes him for asking which insane asylum she came from. 


The Divine Move

After the nogitsune is defeated and Aiden is dead, Ethan sits down with Danny to tell him that he's leaving. Danny says that it's okay because he doesn't think he can keep dating a Werewolf. Ethan is stunned to discover that Danny's known for some time that Werewolf exist and that Ethan is one. It's unclear how long he's known. They kiss good-bye, and Danny grins to himself as Ethan leaves.